TWO BITS: Tebow’s agency, Yeguete’s surgery

By Adam Silverstein
February 24, 2012

1 » Dateline Hollywood reported Thursday that Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow has signed with Hollywood agency WME (formerly William Morris) for his “endorsements, public appearances, speaking engagements, TV, film, books, the works –even helping with his foundation.” Tebow had previously been represented by XV Enterprises, the company started by brother Robby Tebow and good friend Angel Gonzalez, for such endeavors. Though it was well-known that Tebow was XV’s only client at the time of its creation, considering his brother is a part of the firm and it is somewhat named after his jersey number (XV = 15), the move is undoubtedly an interesting one. XV landed Tebow endorsement deals with Nike, Jockey and FRS Energy (among others) and was behind him during the release of his book Through My Eyes and movie Everything in Between (in partnership with Fiction). Dateline Hollywood‘s report has been been confirmed though neither Tebow nor WME has spoken publicly on the matter.

2 » The Florida Gators announced that sophomore forward Will Yegute has decided have surgery on Friday to repair his broken left foot. Yeguete, who suffered a Jones fracture in his fifth metatarsal against Auburn on Tuesday, will have a screw placed in the foot to promote a stronger and quicker healing process. “The last few days have been tough,” Yeguete said, according to the school. “Basically, I’ve been going back and forth on whether or not to have the surgery … and I’m going to.” Former Florida point guard Taurean Green suffered the same injury while playing overseas in Europe. Unlike Yeguete, Green chose not to have surgery and told OGGOA on Wednesday that the injury healed on his own and he has not had any problems with it since.

Extra BIT » NBC’s Late Night with Jimmy Fallon has had plenty of fun with Tebow this year, including creating a new character named “Tebowie” – a combination of Tebow and David Bowie, but decided to poke at another former Gators player this week. In a segment on Wednesday’s show called “Sports Freak-Out,” Fallon and announcer Steve Higgins crack wise on the looks of a number of NBA players including none other than Houston Rockets forward Chandler Parsons (1:30).


  1. Daniel M. says:

    It’s never a good idea to create a sports agency and let your brother run it. Hell, I could’ve landed the Nike deal for Tim. And what becomes of XV now? Still going? His brother probably got a massive house in Ponte Vedra out of the deal.

    That Fallon skit is short and fast the way it should be. It’s also pretty funny. SNL should take a cue from this and abandoned that terrible format of five minute skits that run out of gas after one minute. Show is unwatchable. Has been that way for decades.

    Boohoo Knickerbockers. Don’t cry Adam, it’s not too late to jump on board with winners, YOUR MIAMI HEEEEAT! You can come out from under your Spike Lee autographed Knicks blanket now…it’s okay. I gotta credit the Knicks though, they played very hard. Late in the game they were just worn out and throwing up bricks from the perimeter. Heat D is nasty.

    • 1) XV is a management company not an agency per se.
      2) I would never in a million years be a Heat fan. Scumbag president, awful fan base, crap arena. There is nothing attractive about that team except some of the women in seats courtside. Knicks traveled to Miami and were playing a back-to-back while the Heat rested. Miami had a full offseason and has been together for two years. Amare and Melo have never had an offseason and both missed big chunks of this year, plus Lin hasn’t even played a dozen NBA games as a starter and, on top of it all, Miami’s one of the two best teams in the league. NYK just beat Dallas and the Lakers last week. I’m not worried.

      • Daniel M. says:

        LOL! wow..hit a nerve. I went to the Heats very first public game 24 years ago which was an exhibition against Seattle at FAU. Been on board ever since. I believe the Heat have won a Championship more recently than the Knicks have won a playoff game. I also believe the AAA is a great arena. What’s your beef with it. Now the Miami Arena, THAT was a dump. You still chafed about Pat the rat’s faxed resignation? Yikes. I think it’s a piece of history that Heat fans love. You’re not “worried.” You should be. The Heat will be raking in the big prize for the next few years. The Knicks should bring back Marbury. The Beijing Ducks are seriously underutilizing him.

        It’s all good dude. Don’t go postal on me. You ARE definitely the man. But I will not and cannot let a Knicks fan go
        un-antagonized. Pile on Heat fans. 🙂

        • 1) They have. They also haven’t had to deal with an inept owner or one of the worst general managers in the history of sports. The front office of New York is killing the team, just like the Miami Dolphins’.
          2) If you want to get into a Knicks/Heat argument, I’ll just direct you the 90s when New York owned Miami – when the teams were actually evenly matched and trying to unseat the Bulls. Granted neither did, but New York at least made the strides and got to two Finals…Miami not so much.
          3) Don’t like AAA. The upper deck is so steep that it is ridiculous. The lower bowl is OK but the seats are pretty small and uncomfortable, IMO. Miami Arena sucked, too.
          4) Don’t get me started on Pat Riley.
          5) Keep counting your titles before you’ve even won one. Let’s see what happens in the playoffs this year before you start talking about “next few years.” If they don’t win now, this team won’t look the same next season – LeBron or Bosh is gone.

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