Florida Gators up to No. 2/2 in top 25 polls; updated S-curve and RPI standings

By Adam Silverstein
February 17, 2014

The 15th regular-season editions of the Associated Press Top 25 and USA Today Coaches’ Poll were released on Monday with the Syracuse Orange sticking around as the No. 1-ranked team in the country. Syracuse received 64-of-65 first-place votes from the AP voters and all 32 first-place votes from the coaches.

The Florida Gators (23-2, 12-0 SEC) – fresh off a pair of difficult road victories – 67-58 over Tennessee on Tuesday and 69-59 against Kentucky on Saturday – moved up one spot to No. 2 in the AP top 25 and two spots to No. 2 in the USA Today rankings.

Florida checked in with 1,543 points (+66) in the AP poll and 752 points (+41) in the USA Today top 25. The Gators at No. 2 first achieved their highest ranking since Feb. 4, 2013 (No. 2).

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Check out the complete top 25 rankings and see where UF stands…after the break!

UF’s 2013-14 opponents in italics. Wins in blue; losses in red.

This Week 1-5: Syracuse (64), Florida (1), Wichita State, Arizona, Duke
6-10: San Diego State, Cincinnati, Kansas, Villanova, Saint Louis
11-15: Creighton, Louisville, Michigan State, Virginia, Iowa
16-20: Wisconsin, Iowa State, Kentucky, Texas, Michigan
21-25: UConn, Memphis, UCLA, Ohio State, Gonzaga

Last Week 1-5: Syracuse (65), Arizona, Florida, Wichita State, San Diego State
6-10: Villanova, Kansas, Duke, Michigan State, Cincinnati
11-15: Iowa State, Saint Louis, Louisville, Kentucky, Michigan
16-20: Iowa, Virginia, Creighton, Texas, Memphis
21-25: Wisconsin, Ohio State, SMU, UConn, Pittsburgh

This Week 1-5: Syracuse (32), Florida, Wichita State, Arizona, Louisville
6-10: Duke, San Diego State, Kansas, Cincinnati, Saint Louis
11-15: Villanova, Creighton, Virginia, Michigan State, Iowa
16-20: Kentucky, Texas, Wisconsin, Iowa State, Michigan
21-25: UConn, Gonzaga, Ohio State, Memphis, UCLA

Last Week 1-5: Syracuse (32), Wichita State, Arizona, Florida, San Diego State
6-10: Villanova, Kansas, Louisville, Duke, Michigan State
11-15: Cincinnati, Saint Louis, Kentucky, Iowa State, Iowa
16-20: Virginia, Creighton, Michigan, Texas, Ohio State
21-25: Wisconsin, Memphis, Pittsburgh, Gonzaga, Oklahoma
* UConn was the first team out of the poll last week.


By Jake Sillick – OnlyGators.com Contributor

With the 2014 NCAA Tournament fast approaching, focus turns to selecting and bracketing the event. To many, this may seem like a mysterious process, but the NCAA actually accomplishes it in three phases: selecting the field, ranking the field and then placing those chosen teams on the bracket. The NCAA adds 36 at-large teams to the 32 league champions, ranks all 68 teams in order and then puts them into a seed list called an “S-curve” (it snakes right to left, then left to right, as seen below).

Criteria used for rankings teams are as follows:
» RPI rank
» Strength of schedule rank (overall and non-conference)
» Record vs. RPI top 25, RPI top 50, and RPI top 100 opponents
» Bad losses (typically against teams ranked 150+ in RPI)
» Rankings from computer systems (KenPom, Sagarin, etc.)
» Road/neutral-site records
» “Eye test” (personal opinions from watching games)

Here is how Florida stands is in the aforementioned criteria:
» RPI: 4th (+)
» SOS: 24th overall, 19th non-conference
» Record vs. RPI top 25: 2-2 | vs. RPI top 50: 5-2 (+) vs. RPI top 100: 11-2 (+)
» Bad losses: none (+)
» Computer rankings: top-three in most systems (+)
» Road/neutral-site record: 9-2 (+)

The first four teams (No. 1 seeds) determine the regional match-ups. Teams are then placed into the region closest to them (based on availability). Being ranked No. 1, No. 5, No. 9 or No. 14 is best for the top seed on the first four lines. When a team in the top 16 is placed, a sub-regional site is also assigned based on availability (each site can be assigned twice).

What does this mean for the Gators? It is almost a certainty that the Gators will play in Orlando, FL for the second third rounds. There is also a high probability that as a No. 1 or high No. 2 seed, UF will play in the South region in Memphis, TN.

If Florida…
» Finishes 18-0 in SEC play, regardless of performance in the league tournament, it will be a No. 1 seed.
» Finishes 17-1 in SEC play, it will be a No. 1 seed with only one SEC Tournament win needed.
» Finishes 16-2 in SEC play, an appearance in the SEC Tournament final will be necessary to achieve a No. 1 seed, otherwise it will finish with a No. 2 seed.
» Worst case: Even with seven-straight losses to end the season, the Gators would receive no worse than a No. 4 seed in the tournament.

NCAA RPI Standings

RPI Top 25 Wins
vs. Kansas (1)
at Kentucky (13)
RPI Top 25 Losses
at Wisconsin (6)
at UConn (25)
Record: 2-2

RPI 26-50 Wins
vs. Memphis [New York, NY] (34)
vs. Missouri (38)
vs. Richmond (39)
Record: 5-2

RPI 50-100 Wins
vs/at Tennessee [two games] (54)
vs. Florida State (61)
vs. Middle Tennessee (74)
at Arkansas (75)
vs. Georgia (88)
Record: 11-2


  1. TST says:

    our Gators men BB team deserves this spot . Every barrier and obstacle this team has beat !! This team imo is a true Billy Ball squad . All heart , all Florida …Go Gators

  2. John says:

    If we lost 7 straight we would receive much worse than a 4 seed because the committee looks heavily on how you finished and we would have finished loosing 7 straight, remember when we lost 4 out of our last 5 and thought we would atleast get a 4 seed, and instead they gave us a 7 seed in that year with Beal. There is no chance we will loose 7 though and there is a could chance we could win out the SEC.

    • Jake Sillick says:

      John, that’s incorrect. The committee no longer uses record in the last 10 (or 12) games as criteria for seeding. That was abolished sometime around 2005. They just look at the entire resume and that would still the listed wins. 4 seed is definitely the (highly unlikely) floor for this team come Sunday.

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