TWO BITS: Tebow set to speak at Winged Foot

By Adam Silverstein
February 15, 2010

1 » Former Florida Gators quarterback Tim Tebow will be the keynote speaker at the 21st Winged Foot Scholar Athlete awards banquet dinner on May 27 at the Naples Grande. The organization awards scholarships to deserving student-athletes from Collier County (like former Miami Dolphins punter Ray “The Mule” Finkle**). Big-name speakers preceding Tebow at this event include head coaches Urban Meyer (2009), Lou Holtz (2008), Tony Dungy (2001) and Steve Spurrier (1994).

**Finkle: soccer style kicker who graduated from Collier High June 1976; Stetson University honors graduate class of 1980; holds two NCAA Division I records – one for most points in a season, one for distance; former nickname “The Mule;” the first and only pro-athlete ever to come out of Collier County…and one hell of a model American.

2 » Two weeks later, the Tebow family’s Focus on the Family Super Bowl XLIV advertisement is still drawing attention. While, for the most part, viewers found the commercial to be harmless and not worthy of the controversy surrounding it, FotF believes it was a success for their organization. However, a Christian research firm named Barna Group disagrees, saying the spot did nothing to convey a particular message and was neither as memorable nor as clear as the group hoped it would be.

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  1. O-town Gator says:

    Seems if Tim Tebow has one hair on his head out of place, it could start controversy. Sheesh!

  2. JvilleJohnny says:

    Haha love the Ace Ventura reference. “I’m looking for Ray Finkle……..and a clean pair of shorts”.

    I think Tebow has become the most watched athlete in the U.S. I’m glad he is who he is and can influence kids the way he does. Tebow is one hell of a model american.

  3. Drew 4 Orange & Blue says:

    Kiper and McShay were dicussing Tebow this morning and they both agree there is no way Tebow goes in the first two rounds!!! They really get under my skin!!!!

  4. Michelle says:

    Tim Tebow ROCKS!! I am so proud of who he is as a person, what he stands for and that he is a UF grad. He is a heck of a role model and this world would be a better place if there were more Tim Tebow’s in it. Good riddance to the people who talk negatively about him…it just bothers them and they are jealous that they are not strong enough to be a better person like he is!

  5. SC Gator says:

    Laces Out!

  6. Mr2Bits says:

    Draft day will be a fantastic day when Tebow goes first round and Kiper/McShay just stand there looking like tards.

  7. NaplesGator says:

    Collier County has had a lot of quality athletes come out of it, and even though they might not all go pro, it has had more than one, for example Edgerrin James, Anthony Herrera, and Fred McCrary just to name a few. Former Gator Quarterback Terry Dean is from Collier County and actually was a recipient of the Winged Foot Award.

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