Florida Gators recruits and targets to watch through 2014 National Signing Day

By Adam Silverstein
February 3, 2014

Updated on Tuesday at 6:15 p.m.

Already 21 members strong, the Florida Gators’ 2014 recruiting class has space to expand and head coach Will Muschamp is looking to do just that over the next few days leading up to and on National Signing Day when the vast majority of uncommitted high school football players across the country announce their decisions.

Be sure to visit OnlyGators.com’s live coverage of National Signing Day beginning Wednesday morning at 7 a.m. It will feature a live chat and be constantly updated throughout the day with every signed National Letter of Intent (NLI) and new commitment.

For now, OnlyGators.com breaks down which players the Gators are still waiting to hear from and when they may learn of their respective decisions while providing some of the latest information and insights on each player.

Special thanks to InsidetheGators.com recruiting analyst Blake Alderman for his assistance with some of the finer details below.

Offensive tackle Damian Prince (Forestville, MD)
Accolades: Rivals – No. 20 overall (No. 2 OT) | ESPN – No. 26 overall (No. 3 OT)
Leaders: Florida, Maryland
Skinny: Prince’s recruitment has heated up as of late. He cut his top three to a final two (removing Penn State) and moved up his announcement date nine days to Feb. 5. Though staying home is a strong consideration in his mind, three big factors have Prince seriously considering – and possibly leaning towards – committing to Florida. His good friend, five-star cornerback Jalen Tabor (Washington, DC), enrolled early at UF; Prince is a fan of new Gators offensive line coach Mike Summers; and he used his final official visit to travel to Gainesville, FL over the weekend, reportedly coming away impressed. Nevertheless, home is often where the heart is…and Prince may not be leaving.
Announcement: National Signing Day – 10:00 a.m. on ESPNU
Prediction: Maryland | Confidence: 70%

Athlete Adoree’ Jackson (Gardena, CA)
Accolades: Rivals – No. 6 overall (No. 1 ATH) | ESPN – No. 9 overall (No. 3 CB)
Leaders: Florida, USC
Contenders: LSU, UCLA
Skinny: Getting a read on Jackson has been tough throughout the recruiting process. He has certainly investigated each of his final four schools and has much to consider before making a decision. Rivals.com’s Adam Gorney believes Jackson favors the Gators, but the prospect chose not to take an official visit to Florida on the final weekend of his recruitment. Instead, he stayed local and planned unofficial visits to USC and UCLA. That may sound bad for UF’s chances, but Florida happens to have a potential tiebreaker in its back pocket. A long jumper, Jackson is said to be serious about competing in track and field in college, and Gators head coach Mike Holloway is the best in the country. Then again, the Trojans have immediate openings at both wide receiver and cornerback and early playing time is certainly a motivator.
Announcement: National Signing Day – 2:00 p.m. on ESPNU
Prediction: Florida | Confidence: 65%

Defensive end Lorenzo Carter (Norcross, GA)
Accolades: Rivals – No. 36 overall (No. 3 DE) | ESPN – No. 14 overall (No. 3 DE)
Leader: Georgia
Contenders: Florida, Alabama
Skinny: The Bulldogs have long been considered the team to beat for Carter, but the Gators have not stopped pounding the pavement and letting him know that he would be best off in Gainesville. Carter, a local product, long-favoring Georgia is no surprise, but the team losing a defensive coordinator and lacking a defensive line coach is a major negative at this time. In the end, home is likely where Carter’s heart is unless Muschamp is able to pull a last-minute shocker.
Announcement: National Signing Day – 3:00 p.m. on ESPNU
Prediction: Georgia | Confidence: 95%

Quarterback Treon Harris (Miami, FL)
Accolades: Rivals – No. 69 overall (No. 3 QB) | ESPN – No. 163 overall (No. 7 QB)
Committed: Florida State
Contenders: Florida, Auburn, Miami
Skinny: Does this sound familiar? The Gators hire an offensive coordinator and the first prospect he targets is a South Florida quarterback not previously considering playing at UF. Shortly after Roper was brought on board, Florida targeted Harris, who is currently committed to FSU but is apparently all ears to UF’s pitch. Though he is a Seminoles pledge, Harris is said to have interest in both the Gators and the Tigers…a switch on Wednesday appears to be more than plausible.
Announcement: National Signing Day – 9:00 a.m.
Prediction: Florida | Confidence: 85%

Cornerback J.C. Jackson (Immokalee, FL)
Accolades: Rivals – No. 243 overall (No. 21 CB) | ESPN – No. 79 overall (No. 11 CB)
Committed: Florida
Contender: Miami
Skinny: When the Gators lost commitments from running back Dalvin Cook and wide receiver Ermon Lane, it was widely believed that Jackson would be the next to drop Florida for Florida State. Instead, he remained committed to the Gators and even paid an unexpected unofficial visit to UF on Saturday to meet with defensive backs coach Travaris Robinson. The two are said to be extremely close, which should play a major role in his decision. However, Hurricanes head coach Al Golden met with Jackson’s family Saturday night and was expected to speak with him again before NSD.
Announcement: National Signing Day – 8:00 a.m.
Prediction: Florida | Confidence: 75%

Wide receiver Isaiah McKenzie (Plantation, FL)
Accolades: Rivals – No. 35 WR | ESPN – No. 286 overall (No. 36 WR)
Leaders: Ole Miss, Virginia Tech
Contenders: Florida, Georgia, Notre Dame
Skinny: It was believed that the Gators had found an inroad to McKenzie and were on the verge of gaining a commitment, but the Hokies swooped in with a last-second offer and the life-long Virginia Tech fan appears ready to pull the trigger for his favorite school. The Rebels have also been pressing McKenzie for a pledge.
Announcement: National Signing Day – time TBA
Prediction: Virginia Tech | Confidence: 65%

Wide receiver C.J. Worton (Homestead, FL)
Accolades: Rivals – No. 70 WR | ESPN – No. 77 WR
Leaders: Florida, West Virginia
Contender: Miami
Skinny: A long-time Florida State pledge, Worton decommitted last week after paying a visit to Florida’s campus. It is widely believed that Worton announcing for the Gators is just a formality at this point, though he is listing the Mountaineers as his other finalist and has an offer from the Hurricanes, too. He will reportedly inform the schools of his decision on Monday but hold off on announcing until Wednesday.
Announcement: National Signing Day – 9:00 a.m.
Prediction: Florida | Confidence: 65%

Offensive tackle Derrick Kelly, Jr. (Havana, FL)
Accolades: Rivals – NR | ESPN – No. 67 OT
Leaders: Florida, LSU
Contender: Florida State
Skinny: The Gators and Tigers are in a battle for Kelly’s pledge and though he been a long-time lean to LSU, UF has been playing up the distance angle and could wind up reeling him in by the time NSD concludes on Wednesday.
Update: Conflicting information has caused this prediction to flip and now flop back to the original choice. A Florida State offer could completely shake things up.
Announcement: National Signing Day – 1:00 p.m.
Prediction: Florida | Confidence: 65%

Offensive tackle Andrew Mike (Tucson, AZ)
Accolades: Rivals – No. 60 OT | ESPN – No. 32 OT
Leaders: Florida, Arkansas, Vanderbilt
Contenders: Arizona, Washington
Skinny: The Gators did not offer Mike until early January and did so, many believe, as a safety net in case Prince does not choose Florida. Three weeks ago, Mike listed the contenders above as his top three, but a visit to see the Razorbacks has reportedly thrust them up into the lead for his services.
Announcement: National Signing Day – 5:30 p.m.
Committed on Monday, Feb. 3: Vanderbilt

Defensive end Rocel McWilliams (Pensacola, FL)
Accolades: Rivals – NR | ESPN – No. 61 DE
Committed: Missouri
Contender: Florida
Skinny: A talented in-state product, McWilliams allegedly wants to play for the Gators and may ultimately wind up doing so if Carter chooses to play for the Bulldogs as many close to his recruitment expect. McWilliams has interest from Florida but not a “committable” scholarship offer despite taking an official visit to see the program on Jan. 17. However, should UF miss out on Carter, there is an shot McWilliams ends up in the class.
Update: According to The Gainesville Sun‘s Zach Abolverdi, McWilliams is no longer considering the Gators and has decided to remain committed to the Tigers.
Confirmed commitment on Tuesday, Feb. 4: Missouri


  1. SWFL Joe says:

    Adam how many do we have room for and are you hearing rumors of potential transfers that may free up some spots?

    • I suspect transfers are done for now (with one players as an exception), but I’m sure the coaching staff is anticipating one or two after spring practice. Room right now for four guys…but I think they might be able to take six.

      • SWFL Joe says:

        I thought 4 also but then you predicted 7 so I figured I missed something. Thanks.

        • J.C. Jackson is already committed, so he doesn’t count in the four remaining spots.

          Williams would only commit/count if he is offered, which is far from certain. That could depend on whether scholarships are available.

          The four spots should/could be filled by Prince, A. Jackson, Harris and Worton. Kelly would be the one extra guy.

          Of course, Prince could go to Maryland or Jackson to USC or Harris stays at USC.

          The predictions are not meant to reflect “Florida is going to add seven players.” Hopefully the above explains the methodology.

        • Ken (CA) says:

          Don’t forget Jackson is currently commited so he wouldn’t take up one of those 6 spots available. Hope he stays, he is the talk of all the services as “most likely high profile to flip”. Adoree is the biggest question mark, although I can’t imagine why he wouldn’t be a lock at this point, considering The strength of the Gator track team as well as Joker being his Godfather. It certainly would seem like UF would be a no-brainer in his case. it will be a very intersting signing day if even most of these predictions come true (and interestingly the receiver currently committed to Minnesota that was supposed to take an official here last weekend and 2 weeks ago was “likely to flip” isn’t eevn one of those mentioned now)

          Sadly, most of the drama will be over before i even wake up with all these guys making commitments so early, out here in CA I’ll see most of the post announcements except for a couple later in the day

          • 1) Joker is not Adoree’s God father. He is Jamal Adams’s God father.

            2) It is not believed J.C. is going to flip anymore…and if he does, not to FSU. I spelled that out in the post.

            3) The player committed to Minnesota is a running back (Jeff Jones), not a wide receiver.

            • Ken (CA) says:

              wow, I really choked on that one. I could have sworn it was Adoree, but I stand corrected, read lots of different things easy to get muddled. I did mean Miami not FSU, got stuck on that for some reason, but good to see that there is a level of confidence that they don’t think will flip. That’s right I remember now, they were working on Jones to replace our decommit, and seemed to waver and I thought he was supposed to have an official to Gville either last weekend or the weekend before, but since he isn’t even mentioned, must no longer either be interested, or the back they just got the commitment from was good enough for them (or they got that back because some knowledge they weren’t going to get Jones)

              • Ken (CA) says:

                and thanks for the quick updates both in comments and in the article itself as things will be shaking and baking quickly the next couple of days

  2. aziatic41 says:

    I hope we can land Prince and Treon Harris!

  3. Colin says:

    Adam – I noticed the change in prediction for Prince. What prompted that? As always, thanks for the hard work.

    • I always thought it would be difficult for Florida to pull Prince, but after he visited the Gators there was so much positive momentum. Two recruiting analysts told me that Florida looked to have locked him up. But now that he’s back home, is that going to stick? Maryland recruits really well.

  4. Drew says:

    This non contact period for three days really hurts a Florida for Prince. His mom wants him to stay close to home and she’s the only one that can be in his ear. I saw where he tweeted at Adoree asking for his number so maybe the two of them can work something out to where they both end up Gators. Adoree, Prince, Harris, Kelly, and possibly Worton (WVU is hard after him now) would be a huge way to start the spring and gain a lot of momentum after last year. Hope tomorrow isn’t a bust

  5. Oscar says:

    While we still have a top 10 class… this has got to be another disappointment for the UF staff. Big bust of a day since we didn’t land any of the big targets. Only one 5-star recruit, pretty underwhelming IMO.

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