FOUR BITS: Fowler, Muschamp, Gordon, Mincey

By Adam Silverstein
January 30, 2015

1 » Former Florida Gators defensive end Dante Fowler Jr., who decided to forego his final year of collegiate eligibility and declare for the 2015 NFL Draft, took out an advertisement in The Gainesville Sun on Friday, thanking Gators fans for his time with the program. Fowler is expected to be an early first-round selection in the draft and has been projected as high as No. 3 overall. In case you’re having trouble with the copy, it reads as follows: “Thank you Gator Nation for all the support and love the past three years. We’ve got the best fans in the land. I’ll forever bleed Orange & Blue.”

2 » New Auburn defensive coordinator Will Muschamp – and defensive backs coach Travaris Robinson, for that matter – had shown no love for Florida on the recruiting trail to this point as the duo has not paused in going after players they were recruiting to join the Gators when they were both members of the program. But Muschamp did show his soft side for Florida on Thursday. According to‘s Luke Stampini, Muschamp praised the Gators to three-star DE G.G. Robinson (Lilburn, GA) after learning Robinson was not interested in playing for the Tigers. “He talked good about Florida the whole time. He told me to have fun and said, ‘It’s nice.’ He said I’d like the weather,” Robinson said. “He also said Jim McElwain is probably about to turn the program around. I expected him to say something bad about them, but he didn’t.” Robinson is visiting UF this weekend, the last of the 2015 recruiting cycle.

3 » Former Gators discus thrower Jacqueline Gordon passed away earlier this month at the age of 58. Gordon, who held a Virginia state record in discus that existed for more than three decades and was later inducted into the Virginia High School Hall of Fame, was once named the Lady Gator Athlete of the Year while at Florida. She was also a two-time All-American in discus and once held the Gators’ program record in the discipline at 157 feet, six inches. sends our deepest condolences to the Gordon family.

4 » Dallas Cowboys DE Jeremy Mincey broke out late in the season and did so with a nagging injury. Two weeks ago, after the Cowboys were eliminated from the postseason, Mincey had surgery to remove more than a dozen sizable bone chips from his arm. He is expected to return to his starting role with Dallas next season, as he has a franchise-friendly contract with one year and $1.5 million left on his two-year deal (plus a $250,000 signing bonus).

Extra BIT » The Gators on Thursday hired Kevin Barbay as their new associate director of player personnel for the football program. Barbay, a former wide receivers coach at Lamar who held the director job on his own for McElwain at Colorado State, will work under Drew Hughes at Florida.


  1. G2 says:

    Thats very generous of him, probably doesn’t apply to 5* players.

  2. SW FL Joe says:

    When Muschamp came from Texas, he never went after any UT recruits and he never bad mouth them. And I bet Muschamp isn’t saying those same things about UF to Cowart.

  3. Alex says:

    He and Trob have been bashing UF since they left

    The thing that troubles me the most is he is responsible for the state of the program

    • G2 says:

      Amen to that. Kinda bizarre to put something down when you are the reason. Hoping Cowart doesn’t fall for his BS!

    • Ken (CA) says:

      Some are seeing through that. I saw Ivey made a comment somewhere laughing off what Muschamp had told him

  4. Buc says:

    Eastern Washington quarterback Vernon Adams Jr has graduated and is looking to transfer to Univ. of Oregon. Any word on whether Coach Mac will try to go after this highly productive QB from his alma mater?

  5. Sgt. Friday says:

    I don’t understand the stories being written. Here we are in the midst of the final visit weekend before the dead period and signing day,yet not a peep about football recruiting. Football is the only sport that matters and UF is on the verge of the worst recruiting class anyone can remember, yet not even a listing of the players visiting Gainesville? I also wish people would stop bashing Muschamp, quit whining about someone who is gone. By the way, a recruit that UF is trying to flip from Louisville, G.G. Robinson, says that Muschamp was a cheerleader for UF when he talked to him. Auburn must not want him, but it shows that those of you who say Muschamp is bashing UF don’t know what you’re talking about. Is he promoting Auburn over UF? Sure, that’s his job, but I think you’re foolish to think he holds a grudge against UF. Andy, I know you are probably depressed with the way recruiting is going, but it’s still your responsibility to not hide your head in the sand. Sometimes reality is not what you’d like it to be, but it doesn’t mean you should ignore it.

    • 1) The story you are commenting on has a recruiting note. 2) I am not a recruiting reporter. 3) I will do posts the days leading up to Signing Day like I do every year, starting Sunday. 4) My name is ADAM. 5) You’re welcome.

    • Ken (CA) says:

      If you think this is the worst class anyone can remember, you aren’t very old. If you think Football is the only sport that matters, I feel very sorry for you. Gymnastics just had a huge night against UGA and their star player is out and they just had the best score of the season tonight, coming off of 2 straight NC no less. Softball is pre-season #1 to follow up on their NC last year, Baseball is also ranked highly, 5th I think. Lacrosse is predicted to win its inaugural season in the Big East.

      Bashing UF and holding a grudge against UF are 2 different things. He may not hold a grudge against UF, but it has been documented in many places that he is negative recruiting UF to players, including many of the same players he was recruiting to UF.

      Again, you forget this is a news site, not a rumor site. If facts can’t be corroborated, then they don’t make it to stories. Recruiting is mostly rumor and assumption so we don’t hear much about it until it is more than just rumor or “gut feeling”. This is one of the reason why so many of us come to this site for Gator news. If you want recruiting rumor and guesses, you probably should go to one of the other meriad sites that buy into that.

      • Sgt. Friday says:

        No one cares about softball or lacrosse of college baseball. Football is what pays the bill for those sports, and others, because no one gives a crap about them. I’ve seen no documented evidence that Muschamp has done any “negative” recruiting against Florida. That’s just paranoia on UF fan’s part. His job is to extoll the advantages of Auburn over Florida, that’s not negative recruiting. You say “documented”, but I don’t believe you. List what he has done and I think you’ll find it’s just sor grapes by Florida fans that need a scapegoat for the horrible recruiting class UF has. Get over the paranoia. UF is struggling because of a mediocre football team, a head coach with few southern ties, a head coach with no name recognition by recruits, and a short time to turn the perception of UF around. That will change if UF puts a better product on the field and McElwain, and the rest of the staff, develop relationships. There is no basis to bash Muschamp, get over it, he’s gone.b

  6. Ken (CA) says:

    Adam – Of course, being in CA, most of the drama will be over before I even wake up on NSD, but is OGGOA doing any special coverage on Wed to tune in for? Don’t recall seeing any schedule if special plans for NSD

  7. like rm says:

    Love the chat window we have on national signing day!

    • I’m not sure if that chat function will be available this year as the application I was using now costs a significant amount of money.

      It may just wind up being a live blog w/ the comments section at the bottom.

  8. Mike The Red says:

    Sgt. Friday, We had a poor recruiting class before Coach Mac got here. Given the situation, I am pleasantly surprised by the success he has had.

    Doesn’t Muschamp have a clause in his contract that he can’t target recruits that he targeted at FL. If so, this screams breach of contract.

  9. Marc says:

    Did you guys really think that Muschamp was not going to do his job at Auburn? He was hired to get players and then coach them up. I guess it remains to be seen whether he will be able to accomplish either of those things, but let’s not kid ourselves. It wouldn’t be the first time a recruit followed a coach to a new school. It also wouldn’t be the first time a coach said something negative about UF in order to gain leverage in a recruiting battle. Muschamp is going to do his job and our staff is going to do theirs. This program is not going to rise and fall based on whether we ultimately land these couple of 5 star players that everyone on here is so obsessed with. As a fan (and as a program), its time to put Muschamp in the rear view mirror and after Feb. 4, put the guys that went to other schools in the rear view mirror as well.

  10. KB says:

    Well we all knew it was going to be a tough road to hoe for Mac when it came to salvaging this recruiting class. I don’t care what anyone says it is almost unpredictable what these HS kids will do. One moment every indication could be they are going to this place and the next moment it changes on a whim. Whatever Mac can get in this class his best recruiting pitch moving forward will be what is displayed on the field in 2015. Straighten out the problems on Offense, maintain the Defense, and improve Special Teams will show future recruits UF is moving in the right direction under his regime and do wonders against any negative recruiting. I am optimistic in what Mac can do in finishing off this recruiting class but I won’t hold it against him and his staff if it does not turn out the way we want it to. The most important hard work is yet to come and that will be showing UF is a changed program going upward than what it was under Muschamp. If he can get a little depth in some critical areas in this class, show that he can do a better job with the tools he has already got on campus than the previous coach, and win the games he should win as well as one or two he shouldn’t will do wonders in igniting recruiting and selling his message. Mac is in the big leagues and this is his proving ground but I am exited to see what he can and will do.

  11. Mike The Red says:

    Marc… I am perfectly ready to put Muschamp in the rear view mirror, but if he really does have a clause in his contract about waiting a year to recruit people he target at UF, he may be breaching contract. Considering how much we still owe him, I say we are entitled to keep that money if he did.

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