FOUR BITS: Former QB Tim Tebow’s NFL future

By Adam Silverstein
January 29, 2010

1 » While former Florida Gators quarterback Tim Tebow is dealing with strict evaluations from seemingly every direction, one person at the 2010 Under Armour Senior Bowl who is squarely in Tebow’s corner is Miami Dolphins and South team head coach Tony Sparano. “I thought it was outstanding, I really did,” Sparano said of Tebow’s work ethic. “In the meeting room he’s been super, spending extra time. He’s been great to coach. One of the nice things with him is, you’ve got somebody lining up in the wrong spot, he’s got it, he can get them lined up right. He sees somebody maybe not run the right route or in the wrong place, he’s got it. This whole thing has really slowed down for him. He has great command for what we’re trying to do.”

2 » Also on Tebow’s side, not surprisingly, is his high school coach at Nease, Craig Howard. “He’s the most scrutinized quarterback I’ve ever seen,” Howard told The Gainesville Sun’s John Patton. “It seems like so many people want to pick out what they find to be wrong with him. […] There is more to a quarterback than throwing motion and whether he plays primarily out of a shotgun or under center. […] He was the most dominant high school quarterback I have ever seen. […] When he was being recruited, multiple coaches told me he cannot play the way he did at Nease in the SEC. How right were they? It’s the same deal now. […] It’s the same thing I told Urban Meyer. You aren’t just getting a quarterback, you are getting a guy who will change your program. He will change you. He made me a better coach. I wanted to be a better coach because I didn’t want to let him down.”

Two more BITS on Tim Tebow (documentary, mock draft) after the jump!

3 » If seeing Tebow round-the-clock on the NFL Network and ESPN (and soon during Super Bowl XLIV) is not enough for you, perhaps a trip to the movie theater to get a glimpse of him on the big screen will satisfy your Tebow-centirc needs. The Palm Beach Post reports that filmmaker Chase Heavener, son of big-time Florida booster Bill Heavener, has been chronicling Tebow’s life since the 2010 Sugar Bowl ended on Jan. 1. Heavener’s film will cover Tebow’s transition to the NFL up until his first professional game. “Essentially we started when the clock strikes zero. That’s exactly when we turned the cameras on,” Heavener told Ben Volin. “We’re getting stuff that probably no one would get except me.”

4 » Tebow has made his way into the first round of a mock 2010 NFL Draft created by Don Banks of Sports Illustrated. Considering the heavy criticism about Tebow coming from draftniks, seeing someone realize that there is a strong chance he will be drafted early is unusual. Banks has Tebow going No. 26 overall to the Arizona Cardinals. “It’s only going to take one team to fall in love with him to make him a low first-rounder,” Banks wrote. “Why the Cardinals? If Kurt Warner retires Friday as expected, does anyone think Arizona has 100 percent confidence in Matt Leinart at this point? And we already know Ken Whisenhunt doesn’t mind playing two QBs in the same game, because he did it with Warner and Leinart in 2007. As rough as things were for the Cardinals defense in the playoffs, that side of the ball probably should get first-round attention.”

Extra BIT » Tebow played well during two-minute drills on Thursday.


  1. Aligator says:

    exactly …. i think he will play well this weekend and do what he has to do. I am sure bill parcells is thinking hard about this.

  2. Aligator says:

    i looked at my sports illustrated this morning and on the cover was drew brees. you will never guess where the ball was in his throwing motion … down by his waist … geez …

  3. That’s one throw when he’s alluding rushers, and it’s above his belly button. Looking at many more pictures of him, his throwing motion is high like its “supposed” to be.

  4. Aligator says:

    i got ya…. “supposed” i am telling you, does vince youngs look like it is supposed to? i doubt it. these draftniks are hit and miss…..

  5. Aligator says:

    thanks for all your hard work on all of this reporting you do. best site around …..

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