Ohio State hires Stan Drayton away from Florida

By Adam Silverstein
January 27, 2011

Florida Gators running backs coach/recruiting coordinator Stan Drayton, a native of Cleveland, OH, has officially been hired by the Ohio State Buckeyes as the team’s new wide receivers coach, the school announced on Thursday. One of three assistants retained by new head coach Will Muschamp, Drayton will leave Florida before National Signing Day and begin work with Ohio State on Monday.

“Stan Drayton first and foremost is a fine person and family man. He is a Buckeye born and bred, and will add a tremendous dimension to our football family,” Buckeyes head coach Jim Tressel said in an official statement. “We are fortunate to gain one of the finest coaches in America to serve our kids, school and community.”

Drayton has almost exclusively coached running backs since 1993 and has spent four years with the Gators (2005-07, 2010). He was on Florida’s staff when the team captured the 2007 BCS National Championship by defeating Ohio State 41-14.

In addition to his duties as WR coach for the Buckeyes, Drayton is also expected to coordinate Ohio State’s recruiting for the state of Florida.

Muschamp addressed the topic late Thursday. “Our focus will always be on the staff that are here, current players and the prospective student-athletes,” he said.

With the 2011 recruiting cycle coming to a close on Feb. 2, Muschamp will likely wait until it has concluded to hire Drayton’s replacement. New wide receivers coach Aubrey Hill, who coordinated recruiting for the Miami Hurricanes in 2010, may be at the front of the pack to take on those responsibilities for 2012 and beyond.

Kelby Collins (44)
Ja'Keem Jackson (60)
Aidan Mizell (102)
Eugene Wilson (110)
Dijon Johnson (114)
Roderick Kearney (116)
Kamran James (168)
Will Norman (192)
Jordan Castell (208)
Sharif Denson (220)
TJ Searcy (257)
Gavin Hill
Aaron Gates
Treyaun Webb
Andy Jean
Bryce Thornton
Jaden Robinson
Caden Jones
Knijeah Harris
Bryce Lovett

*McCarney was also assistant head coach; Heater held the role of co-defensive coordinator. Muschamp has not named an assistant (or associate) head coach as of press time.


  1. g8ter27 says:

    Gee I wonder if they hired him for his superior talent in developing wide receivers OR to recruit in the state of Florida? One good thing, Buckeye recivers next year shold struggle and be fun to watch.

  2. Daniel M. says:

    The gloves are off Drayton. A week before NSD? Don’t let the door hit you in the ass bucko. You’ll get a recruit here and there but honestly, who wants to go freeze their ass off in dreary OHIO?

    How does a guy go from a running backs coach to a wide receiver coach? He played as a RB but he’s going to coach up WR’s? It looks like OSU is placing more emphasis on mining Florida talent than actually developing their WR’s.

    Boom, just show recruits a highlight tape that shows the beatdowns we have administered to those Big 10 pansies.

    • Mr2Bits says:

      He thinks he’d make a good WR’s coach because all our RB did was catch screen passes and drags…..move makes perfect sense to me.

  3. gator says:

    What a Looooser,he did a crapie job anyway don’t come back to this state trying to convince our kids to go to that DUMP.

  4. SaraGator says:

    Can’t wait to see his players catch a pass then fumble each play. haha

    Glad he’s gone, f$*%^ traitor!

  5. John S says:

    Man this and the poor performance recruiting paint a bad picture. This seems like a demotion for him.

    We need college guys for recruiting, this bunch of NFL journeyman don’t have me excited.

    • Jesse C says:

      Let’s give these NFL guys a chance and judge them after the 2012 class.

      • John S says:

        They will get their chance, at this rate they will have plenty of scholarships. If we’re overhauling our entire offense and defense we need players to run the new systems. The 2012 recruits will only be effective by the 2013 season at the earliest, at which point most journeyman NFL assistants will have already moved on when they’ve gotten tired of the long hours.

        Hope that I’m completely wrong, I will eagerly await my apology posts if he turns this around. On paper running a pro offense and a varied and multiple defense, we are not a good team right now.

  6. Swampbabe says:

    WTH is going on with us? Losing a coach to OSU one week before NSD and to couach out of position? Anybody heard any rumors about who is in line for the job?

  7. Gatorgrad79 says:

    Perhaps the last 2 years have been an environment of every coach “doing their thing” without much top down supervision and uniformity of theory (which could account for the piss poor offense and why no one seemed to know who was playing every down). That said, perhaps Mr Weis let it be know it was his way or the highway – SD has apparently chosen the highway. osu beating an Arkansas team ranked 5th in the SEC, after 4 consecutive beatdowns by SEC teams shouldn’t make them a recruiting power in Fla. We need to be much more worried about fsu, miami, and ( apparently) clemson…

  8. Jesse C says:

    I’m confused why a prominent school like OSU would hire a coach with no experience at his position. I think it was just for recruitment purposes. It seems like that was the only thing he was good at. The timing is gutless… couldn’t wait until after NSD? What a piece of S***. I never thought his heart was in UF anyway and didn’t agree with his retention. So now we can get a real running backs coach.

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