TWO BITS: Ex-Gators Gailey, Dupay in the news

By Adam Silverstein
January 19, 2010

1 » Former Florida Gators quarterback Chan Gailey has been hired as the new head coach of the NFL‘s Buffalo Bills. A three-year letterman for Florida, he graduated in 1974 and stayed on the staff from 1974-75 as a graduate assistant before taking his first coaching job with the Troy Trojans.

2 » Once known as the state’s Mr. Basketball in 1998 and a star with the Florida basketball team for three seasons, former point guard Teddy Dupay has had a fall from grace over the last decade. After leading the Gators to the finals of the 2000 NCAA Tournament, Dupay was dismissed from the team when evidence surfaced that he was betting on Florida games. In June 2008, Dupay was charged with raping a woman at a ski resort in Utah. Now? He is trying to legalize marijuana. “You know me,” Dupay told Fanhouse senior NFL writer Chris Harry. “Controversy is my middle name.” Harry does a great job profiling Dupay and diving into his new passion in this article, which includes a revealing quote about another former Gators PG, Jason Williams. “All I knew about pot was that Jason Williams smoked a lot of it,” Dupay admitted.


  1. npgator says:

    Dupay has been a disappointment and disgrace to the University of Florida

  2. Daniel M. says:

    Groups like the one Teddy is aligning himself with are no longer fringe whackos. I don’t smoke weed but I do know that we could save our country billions of dollars annually by legalizing marijuana. The long list of associatied costs are staggering. Drug interdiction, drug enforcement, the justice system, and prisons all take untold millions of dollars to run and for what? The “drug war” is not being won and is in fact worsening. It’s unfortunate that in the face of overwhelming evidence that supports legalization that it is committing political suicide to propose it.

    Dupay’s message that hemp will solve fossil fuel issues is quite a reach. The whole legalization camp should drop that from their platform unless they can show me how I can fuel my car by stuffing weed in my gas tank.

    Teddy looks somewhat clean cut and measured in his video. Regardless, opponents will use his checkered past as evidence that he can’t be trusted.

    It is incredibly hypocritical to allow alcohol to be legal and celebrated and yet have marijuana be illegal.

    //end rant

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