Kiffin’s confirmed car crash furthers allegations

By Adam Silverstein
January 19, 2010

The Internet has been buzzing with rumors about how former Tennessee Volunteers head coach Lane Kiffin carried on during his time in Knoxville, TN. The following are all allegations being made against Kiffin by a variety of Web sites who claim to have solid leads and (in some cases) photo evidence to support their claims:

Read the many allegations and OGGOA’s questions after the jump!

– Kiffin crashed his University of Tennessee-provided Lexus into a tree while driving under the influence on Sept. 8. This accident occurred just outside his home in West Knoxville.

– That same evening, Kiffin was fraternizing with co-eds at a local sports bar, something he did quite often “after hours.” He and the girls left the sports bar in this same Lexus.

– When Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin visited Kiffin in Knoxville on April 3, the two along with Kiffin’s brother-in-law and staffer David Reaves drank and flirted with co-eds while attending a party together.

– Tennessee boosters “maintained a downtown apartment in Knoxville that was commonly referred to as Kiffin’s ‘rendezvous place.'”

– An area sports bar stayed open late for Kiffin, a handful of the Volunteers’ boosters and several co-eds, a group of which (allegedly including Kiffin) “left the club to continue their fun at the downtown apartment.”

But here is where everything gets interesting. Both an employee of the Lexus dealership and a “high-ranking” school official have confirmed that Kiffin was indeed involved in the accident detailed in these articles; however, reports state that the incident occurred in August, not September. Kiffin, asked about the accident by Tennessee athletic director Mike Hamilton, said he had been working late at the football complex and fell asleep at the wheel while driving home. Making the story even more interesting is that no accident report was filed by Kiffin in 2009 according to the Knoxville Police Department and Knox County Sheriff’s Office, though the Lexus dealer claims that the authorities were informed of the accident and Kiffin’s insurance paid for the car’s damages.

These conflicting reports leave a variety of questions unanswered.

When did Kiffin’s accident actually occur? Did he crash his car while under the influence? Was there a cover-up by local law enforcement and/or the university? Did Kiffin flee the scene of an accident on foot? Is he guilty of some of the same things that got Larry Eustachy fired? Did Tomlin actually think he could learn something from watching Kiffin coach? Does this “rendezvous place” really exist? How involved were the team’s boosters in these events? Will Kiffin be held accountable by the USC Trojans if these allegations are proven true? What man in his right mind finds a need to cheat on a beautiful Florida Gators fan like this woman? Finally, why are all of these allegations coming out in January 2010 (after Kiffin has wronged the city and school) rather than three or four months ago when the events allegedly occurred?


  1. O-town Gator says:

    Hey Kiffykins: You can run, but you can’t hide.

  2. Vegasg8r says:

    He’s just the average D-bag! He would lie, cheat and steal from his mother if it meant he could further ” himself!”

  3. Vegasg8r says:

    After he embarrassed the university numerous times before, it would not surprise me to learn that officials covered up everything this idiot did while on their clock!

  4. Brittany says:

    If these rumors turn out to be true I will not be shocked. In my humble opinion Kiffin seems exactly like the type of guy who would cheat around on his wife with college age girls just because he could.

  5. ReptilesRule says:

    I heard a little bit about Kiffin’s “socializing” habits back in the late summer. This was supposedly going on while Layla was in Florida and pregnant with their third child. I thought it was rather strange behavior for a married head coach but nothing ever developed or became a story about it. I wouldn’t be surprised if some boosters and even school officials were keeping everything on the “down low”. Gonna be interesting…

  6. O-town Gator says:

    Vegas, I hope Kiffykins can pronouce the word “schadenfreude”.

  7. Daniel M. says:

    It would be ultimately satisfying and fitting if Layla dumps his pathological lying ass and then hooks up with Nu’Keese and makes him a baby daddy.

  8. npgator says:

    Everyone (Gator haters) expected and hoped for a Tiger Woods back story when Urban Meyer retired and then unretired but there wasn’t one. This is where they should be looking for that type of story. Where there is smoke there is usually fire and based on what I have seen of Kiffin he is not above anything scandalous.

  9. pjagator says:

    wondy pierre-louis arrested for domestic violence.

  10. O-town Gator says:

    Npgator, Urban Meyer’s a saint compared to what Tiger Woods and Lane Kiffin have done. It seems as though the media is waiting for something to pounce all over Urban for, but chances are they won’t find anything. He isn’t the type to easily welcome conflict or scandal in his life; he’s not an attention-whore like Kiffykins vseems to be.

    Kiffin’s like the Billy Carter of college football coaches.

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