FOUR BITS: Doubles title, Tim Tebow, Dorsey

By Adam Silverstein
January 19, 2010

1 » The Florida Gators’ pairing of senior Antoine Benneteau and junior Alexandre Lacroix took home the doubles title at the SEC Indoor Championships with an 8-5 win over the Georgia Bulldogs’ pair of Nate Schnugg and Jamie Hunt. The duo of Benneteau and Lacroix is now 13-1 overall with four double titles to their credit since September. The No. 10-ranked pair will lead the No. 11 Gators men’s tennis team as dual match season gets underway.

2 » In a prediction he admitted had no source or foundation, Sports Illustrated‘s Peter King has guessed that former Florida quarterback Tim Tebow will end up with the San Francisco 49ers as the No. 13 overall pick in the 2010 NFL Draft. “The Niners gave a tepid endorsement to Alex Smith as their quarterback of 2010 after the season; and Mike Singletary didn’t draft him; and Singletary is going to fall in love with Tebow once he meets him after the season; and Tebow is the kind of winner that Singletary has preached he wants since he took the job from Mike Nolan in mid-2008,” King wrote. “After Singletary meets Tebow at the Scouting Combine, this is my prediction of his reaction: He’ll turn to GM Scot McCloughan and say, ‘That’s my guy. We’ve got to have him.'”

3 » Speaking of Tebow, OGGOA has been told by more than one source that the Super Bowl XLIV advertisement in which he is a spokesperson for Focus on the Family may eventually be pulled by CBS. This move would not be without precedent; networks airing major sporting events have yanked similar ads before, though it is safe to say that none featured a celebrity of Tebow’s stature.

4 » Though he came back from a trip to the Michigan Wolverines still committed to the Gators, four-star defensive back Demar Dorsey (Lauderdale Lakes, FL) has decided to add a surprising final visit to his docket. Previously scheduled to end his travels in Gainesville, FL, this weekend, Dorsey will now fly out to visit the USC Trojans on Jan. 29. Dorsey was always interested in USC and had previously planned to visit the Tennessee Volunteers when Lane Kiffin was head coach. “I consider myself committed to Florida, but things are still up in the air,” Dorsey told Gerard Martinez of “Signing day is Feb. 3, so…”


  1. npgator says:

    Still committed but up in the air mean non committed in my book. I hope Dorsey sticks with Florida as I think he will be an excellent player for the Gators.

  2. Mr2Bits says:

    If Dorsey falls for Lanes lies he is as dumb as rocks and deserves to play for a crumbling Trojan squad.

  3. O-town Gator says:

    I smell something fishy with Kiffykins.

  4. ReptilesRule says:

    I would think that Dorsey is in it just for the trip. I’m sure he knows enough about UF to know that it’s a place everyone wants to be. But if for some reason he falls for Kiffin and Orgeron, then maybe he deserves exactly what the Tenn fans got.

  5. J-ville Gator says:

    If Dorsey shops, we shop. Simple as that.

  6. Wooden Nickels says:

    Hold his scholarship as the last one, and if someone else worthy commits before he gets back from Cali and/or before signing day, give it away. You snooze, you lose! Enjoy USC probation!

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