Six things to know: Gators’ three-point streak ends as Florida goes cold at South Carolina

By Adam Silverstein
January 18, 2017
Six things to know: Gators’ three-point streak ends as Florida goes cold at South Carolina

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No. 19 Florida Gators basketball (14-4, 5-1 SEC) dropped its first game in league play on Wednesday with its worst performance of the 2016-17 season, falling 57-53 to the No. 24 South Carolina Gamecocks (15-3, 6-0 SEC) on the road in Columbia, South Carolina.

It was a stunningly bad shooting performance that did Florida in as the Gators were inefficient in all three phases of the offensive game, failing to hit a single outside shot on the afternoon with all of their points coming either in the paint or at the free throw line. As such, Florida ended a streak of making at least one three-pointer in 850 consecutive games spanning 25 years back to Jan. 11, 1992. breaks down the latest loss below.

It was over when … The truth is that the game did not truly end until the final few seconds, but in such a low-scoring, defense-first contest, the Gators inability to score coming out of halftime did them in. Florida went 1-for-15 from the field out of the break, watching its seven-point lead become a five-point deficit as South Carolina outscored the visitors 14-2. UF never led again.

Exceptional Efficient effort: Despite his five fouls, senior point guard Kasey Hill was the only UF player who was truly efficient on the evening as he hit 5-of-8 shots for 11 points, almost all of them coming in the first half. Once Hill fouled out and handed the reigns to junior PG Chris Chiozza, the game was basically lost for the Gators (though Chiozza did have a very nice floater near the end of the contest). Chiozza finished 1-of-4 from the field with five turnovers.

Significant stats: Where to begin? Let’s start with the obvious: The Gators went 0-for-16 from downtown, going without a made three in a game for the first time in 25 years. In fact, Florida did not hit a single jump shot in the entire game with all 53 of its points coming from inside the paint (38) or at the free throw line (15).

Don’t get it twisted: The Gators were no better at the charity stripe, hitting just 15-of-28 attempts after showing significant improvement at the line all season. UF missed its first seven shots of the game and 14 of 15 to open the second half, finishing 19-for-54 from the field on the evening.

In addition to the horrible shooting effort, Florida was horrendous with its ball handling. In a game of 31 combined turnovers, UF committed the majority (16). The absurd officiating, led by Teddy Valentine, resulted in 55 fouls in the game, of which the Gators were responsible for 27.

Odds and ends: Florida trailed most of the first half but saw South Carolina take over in the second half despite being winded … seven players in the game committed at least four fouls … previously red-hot graduate transfer guard Canyon Barry went 4 of 13 and missed all six of his threes to score a team-high 13 points … similarly scorching redshirt freshman G Keith Stone went 0-for-3 from downtown and 1-for-5 from the line with four fouls in 23 minutes … sophomore G KeVaughn Allen was completely taken out of the game with one point and four fouls in 19 minutes … redshirt junior center John Egbunu returned to the starting lineup and played 22 minutes but scored just seven points while hitting only 3-of-7 free throws … UF was once again outrebounded, this time 41 to 37

What it means: This loss was not a surprise. In fact, I predicted it before the game began. What was shocking, however, was how poor of a shooting performance the Gators put together, even if they did play an exceptional defensive team in the Gamecocks. Ultimately, this counts as a ranked loss for Florida, and it also means that UF has now lost to the four best teams its faced this season and no one else. What’s especially rough for the Gators is that this was their first of three road games in a four-game stretch.

Up next: Florida will play its lone remaining home game this month on Saturday when it hosts Vanderbilt at noon. The game will air live nationally on CBS.


  1. Scroud says:

    That was the worst basketball game I have ever seen

  2. Mg says:

    Similar to football coach Mcelwain, if Coach White can’t significantly upgrade our talent level, we will continue to regress to a mediocre b-ball school. It’s seems as what Billy built is gone.

  3. david lossing says:

    Mike White has the number 11 class in the country coming in. I’d say he is recruiting pretty well for a football school

  4. Michael J. Duggar says:

    Ironic that the talk was the need for dribble penetration as USC denies all 1st entry wing passes which would open up backdoor opportunities. The first play of the game Kasey misses an open backdoor cut (turnover) and on the last Gator offensive play, Chris misses a fake backdoor by Canyon (turnover). USC is a terrible matchup for a finesse team like Florida…notwithstanding Egbunu inside. With all the horrible offensive numbers, USC was equally as awful so give credit to Florida’s defensive work. Who would have thought the #3 players Stone and Robinson would shoot 1-7 from the foul line…and yet it was a one possession game in the last minute on the road…for Kasey to be the leading scorer with 11 points…ALL in the 1st half…

    A sidebar…what does the SEC see in Teddy Valentine as an official? He is so much more concerned with having folks see his calls (erratic and inconsistent as they are)…than in calling based on “advantage-disadvantage.” The brutality inside vs. the “ticky-tac” fouls outside called on Kasey and Kevaughn (except the slap-down in the paint)…and his 2nd half free throw lane violation call on the missed 3rd free throw when Kasey fouled out (and making the 4th free throw off the violation) was hair-pulling….I don’t blame Justin for the shrug on his 4th baffling foul call…I’ve seen better called street ball games…it resembles the unwatcheable hideousness of the NBA…where you have to choose which brutal contact “reaches the level of a foul!”

    Folks were talking about the length of the game and the number of fouls called…you start the game calling tight to make the players aware you’re not putting up with their physical foolishness to get the players to play smarter…was 10 fouls in the first five (5) minutes enough…not if you had to call dozens more later…the point was not made by the officiating crew…

    Hope the game in Gainesville has a better officiating crew…and the SEC head of officials KNOWS the style of play Frank Martin utilizes…and will continue to utilize as long as he can get away with it….they can’t call ALL the fouls we commit is the USC mantra…they will be in foul trouble against Kentucky on Saturday…with a better officiating crew assigned to the “blue bloods” at UK or Calipari will blow a gasket at the post-game press conference! See how many Carolina players foul out tomorrow…

    Despite all that…let’s beat a team that got us both times last year…Vanderbilt on Saturday afternoon. Go Gators!

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