SIX BITS: Prather, Grier, Phillilps, Patton, Wickline

By Adam Silverstein
January 13, 2014

1 » The Florida Gators on Sunday announced that senior forward Casey Prather (knee) is being listed as “doubtful” for Tuesday’s home contest against the Georgia Bulldogs as he is still dealing with a bone bruise he apparently suffered last Wednesday. Prather, Florida’s leading scorer who has posted double-digit point totals in all 14 game he’s played this season, has missed three practices already.

2 » The Independent Florida Alligator’s Adam Lichtenstein, citing an anonymous tip provided to the paper, uncovered a video posted on the Vine account of Gators four-star quarterback commit Will Grier (titled “Lax es gay”) that appears to show him using the homophobic slur beginning with “F” nine times before declaring, “[Lacrosse] is gay.” The video was posted to his account 269 days ago, exactly four months after he committed to UF. (The video linked above contains offensive language not condoned by As Lichtenstein correctly points out, “this is unacceptable behavior from Grier” and is something that should absolutely have been addressed by Florida. Though the school had no reason to address this publicly at that time – he was not a member of the program yet – one would think that those in charge of monitoring the social media accounts of Gators recruits would have strongly suggested he remove the video. After all, it has been hiding in plain sight for nearly nine months.

3 » According to Austin American-Statesman columnist Kirk Bohls, Florida wide receivers coach Joker Phillips is one of three men being considered by head coach Charlie Strong to serve as Texas Longhorns offensive coordinator. Phillips has spent five years in an offensive coordinator role, holding that exact position at Kentucky from 2005-08 and working as “head coach of offense” at his alma mater in 2009 when he was named Rich Brooks’s successor. Prior to that, Phillips spent 13 of 14 years coaching wide receivers and was widely considered a coach who had not been given a fair opportunity to move up in the ranks. He was head coach at UK from 2010-12 before being fired and taking over as the Gators’ wide receivers coach in 2013. Phillips is entering the second year of a two-year contract and is set to earn $265,000 this season.

4 » Florida wide receiver Solomon Patton made an impact on Saturday while participating in the inaugural Medal of Honor Bowl, an all-star game held in Charleston, SC. Patton was named the MVP of his American team after taking three receptions for 50 yards and a reverse for 33 yards; he put his team in position to score all three of its touchdowns and led it to a 20-3 win. “This whole week was a lot of fun, meeting all these guys and being able to play for these coaches,” said Patton, according to The Post and Courier. “This wasn’t the game I was expecting to be playing in, but I took advantage of it and I thank them for inviting me.”

Patton did not receive an invite to the Senior Bowl on Jan. 25; cornerback Jaylen Watkins, guard Jon Halapio and defensive tackle Dominique Easley did though Easley will not participate as he is still recovering from in-season ACL surgery. No Gators were invited to the East-West Shrine Game, though center Jonotthan Harrison will play in the NFLPA Collegiate Bowl on Jan. 18.

5 » It was widely reported Sunday that Strong hired former Florida offensive lineman (1977-80), graduate assistant (1982-83) and offensive line coach (2002-04) Joe Wickline to the latter position on his Texas staff. Strong coached with Wickline while under Ron Zook with the Gators. Wickline, who is originally from the Lone Star State, actually turned down the UT job two years ago to remain at Oklahoma State and is considered one of the top offensive line coaches in the nation…which makes it curious why he was not considered for the UF job filled last week by Mike Summers. Players he coached at Florida include Lomas Brown, Jeff Miller, Shannon Snell and Max Starks.

6 » Former Gators defensive coordinator Dan Quinn, who took the same job with the Seattle Seahawks after the 2012 season, led his unit to a top ranking as the best defense in the NFL this year. Now, just three seasons after never having worked as even a coordinator before, Quinn is a hot name for the Tennessee Titans head coaching vacancy. According to multiple reports, Quinn is at the top of Tennessee’s list, but the team will have to wait until after Seattle’s season ends…which could be in three more weeks on Feb. 2. Whether the Titans are happy to wait until that time to make a hire remains to be seen, but if Quinn really is the lead dog in the race, their actions over the next few weeks will be indicative of their infatuation with him as a candidate.


  1. gatorboi352 says:

    I vote to sit Prather. If we could handle a road environment like Arky’s without him, we sure as hell can take care of Georgia at home without him.

  2. gatorboi352 says:

    Also, let’s recap the Football program stories here:

    Our best incoming player next year is a homophobic, our best assistant coach and offensive recruiter Joker Phillips might end up leaving for Texas after 1 year and Dan Quinn has the #1 defense in the NFL and is being considered for multiple HC jobs while we hold onto Muschamp for 1 more year, or as I like to call it, just long enough to not be able to offer Dan Quinn the job instead.

    • Oldfyer says:

      Right on cure Boi.

      By the way, is it allowable to say homophobic? Shouldn’t you use more some euphemistic antonym like “uncolorful” or maybe “discouraged”?

    • Ken (CA) says:

      just by hat doesn’t mean you are homophobic, hat is just the radical activist agenda. While it isn’t the most apropriate thing to say nowadays, it has been a very common term for a very long time to denote something someone doesn’t like, most people using it don’t even realize where it was derived from. in today’s world the line is so narrow on what is acceptable talk and what is censored it is rediculous. No one is allowed to disagree with anything the far left believes or they are intolerant and phobic. “We agree you have the right to free speech to say anything you want, as long as you don’t say anything that offends us”. The whole point of free speech is to be allowed to offend and allow diversity of thought, not to stifle a specific viewpoint. Let it be a discussion on what the word means and how it is used, and whether or not it really is apropriate rather than suddenly jumping on the activist bandwagon

  3. Aligator says:

    I will tell you why he was not considered at UF. Muschamp has no clue! Go Gators for life!!

    • gatorboi352 says:

      Good catch Aligator. I missed that bit of news in the sea of all the other great news our fallen football program has brought us.

      1000% confident guys. 1000%.

    • Oldfyer says:

      Maybe Foley would not authorize $700,000–Wickline’s reported salary at OSU–or upwards of $1mil for an offensive line coach, considering the ripple effect through the staff.

      I am a Wickline fan, but the money he apparently commands is ridiculous; unless of course you are at Boone Pickens U, and Boone is picking up the tab. Then it is whatever Boone wants it to be.

      Of course maybe he had fallen out of favor and was willing to work relatively cheap for Charlie Strong.

      Folks were not so happy with Wickline when he was here; and if reports in the internet media were accurate–always open to question–Foley had reason to be furious with the way he departed.

      Why not get off of Muschamp’s back–particularly if you don’t know what you are talking about?

  4. g8ter27 says:

    1. Prather should definitely sit vs. Dawgs and I am sure Billy D. values my opinion as much as he does everyone else’s here so now he will sit him.
    2. Will Grier said lacrosse is gay, so what? Many high school kids use that word in a context like that and I am sure they do not believe that the sport of lacrosse is actually homosexual. When someone says “that sucks” I don’t believe they mean it literally. Geez, the kid is 18 years old and said the word gay, lets hang him over it.
    3. Joker Phillips will not be the next OC at Texas.

  5. Ken (CA) says:

    Interesting how we have had NO playmakers at WR the past fiew years yeet we have 2-3 playing on Sunday and now one who was MVP of an all star game…

    • gatorboi352 says:

      VERY interesting, isn’t it Ken!

      It’s almost as if during their time here they just weren’t coached up enough! 😛

      • Gatorgrad79 says:

        Or perhaps the O-line couldn’t give the QB time to throw so the WR’s never got to complete a route before the ball was thrown/thrown away/intercepted/ sacked (pick one)

  6. JDLee0468 says:

    Gatorboi352 nobody is advocating blind loyalty or quieting anti-Muschamp sentiment. But, piling on at this point when the die is case does not make any sense. Next year will take care of itself and if you are proven right you can crow until the cows literally come home. Unless you wanted Charlie Strong as our next head coach am I missing a tremendous candidate to take over. Lets hope Muschamp proves you wrong; but if not he is done.

    • gatorboi352 says:

      “Unless you wanted Charlie Strong as our next head coach”

      I doubt you’ll find a single Gator fan that _didn’t_ want Strong instead, myself included.

  7. Malikg says:

    Sorry, fellas. Words and symbols come to mean things over time, and neither ignorance nor wishing it not to be so changes that.

    It is not possible to forcibly change what the swastika, the n-word, the f-word, the Confederate flag, blackface, etc., have come to mean. Each of those have been used as both sources of pain, discrimination, intimidation and are historical markers of dark chapters in human history.

    Maybe “you” don’t mean it that way. Maybe “you” don’t know the history. Maybe “you” feel bothered that you are criticized and called out for using them. None of that changes the fact of what those words mean now.

    Overseas a f***** or f** meant a cigarette. Not anymore. Gay used to mean happy, and then later perhaps meant lame. Not anymore. Skeet used to just mean a target shot with a 12-gauge shotgun. Not anymore.

    The Confederate flag may at one time have simply represented the Southern side in the Civil War. However, since the 1950s and 1960s, when it was used as a symbol of opposition to civil rights and intimidation, it will never JUST mean what it used to.

    Now, I LOVE rehabilitation and education, and this is yet another opportunity for a young kid (and hopefully fans) to learn and change. And don’t call this politically correctness. The exercise of any of our freedoms shouldn’t intimidate or infringe on our fellow men and women. The relatively small correction by us could mean the world to others.

  8. Daniel M. says:

    “A “boi” is the younger male who prefers older men, and is the “boi” in a “daddy and boi” dating, relationship, or sexual situation…”

    You remind me of another chronic that used to annoy people here. He ran off all butthurt, never to return. Good riddance. You should probably follow in his footsteps gatorboi because you sir, are a chronic. Chronics never have perspective because they are to busy obsessing about their agenda. I respect your right to have a differing opinion but your means of delivery are far below the common level of discourse on this website. Whining is not an intelligent form of discussion. Aside from the fact that you don’t know what you’re handle means, you are just plain annoying, go away.

  9. Gator in Miami says:

    The vine link…. Page not found.

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