Heater to join Addazio as defensive coordinator

By Adam Silverstein
January 13, 2011

Former Florida Gators co-defensive coordinator/safeties coach Chuck Heater has joined head coach Steve Addazio’s Temple Owls staff and taken the reigns as the team’s defensive coordinator, sources confirmed to the Philadelphia Daily News.

A career assistant coach who has coached in the NCAA since 1976, Heater’s only prior defensive coordinator experience was with Colorado State from 1991-92 before he was given an enhanced role with Florida last season. He is known as a terrific secondary coach and recruiter who has helped bring in major defensive talent for the Gators.

The Daily News reports that Heater joined Addazio at Temple’s basketball game Wednesday evening and will be announced as his defensive coordinator shortly.

Addazio has also hired two former Florida graduate assistants who currently work as coaches for the Marshall Thundering Herd under head coach Doc Holliday (himself a former Gators assistant), according to the paper.

Defensive line coach Sean Cronin served as a defensive graduate assistant at Florida from 2005-08, while wide receivers coach Zach Smith (hired as the Owls’ special teams coach) was a offensive/special teams quality control assistant, recruit evaluator and offensive/special teams graduate assistant at UF from 2006-09.


  1. zurbo says:

    whats the deal with Weis? is he in gville yet?

  2. Drew 4 Orange & Blue says:

    Adam or someone said this was expected and why he didn’t stay on staff…if Adozzio hires a good OC I think he will make a good HC

  3. G8TRKYLE says:

    As much as I loathed his play calling and ability as the OC for the Gators, I genuniely hope he and Coach Heater are successful at Temple.

  4. David says:

    Recruiting isn’t ongoing? Maybe you mean when recruits come for official visits, like Friday?

  5. Mr2Bits says:

    This a a great decision for Heater. He is a top notch coach and will take over the Temple head coaching job in 2 years when they fire Adazzio. Excellent business decision and wish him the best.

    For all of you worried about recruiting step away from the ledge and chill out! We are in a dead period until today plus Weis is at the coaches meeting in Texas. Our coaches are busting their butts on the trails and we will have a top 10 class by February.

  6. npgator says:

    I hope he has success at Temple.

  7. Gatorbuc15 says:

    Best of luck to Chuck at Temple.

  8. Aligator says:

    so far, it looks like Coach A will not be bringing the WR and QB coach from Florida with him.

  9. David says:

    Sorry, I thought that the dead person ended just after Muschamp was hired. Maybe there was another dead period I was not aware of. If so, I apologize.

  10. Daniel M. says:

    David says:
    January 13, 2011 at 12:57 pm

    “Sorry, I thought that the dead person ended just after Muschamp was hired.”

    Lol! Sorry dude, death is……FINAL

  11. David says:

    LOL. Adam’s site is so important that I look at it 20 times a day, but my job can distract me from what I’m doing on the site. I hate how the job gets in the way ….

  12. Aligator says:

    Does anyone know if Will Hill actually declared yet?

  13. Luke says:

    Daniel: Against my better judgment to bring the Bible into a sports page, death isn’t final according to the Bible. Acts 24:15 and 1 Corinthians 15:24-26. Much more evidence to that is found in the Bible. I just couldn’t resist since I just finished a Bible study and that was part of it.

    Back to topic: I hope the Temple job works out of both Steve and Chuck and maybe we see them in one of the Big 6 conferences. I was surprised Chuck didn’t get the DC nod prior to bringing in Teryl Austin and that he wasn’t retained, seeing that Gator DBs have been pretty hot under Chuck and have had success in the pros.

  14. Scooterp says:

    I do as well, G8trkyle. He did a great job for us as a recruiter, a good job as the OL coach, when he wasn’t wearing too many hats, and I’m greatful that he was able to step up and hold the program together last winter and through the spring with Meyer’s health problems. He was just an awfull Offensive Coordinator. Wish him and coach Heater the best of luck in Owl country.

  15. Scooterp says:

    Luke – Heater was co-DC with Austin last season……And yes, I’ve often wondered myself why he hasn’t ascended up the coaching ladder with the success he’s had.

  16. Aligator says:

    I too am so confused to this day why he did not get the nod. I think that, just like coach A being the OC were moves that hurt Urbs legacy.

  17. gatorgrad79 says:

    December 12: Quiet Period (for junior college prospects enrolling mid-year only)
    December 13-16: Dead Period (for junior college prospects enrolling mid-year only; staff may have contact with recruits who have been admitted for mid-year enrollment)
    December 17-18: Quiet Period (for junior college prospects enrolling mid-year only)
    December 19: Quiet Period
    December 20-January 3: Dead Period (staff may have contact with recruits who have been admitted for mid-year enrollment)
    January 9: Quiet Period
    January 10-13: Dead Period (staff may have contact with recruits who have been admitted for mid-year enrollment)

  18. Mr2Bits says:

    Adam : This will explain the periods and what can be done.


  19. Drew 4 Orange & Blue says:

    I think Meyer’s legacy will be just fine!!!

  20. gatorgrad79 says:

    Re the above – phones will ring and coaches will be sitting in driveways at midnight….

  21. Will says:

    will hill is leaving and says he hopes to go in the top three rounds. the palm beach post has the 411

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