FOUR BITS: Jenkins, Hill, Trattou, All-Rookie

By Adam Silverstein
January 13, 2011

1 » A reliable source told OGGOA on Thursday that Florida Gators junior cornerback Janoris Jenkins, who announced on Monday that he would remain enrolled at the University of Florida for his senior season, is having second thoughts about his decision not to declare for the 2011 NFL Draft. Prior to his announcement Monday, Jenkins was told that, due to a torn labrum in his right shoulder, he would most likely be selected in the second round of the draft. After doing some additional research into the matter throughout the week, Jenkins was given a first-round grade by a handful of NFL front office executives he contacted, according to our source. The deadline to declare for the draft is late Friday afternoon, leaving Jenkins with less than 24 hours (as of press time) to make a final decision he is comfortable with.

2 » As first reported by OGGOA on Jan. 5, Florida junior safety Will Hill was never confused about his decision – he will declare for the draft and officially submit his paperwork to UF on Friday. Speaking with the Palm Beach Post on Thursday, Hill explained that he made his decision mostly due to financial and family issues and hopes he will be selected in the first two days of the draft. “It took a while to come to that conclusion, but the thing that made me come out and try to go pro is I have a family,” Hill told the Post’s Jason Lieser. “It’s a priority of mine to help my family. I have [three] little ones to look after. I feel like this was the best decision for me and them.”

He also admitted that he did not perform up to his capabilities this past season with the Gators. “I had an up and down season. I was hurt, which people fail to realize. I had a bad shoulder and groin that was keeping me from competing,” he said. “I wish my junior year went better. Everybody wants to have that elite season. I learned a lot from it. I learned don’t take things for granted, every play counts. I know I missed tackles here and there due to injuries, but I put everything on the line.” The Post also reports that Hill has signed with Metro Sports Agency, is 30 credits away from graduating and is currently working out 48 hours per week at the TEST Football Academy.

3 » Florida senior defensive end Justin Trattou has decided to play in the 2011 East-West Shrine Game set to be played on Jan. 22 at the Citrus Bowl in Orlando, FL. A captain for the Gators in 2010, Trattou finished the season with 57 tackles including 35 solo and a team-high 12 for a loss of yards. He is the fifth Florida senior to agree to play in a pre-draft game. Senior S Ahmad Black, senior center/guard Mike Pouncey, senior punter/kicker Chas Henry and redshirt senior offensive lineman Marcus Gilbert will all participate in the 2011 Under Armour Senior Bowl at Ladd-Peebles Stadium on Jan. 29 in Mobile, AL.

4 » Three former Gators – Cleveland Browns cornerback Joe Haden, Pittsburgh Steelers center Maurkice Pouncey and Cincinnati Bengals defensive end Carlos Dunalp – were named to the Sporting News 2010 NFL All-Rookie Team earlier in the week. Haden finished the season with 64 tackles, six interceptions, a forced fumble and a sack, while Dunlap contributed 24 tackles, 9.5 sacks (a Cincinnati rookie record) and recovered a fumble. Pouncey started every game at center for Pittsburgh.


  1. Mr2Bits says:

    Saw this earlier with Jenkins today. I still think with the mixed signals he is getting he stays.

  2. Gatorbuc15 says:

    I really don’t like the fact that he is having second thoughts but I still think he’ll stay as well.

  3. zooker says:

    He stays, can’t see him doubling talking

  4. Basshole says:

    I hope Jenkins stays, but I totally understand if he leaves after receiving info he’s going in the first round. Also, best of luck to Trattou in the Shrine game and Hill in the draft.

  5. Wingtee says:

    Doesn’t matter what you like Gator Buc, not your life

  6. John S says:

    Potentially very devastating news on Jenkins but it’s his call. I don’t think his stock will drop though if he stays. If we successfully stop the run next year he could have an excellent season. Hopefully Trattou can earn a spot somewhere, from all reports he was a worker.

  7. dlatham21 says:

    i now respect will hills choice of going pro instead of staying another year!

  8. g8ter27 says:

    Jenkins wont go first round if he does not workout a the combines….Hill 3rd ronder at best.

  9. Gatorbuc15 says:

    Gee, thank you for clarifying that for me. I was merely saying that I would be disappointed if he left. I have and always will continue to respect any decision he makes.

  10. Drew 4 Orange & Blue says:

    You can’t blame Jenkins for having second thoughts if he is late first or early second do you risk that to come back get healthy and possibly move up to middle 1st round…that would be a tough call…and for those who before were praising Muschamp for talking Jenkins into staying that is not what he is supposed to do…you give these kids the best information you can and let them do what is best for them..sure we would love to have him one more year and see him go top 10 next year but if if’s and but’s were candy….

  11. Basshole says:

    Anybody heard anything about Easley?

  12. Basshole says:

    Okay, I had heard some rumors about him thinking of transferring. Thanks, Adam.

  13. npgator says:

    Easley will be starting next year.

  14. Luke says:

    Hopefully for Will and his family, he’s not Ciatrick Fason. I always liked him and hoped he would have played one more year. Even with a family, sometimes another year of student loans are not a bad investment to make a few million in a year. I’m sure if he can land on a team somewhere in round 3-4 he will make good money and *should* develop, but the list of players that leave early and get drafted late that fall out of the league in 3-4 years is quite long. Hopefully he’s smart with his money if/when he lands with a team…

  15. Obgator says:

    Student loans? These guys are on full scholarships.

    No one expected jj to stay so if he goes pro after hearing more info. Best of luck. He’s a stud.

  16. gatorgrad79 says:

    Wow, WH – 22 or so yrs old with 3 little kids?! You have chosen a hard path – best of luck and try not to collect any more baby momma’s…

  17. Luke says:

    I also had full scholarship, but still got grants and loans to pay for my child as well. Just making the point that you can get by on about $30k and stay in school to make first round money, rather than fourth round money (then get cut) like Ciatrick did…

    • Luke…a person is not guaranteed to qualify for grants and loans. That’s the only issue with your statement. Also, based on his play, there was no guarantee he’d end up being eligible for first-round money.

  18. armygator says:

    I think Hill is making a terrible decision, based on the potential of making more money by waiting a year to declare for the draft. I am giving no consideration to his children/family other than to say that it might be difficult to get subsidized loans for education, but it is very easy to get unsubsidized loans (the interest accrues immediately with unsubsidized loans, but not with subsidized). I think most will agree that he has TREMENDOUS potential, even though he has not lived up to the hype yet. He has the physical attributes, but seems to need the mental toughness (on and off of the field) to be successful. As I said, I think he is making a terible decision, but it is his decision to make. I wish him good luck!

  19. wingtee says:

    SO I guess if you are irresponsible in your discipline and social behavior , you have a momma pop out babies for you , you are entitled to a full scholly and grants and loans. What a great country. !!!!!

    We need to have more drain on the taxpayers.

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