Warrant issued for former Gators LB Dustin Doe

By Adam Silverstein
January 13, 2010

Four days after the 2010 Sugar Bowl, the Florida State Attorney’s Office issued a warrant for Florida Gators senior linebacker Dustin Doe for failing to comply with the terms of his sentencing on two misdemeanor traffic charges. Doe plead guilty to charges of driving with a suspended license and driving without a valid driver’s license in an Alachua County courtroom on Aug. 20.

He was sentenced to six months of unsupervised probation, a fine of $311 (which he paid) and eight hours of mandatory community service work. Doe has failed to complete this day’s worth of community service over an almost five-month period.

His traffic violations and resulting punishment led head coach Urban Meyer to suspend Doe for the team’s season opener against the Charleston Southern Buccaneers. However, he was able to participate in all 13 of the Gators’ remaining games, recording 42 tackles (36 solo), one sack and one interception return for a touchdown. Doe has since graduated from the University of Florida.


  1. Daniel M. says:

    You dropped the ball on EIGHT HOURS of CS? C’mon. You can accumulate those hours standing on your head. Very disappointing.

  2. Ken Briggs says:

    Based on what I read in Buddy Myers book “Urban’s Way” the team would have taken significant interest in seeing that Dustin completed his community service as the book indicated each position coach is responsible for knowing where the players are and what they are doing during the season. I suspect Doe may have implied to his position coach that he completed or scheduled the community service work. To give Doe the benefit of the doubt perhaps he thought he could complete it after the season was over.

  3. npgator says:

    Or get someone to vouch for you and never really do the hours.

  4. O-town Gator says:

    It’s time for Dustin Doe to start growing up. There’s no excuse for blowing off his CS hours and he needs to learn a sense of responsiblility.

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