Three 5-stars commit at Army All-American Bowl

By Adam Silverstein
January 9, 2010

Eleven high school football players announced their college commitments during the 2010 U.S. Army All-American Bowl on Saturday at the Alamodome in San Antonio, TX, an all-star game that DirecTV offers annually. Four-star tight end Gerald Christian (West Palm Beach, FL) and four-star defensive back Jaylen Watkins (Cape Coral, FL) were the only Florida Gators commitments participating at the start of the game, but the team has acquired three additional big-names over the course of the afternoon.

Defensive end Ronald Powell (Moreno Valley, CA) []
Height: 6’4″ – Weight: 225 lbs.
Considered a heavy Florida lean for months (on Dec. 18 he said the Gators were “most definitely at the top” of his list), Powell had second thoughts about his commitment after head coach Urban Meyer resigned and then decided to take a leave of absence instead. Meyer eased Powell’s reservations after a phone conversation. Powell also indicated that he wished to play college ball away from home with the USC Trojans his only other option. “Coach Meyer is a hell-of-a coach,” he said last month. “The college is in a college town. The players, the players definitely make you feel at home. I mean just all around, it’s a great school, a great place to be.”
More on Ronald Powell from OGGOA.
Finalists: Florida, USC
COMMITTED TO: Florida Gators

Safety Matt Elam (West Palm Beach, FL) []
Height: 6’0″ – Weight: 205 lbs.
A Florida commitment for over a year, Elam played games throughout the recruiting cycle. He reaffirmed his commitment to Meyer and the Gators after his official visit in December; however, Meyer’s about-face caused Elam to question his decision, leading him to decommit from Florida and make a commitment to the Florida State Seminoles. Elam finally spoke to Meyer earlier this week to work everything out. He then decommitted from FSU and listed Florida as his leader, stating that he could not leave Coach Meyer while putting his faith in him.
More on Matt Elam from OGGOA.
Finalists: Florida, Georgia, Florida State
COMMITTED TO: Florida Gators

Defensive tackle Sharrif Floyd (Philadelphia, PA) []
Height: 6’3″ – Weight: 310 lbs.
Once believed to be a sure-thing for Ohio State Buckeyes’s 2010 recruiting class, Floyd was also seriously considering Florida. He promised to “shock the world” with his announcement Saturday and was thrilled with the Gators’ decision to hire George Edwards as their new defensive coordinator. Reports from San Antonio had Floyd leaning toward joining the contingent of Florida commitments on Saturday, and his budding friendship with Powell and desire to play around top-tier talent only further that sentiment. “Florida overall, I genuinely care about Coach Meyer and we talk on a daily basis,” Floyd said. “I just like Florida and what the program has to offer.”
More on Sharrif Floyd from OGGOA.
Finalists: Florida, North Carolina, Ohio State, South Carolina
COMMITTED TO: Florida Gators

In addition to the players profiled above who committed to the Gators on Saturday, the following recruits (who have chosen not to announce their respective decisions during the game) are also being targeted by UF: five-star offensive tackle Seantrel Henderson (St. Paul, MN), five-star DE Jackson Jeffcoat (Plano, TX), five-star DE Owamagbe Odighizuwa (Portland, OR), four-star wide receiver Christian Green (Tampa, FL) and four-star WR Ivan McCartney (Miramar, FL).


  1. Mr2Bits says:

    Lets get it on…come on down new Gators

  2. Mr2Bits says:

    Adam, what do you think our chances are for Seantrel Henderson?

  3. Let’s just say that I’m not counting on him – but it’s possible. Do not think he is announcing today anyway.

  4. brlgator says:


  5. Mr2Bits says:

    Welcome to the team Sharriff

  6. liveoak87 says:

    floyd picks florida!!!!!!

  7. ZBT-AZ says:

    Cats out of the bag on Elam …

  8. Yes ZBT-AZ, we reported this via twitter quite a while ago. Cannot take anything like that for certain until it is announced officially. Dunkley said on facebook that he was committing to Alabama but went to Florida just hours later during Under Armour game. Thanks though.

  9. liveoak87 says:


  10. brlgator says:

    Elam!!! Its official

  11. qnt82 says:

    he cant back out now, gotta go to class on Monday. Welcome to the Gator Nation Matt. The trifecta will be complete with Powell today. Go Gators!!!

  12. liveoak87 says:

    Ronald powell is a beast!!!

  13. ph says:

    Elam committed to Fla saying he talked to Meyer and thought he would be at Fla forever. Meyer is a scumbag beyond words right now.

  14. ph says:

    sorry my bad… thought this was a us army aa site not just gators.. good for you all.. still don’t get what UM is doing/saying right now..???

  15. ph- It’s cool, everyone has their opinions. You are welcome to share your feelings here.

  16. liveoak87 says:

    Gerald Christian with a touchdown catch. and this marcoux kid has a fantastic arm.

  17. liveoak87 says:

    go powell!!!

  18. brlgator says:


  19. brlgator says:

    Gerald christian is 6foot 180 lbs. How is he gonna play TE?

  20. Christian is 6’3″ 220.

  21. Gatorfan33 says:

    Well I will wait until some enroll Monday or they sign on National signing day before I start jumping up and down but if these guys stick to their commits UF will not be rebuilding this year but just RELOADING.

  22. brlgator says:

    Oops they must have had it wrong on the screen

  23. SC Gator says:

    It’s great to be a Florida Gator.

  24. ReptilesRule says:

    WOW! Urban’s got to be excited about next season. I’m sure he will really enjoy his “time off”now!!

  25. Brittany says:

    It’s great to be a Gator. Phenomenal day for us.

  26. G8TR B8T says:

    Great day to be a GATOR

  27. ph says:

    Thanks ASilv.. just don’t get dragging these kids out.. Gators would have a top class either way and everybody would know where they stand. They might lose a couple but most commits would stay – for good reason… At some point it’s going to happen (if health/family concerns are real), so why not get it done now after announcement..? UM notoriously jumps all over recruits when they waiver.. now he waivers wildly just to keep them..
    Regardless, sick class for UF!

  28. I don’t know what you mean by Meyer wavering to keep recruits. UF didn’t drag these kids out, the kids dragged their decision out – at least Elam did. Oh well, it is moot at this point I suppose.

  29. Gatorfan33 says:

    Adam, Demar Dorsey is said to be a soft verbal for UF. Do you think he bails now that Elam commited?

  30. Dorsey WAS a soft verbal. He’s been very honest about his recruitment. Was 65-85% throughout the entire process. However, he recently upped it to 90%

  31. Mr2Bits says:

    Hell yes….what a day. Great to be a Gator. This may be the best class to put together in CF history. I can wait to see these guys mold together over the next 4 years

  32. Mr2Bits says:

    Also, I love that we have Elam back. FSU tasted beating us in something for the first time in 6 years only to be t-bagged by Elam….love it

  33. Theo says:

    Just finished bagging the criminoles on their boards. I loved that Elam donned the Garnet and Gold and then flipped on them within a week!! Geez who’s next Prater, Henderson? Its great to be a Gator!

  34. O-town Gator says:

    This was HUGE for the future of Gator football, and I hope that there’s even more to come.

    Thank God we have Urban Meyer – well, who’s the “master recruiter” now?

  35. Mr2Bits says:

    No if we can only get Luc to switch then they will really start to lose their minds

  36. vsherrel says:

    This class is stacked. If they get Jordan Hicks as well, it would be ridiculous.

  37. O-town Gator says:

    “No if we can only get Luc to switch then they will really start to lose their minds”

    I was sort of thinking the same thing – that is, unless Luc enrolled early at that school out west. If not, I’d love to see him decommit andcome to Florida.

  38. Daniel M. says:

    This certainly takes some of the sting off of the SECCG and the player departures. Who would have thought on Dec. 6 that there would be such a huge buzz in Gator Nation. UF recruits completely dominated the UA game and the AA game. The above comments from Floyd, Powell, and Elam all show that these guys truly believe in Urban Meyer. These kids get pitched so hard from all over. And the big guns all chose Urban Meyer. Amazing day and not done yet.

  39. Jag8r says:

    Who are the remaining big names we’re in the running for? And any idea on when they plan to announce?

  40. miamigator says:

    Gators with 4 more open spots barring decommits… Only 4 more openings on the #1 Gator Club. Hurry boys!

  41. brlgator says:

    Luc is not decommiting from UF only guy left we really could use is henderson

  42. Dan says:

    I’m close to some high school players who faced Luc. Day after their game all they could say is the guy is really strong and quick but dumber than a box of rocks. Perfect fit for FSU’s bumbling defense. Keep him

  43. Drew 4 Orange and Blue says:

    I was so disapointed when we lost Luc but did anyone watch him in the Under Armor game….he looked a tad slow…I wonder if he gets moved to DE before it’s said and done

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