FOUR BITS: Bell, Spikes, Tebow / D1, Ross

By Adam Silverstein
January 6, 2012

1 » OGGOA learned Thursday from a source close to the head coach that the Jacksonville DolphinsKerwin Bell has not received any offer from the Florida Gators to either be the team’s quarterbacks coach or offensive coordinator, despite reports to the contrary. Bell, who has maintained privately that he would not leave his post at Jacksonville solely for a position coach job, has however been contacted by at least one other institution on a preliminary basis. A former Florida quarterback, Bell has made quite the impression in the coaching profession after building the Trinity Catholic High School football program from the ground up and winning two Pioneer Football League titles in five years with the Dolphins. The Florida Times-Union reported Thursday evening, citing “multiple sources familiar with Florida’s interest” in Bell, that he is “no longer under consideration” for a job with the Gators.

2 » Out for seven games (and eight weeks) with a sprained MCL, New England Patriots linebacker Brandon Spikes (notoriously media shy) met with reporters Thursday and spoke about how he is playing since returning to the field. “I never really got hurt like that [before], so it was kind of a burden,” he said. “But with my teammates pushing me every day, I just had to come out and do what I do and when my number’s called, I just want to come out and perform.”

[EXPAND Click to expand and read two more BITS contained in this post.]3 » Having trained at D1 Sports Training prior to participating in his NFL workouts and being selected in the 2010 NFL Draft, Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow is set to invest in the organization’s first location inside the state of Florida. According to the Tampa Bay Times, talks between D1 and Tebow are ongoing and things “are nearly wrapped up to sign him at or near the end of the Broncos’ season.” Tebow, who purchased a stake in a D1 location in Savannah, GA last year, will be joined by Chipper Jones, Chris Jericho and Derrick Brooks in this new venture, the Times reports. The Florida location of D1 will be in Citrus Park in what was once a Circuit City; the company has spent approximately $1.7 million renovating the facility with membership costing $150-250 per month.

4 » Former Florida women’s basketball coach Carol Ross has been selected as the next head coach of the WNBA’s Los Angeles Sparks. Ross, who led the Gators from 1990-2002, will be reunited with former Florida great and 14-year veteran forward DeLisha Milton-Jones, who will play her 11th season with the Sparks divided over two stints with the team. Ross was an assistant with the Atlanta Dream for the last three seasons and helped the team reach consecutive WNBA Finals (2010-11). “Carol is a proven winner with an incredible track record at both the collegiate and pro levels. She has groomed many women for great WNBA careers,” Los Angeles general manager Penny Toler said in the press release announcing the hire. “We’re confident Carol is the ideal coach to lead the Sparks to our next championship.”[/EXPAND]


  1. aaron says:

    Jacksonville Dolphins? Crazy night, Adam? Haha just joking.

  2. Jr says:

    Letting Kerwin Bell get away from UF is detrimental to UF football.. UF Football needs Kerwin Bell’s offense. His air-it-out approach is Florida Football. Letting Brian White stay will inevitably be ‘champs downfall. Get ready for Ground and Pound football, Big 10 style.

    • Mr2Bits says:

      The only reason why everyone is slobbering for Bell is because he is a UF household name and the UF alum want him. The suites running the ship don’t think he’s ready to be a coordinator from what I can see. With that said, I agree, I do not think he is ready to take the reigns of a tier one SEC school. He is coaching what is the equivalent of a U10 YMCA flag football team. If he does not want to make a lateral move with pay to be a position coach to prove himself and try to move up, then so be it. He can take a HC job in the WAC or another crap school if he is not willing to take a step back to take a step forward later.

  3. Drew says:

    We won 3 national titles without a prototypical “Pro-style offense”. I hope to god Champ doesn’t change Florida into a Big-10 school. I want an OC that’s going to be at Florida for a while, and will put some excitement back into our offense, not just because he has NFL experience . We all saw how well that worked out for us this year.

    • Mr2Bits says:

      The difference between us and the Big10 is the talent level. He is trying to turn us into a mentally tough power/pro offense style team ala LSU/Bama. The days of the undersized speedsters(Oregon) has been spoiled in the SEC so we need to adapt or create something new.

      • Drew says:

        I hear ya 2-bits, but the comparison was the whole 3 yards and a cloud of dust. I know we have far superior athletes here in the SEC, and who knows, with the right OC three yards and a cloud could turn into 10-12 yards, and gassed defenders. I just want some excitement, I miss the ole fun n’ gun days.

  4. ulysses1221 says:

    The rumors are that White will be the next offensive coordinator and im loving this move. People need to start giving muschamp some type of credit. Fine we ended our season 7-6 but he is a smart guy with alot of fire in him and bry bringing white as the offensive coordinator we are going to recruit some great offensive players like Diggs and Agholor. Everything takes time…even for powerhouses like Alabama and Lsu. i see muschamp doing great things this year, starting with a top 3 class.

  5. Aligator says:

    Why did he start waffeling

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