FOUR BITS: Brantley, Azzanni, Riley, Tebow

By Adam Silverstein
January 4, 2010

1 » Known as “The Future” and “The Next Tom Brady” by redshirt junior guard Carl Johnson and many of his Florida Gators teammates, redshirt sophomore quarterback John Brantley’s time is now. “He’s going to be really good,” Johnson said when asked about Brantley by the Orlando Sentinel. With everyone focusing on who is departing Gainesville, FL, perhaps it is time to focus on the bright future ahead for some younger Gators. Though he will likely never match what senior QB Tim Tebow has done, Brantley doesn’t have to in order to be successful in Orange and Blue. “I’m not really trying to match [Tebow’s legacy],” Brantley said. “I just want to come out and not miss a beat when my number’s called and hopefully win championships as a starter if I get that opportunity. I don’t have to go in there thinking I have to do everything and make every play.”

2 » Brand new Florida wide receivers coach Zach Azzanni has removed his name from the candidate list for the Central Michigan Chippewas head coach job. “I will be staying in Florida and coaching with the Gators next year,” Azzanni told the Morning Sun. Azzanni did not tell the paper if he was contacted for an interview or offered the position, “but there was a possibility for him to go to Cincinnati with Butch Jones following Urban Meyer’s retirement talk last week,” according to the paper. “We’re always staying busy,” Azzanni said. “There is never a day off in college football. [Winning the Sugar Bowl] felt good. There are so many talented players on the team and everyone really welcomed me in. It was a great experience.”

3 » Now that five-star safety Matt Elam has decommitted from the Gators and joined the Florida State Seminoles, Florida is putting the full court press on four-star defensive back recruit Dietrich Riley (La Canada, CA). Participating in the Under Armour All-America game, Riley heard from plenty of UF commitments that he was wanted in the Orange and Blue next year. “Coach Meyer is still recruiting me hard and they told me I’m their safety to get now after Elam,” Riley told Chris Hays of the Orlando Sentinel. “They’ve been recruiting me since October and they’ve been telling me to sit tight and be patient and we’ll let you know which guys to go the NFL.” Meyer’s recent announcements have not swayed Riley from including the Gators in his top three. “I understand that he has to take care of his health first […] that’s primary, his family and his health. He’s doing what’s best for the program,” he said. “I talked with him and he said he plans on returing to the school and he’s going to be a Florida Gator no matter what. He’s not going to go to any other school, so I’m happy about that.”

4 » Speaking of Tebow, he should retire and never play football again. Well, that’s the opinion of at least one man – national columnist Gregg Doyel. Yup, Doyel believes Tebow will never reach a higher point in his career than he already has, is destined to fail in the NFL and should not even try to make it on the next level. Chomping: I guess I should have quit writing when I got my first article published by a major newspaper or when I won my first writing award, based on Doyel’s logic. At least there is one college football writer who refuses to bet against Tebow.


  1. Michelle says:

    Then Gregg Doyel should quit being a columnist for! Tebow has a much better chance a succeeding in the NFL than Doyel ever has at succeeding at being a great sports writer. I guess he is entitled to his opinion, BUT, his opinion stinks. I can’t wait til Tebow proves all of these Gator Haters/negative people wrong! And what is it with these CBS writers and commentators, are they from TN, FSU or GA – they are soo biased and always have negative things to say and write about on the Gators, Tebow and Meyer?

  2. Mr2Bits says:

    If anyone has ever used CBSSports they would know its a piece of shit. Their fantasy analysts on football and baseball are some of the worst out there. Their updates are always a day late and dollar short and severely off par in many instances. With that bad taste in my mouth, I would never even attempt to read or frequent their site for an article in any sports venue. Doyel can piss off as it sounds he writes trash just like the rest of his organization.

  3. O-town Gator says:

    Agree with Mr2Bits; Doyel, rumor-monger extraordinare Tim Brando (he’s allready spewing BS about Meyer not coming back, even though he hasn’t quite digested his big plate of crow over that Notre Dame crap he was going on about on his blog page) and that jackass Mike Freeman can all go screw themselves as far as I’m concerned. Maybe I’m being a little too harsh, but I have zero-tolerance for troublemakers who get their kicks out of starting stuff like that.

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