Top 25 polls, Week 2: Miami knocks Florida out of AP, coaches stick with Gators

By Adam Silverstein
September 6, 2016
Top 25 polls, Week 2: Miami knocks Florida out of AP, coaches stick with Gators

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Coming off a dominant Week 1 victory, Alabama remains the unanimous No. 1 in the AP Top 25 and Coaches Poll released on Tuesday.

The Florida Gators entered the season ranked for the first time since 2013 with Florida checking in at No. 25 in both polls.

The Gators held onto that spot Tuesday in the Coaches Poll with voters deeming that Florida’s 24-7 victory over UMass was just enough to keep it ranked. UF was knocked out of the AP Top 25, however, by Miami; the Canes beat Florida A&M 70-3 on Saturday.

Florida received 182 votes in the Coaches Poll.

Alabama received 54 of 61 first-place votes in the AP Top 25 and 62 of 64 first-place votes in the Coaches Poll.

AP Top 25, Week 2

1. Alabama (54)
2. Clemson (2)
3. Florida State (4)
4. Ohio State
5. Michigan (1)
6. Houston
7. Stanford
8. Washington
9. Georgia
10. Wisconsin
11. Texas
12. Michigan State
13. Louisville
14. Oklahoma
15. TCU
16. Iowa
17. Tennessee
18. Notre Dame
19. Ole Miss
20. Texas A&M
21. LSU
22. Oklahoma State
23. Baylor
24. Oregon
25. Miami

Coaches Poll, Week 2

1. Alabama (62)
2. Clemson (2)
3. Florida State
4. Ohio State
5. Stanford
6. Michigan
7. Houston
8. Michigan State
9. Georgia
10. Iowa
11. Washington
12. TCU
13. Oklahoma
14. Tennessee
15. Louisville
16. Wisconsin
17. Oklahoma State
18. Ole Miss
19. Baylor
20. Texas
21. Notre Dame
22. LSU
23. Oregon
24. Texas A&M
25. Florida

Seven SEC coaches are voting in the Coaches Poll this season: Bret Bielema (Arkansas), Gus Malzahn (Auburn), Derek Mason (Vanderbilt), Dan Mullen (Mississippi State), Nick Saban (Alabama), Kirby Smart (Georgia) and Kevin Sumlin (Texas A&M). Malzahn, Saban and Sumlin all voted in 2015. Saban has been a voter since 2013, while Sumlin began in 2014.

For the second straight year, UF will see coaches from five of its 12 opponents voting in the poll: Bielema, Mason, Smart, Jimbo Fisher (Florida State) and Seth Littrell (North Texas). Urban Meyer (Ohio State) is also a voter.


  1. Avatar Michael Jones says:

    It’s where you finish.

  2. Avatar 305Gator says:

    The coaches are smarter than the writers not only for keeping the Gators ahead of Miami where they most definitely belong but who are the 5 idiots that gave first place votes to Michigan and FSU over Bama? For that matter even the two who voted Clemson #1 are morons after the results from week #1.

  3. Avatar Ed says:

    So A&M beats ND and gets rated below them by the writers.

  4. Avatar david says:

    Hey attention, A&M didn’t play ND. Texas did and there placed above them in both polls.

  5. Avatar david says:

    I hate hate hate all polls through week five. Polls should start at the onset of week 6. This should give an accurate ranking. Everything before that is only for the half way football lovers to have something to beef over with friends.