Report: Florida Gators football player helps stop sexual assault in progress

By Adam Silverstein
July 22, 2016
Report: Florida Gators football player helps stop sexual assault in progress

Image Credit: UAA

Far too often are legal incidents involving football players across the country negative in nature. Consider the early Thursday morning actions of Florida Gators walk-on linebacker Cristian Garcia a mark in the positive colun.

Garcia, who in his spare time works security at popular Gainesville, Florida, bar 101 Cantina, witnessed a 19-year-old woman being sexual assaulted on Thursday and helped stop it in progress, leading to the arrest of a 34-year-old man.

According to First Coast News, Garcia was disposing of trash for 101 Cantina when he noticed the two having sex near the dumpsters. When he approached the area, he noticed the female was unconscious and unable to give consent while the man’s friends were watching it all go down.

Garcia said he walked up to the man and grabbed his shoulders and told him he needed to stop. That’s when [the man] got violent and threw a few punches.

“I hold strong moral values and I don’t think anyone should be taken advantage of in that kind of way,” Garcia said.

A redshirt junior from Miami, Garcia joined Florida as a walk-on last season and saw action in one game.


  1. Avatar Basshole says:

    Bravo, Garcia! It’s good to see a student athlete in the news for a good reason.

  2. Avatar Michael Jones says:

    Good job, Cristian. That took a lot of courage and probably changed that girl’s life for the better. . forever. . hopefully.

  3. Avatar Zach Bayless says:

    Just now seeing this story and it makes me proud to hear some good news in this world finally. Great job, Cristian! It takes a lot of guts to put yourself in harms way like that and I pray that God rewards you.

    Also another reason why UF is the best institution in the world. #itsgreatuf

    Go Gators!!!