McCray: I was speeding and “driving with pizza”

By Adam Silverstein
December 30, 2009

OGGOA has heard athletes make a lot of excuses in our day, but this one is literally a slice of hilarity.

New Orleans Saints defensive end Bobby McCray was arrested Tuesday morning and charged with four of counts including driving while intoxicated. Handcuffed after refusing to take a breath alcohol test during a traffic stop for speeding, McCray was booked into Orleans Parish Prison and released on his own recognizance. McCray, a two-time All-SEC second-team selection who played in 36 games while with the Florida Gators from 2001-04, claims he was arrested under false pretenses and was actually “driving with pizza.”

“Trying to deal with this bogus charge of DWP…driving with pizza,” McCray said via his twitter account (@bobbymccray) Wednesday morning. “My fiance was feeding me pizza [while I was] driving home. [The police officer] pulled me [over] for doing 80 in a 60. He got upset because I asked him why did I need to get out of the car on a routine traffic stop. He started ranting and raving, saying I think I know it all and threw me in cuffs. I had cuffs on me in three minutes. This was a short guy with [a] Napoleon complex. Lawyers mount up – we got some work to do!”

One Comment

  1. Brittany says:

    Wow…this is a new one. DUIs are no laughing matter but this excuse is hilarious.

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