Commit Brown: Meyer back coaching in August

By Adam Silverstein
December 30, 2009

Four-star running back commitment Mack Brown (Lithonia, GA), who has reaffirmed his decision to play for the Florida Gators a number of times since head coach Urban Meyer announced his decision to take a leave of absence, was interviewed by ESPNU Wednesday afternoon. In the interview, Brown said Meyer told him Monday morning that he would be “back coaching by August,” according to Rivals.

Though this timetable is obviously not confirmed, Brown’s revelation lends credence to the belief that many have held since Meyer’s announcement – that he would take six-to-nine months off, missing summer and spring practice while still being around the program, before returning to the staff when the 2010 season begins. Or, that could just be what Meyer is telling recruits.


  1. Escambia94 says:

    Urban Meyer knows football, but he does not know cardiology. He’s not lying to the recruits–he sincerely thinks he can just sit at home drawing X’s and O’s in his living room and his health will magically improve. UM will be back in August as long as he does not have a serious heart attack over the summer.

  2. The implication was not that Meyer was lying, simply that it could be the story he is telling them. He really cannot know when he is coming back as, like you said, he does not know cardiology.

  3. ReptilesRule says:

    So you are implying that Urban might be lying to recruits?? Not his nature in case you haven’t noticed!!

  4. ReptilesRule says:

    By the way, Urban may not know cardiology but the Docs at Shands do. If they suspect heart disease or other problems along that line they will throw him right in that Cath Lab I will assure you. Been there, done that, seen it, felt it.

  5. No RR, I’m not implying that. The comment right above yours clearly states, “The implication was not that Meyer was lying.” What I am trying to say is that he cannot know for 100% certain that he will be back in August if his condition is truly that bad. Perhaps recovery does not go smoothly? Therefore, he is telling recruits what he GENUINELY HOPES will happen.

    That is really unfortunate that you have had to deal with that.

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