Meyer, Foley speak on Addazio taking Temple job

By Adam Silverstein
December 23, 2010

Florida Gators offensive coordinator Steve Addazio was officially announced as the new head coach of the Temple Owls on Thursday. Excited and thrilled to earn his first head coaching job in the collegiate ranks, Addazio was his usual passionate and emotional self at the introductory press conference. After it concluded, the University of Florida released a story that included statements from two of his former bosses.

Florida Gators head coach Urban Meyer: “I’m happy for Steve Addazio and his family. Steve has been extremely loyal to me and the University of Florida and I will be forever thankful for his unwavering commitment. His energy and passion have been well-documented and he is a tremendous recruiter and motivator. He is well respected by his peers and his players and I wish him nothing but the best.”

University of Florida athletic director Jeremy Foley: “Steve has been a big part of our success. Everyone that knows Steve knows what a loyal and passionate coach he is. He cares deeply about the players he coaches and he was a great motivator in the locker room. He has the ability to relate to players, but still maintains their respect. He was one of our top recruiters and his ties to the Northeast will be a good fit for Temple. More than anything, Coach Addazio is a good man with a good family.’’

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  1. Geoff says:

    I am happy for him and for us. Now let’s name that new

  2. g8ter27 says:

    Ok I love the guy, I really do but what is this about Meyer
    and ESPN? He is going to put everything he has into his wife and
    kids and seeing their games etc. and now he may work for ESPN? I
    realize that doing so will not be half the time spent coaching but
    last I knew, ESPN did not broadcast out of Gainesville.

  3. John S says:

    Glad that Addazio has the opportunity, it gives both
    parties an opportunity to move on. @g8ter27 – If he was just a
    commentator for ESPN he would likely only really work 6 months a
    year on a fairly fixed schedule, maybe regionally on weekends. I
    would be excited to have another Gator on the network, with Palmer
    and Andrews and some of their production people already in place I
    think UF could certainly benefit.

  4. Vsherrel says:

    I second the earlier comment. Meyer had no business doing
    the espn broadcast last night. His team has a Jan 1 bowl game in a
    little more than a week. I’ve always respected his decisions, but
    he lost a lot of credibility in my book last night. We know you are
    mentally checked out, but at least pretend like you want to win.
    Unacceptable, just like the unconditional backing of Addazio and
    the entire season as a whole. The more I think about it, the less
    surprised I am.

    • You guys are way overboard on this. The team is off for the holidays – no one is doing any preparation whatsoever. He left town for one day to do some commentary on ESPN and flew home to spend four days with family before rejoining the team again for practice. Meyer did nothing wrong going on ESPN. Just because he decided not to coach anymore does not mean he’s not allowed to do anything else.

  5. Vsherrel says:

    I just think that while he is still under contract for 4
    mil a year, he should be doing all he can to avoid a 7-6

    • What exactly should he be doing on a Wednesday where his entire staff and team are with their families? This is off time and he decided to take a trip up to Bristol for less than 24 hours. He did nothing wrong and any criticism for this is simply unjustified. Sorry.

  6. zurbo says:

    Urban can do whatever he wants….He can go sell hanes with
    Jordan for all I care

  7. SaraGator says:

    This article has nothing to do with Meyer on ESPN.
    Congratulations, Coach A! I will be rooting for him and

  8. Charles says:

    I think Urban and Jeremy said the great things that any fan
    who has really followed this team would have to admit. Steve was a
    great coach to his players and to Meyer and the University of
    Florida. Steve may admit in the future that he was in over his head
    in being OC, assistant head coach, o-line coach, and a top
    recruiter those last two years, but through it all (and I’m giving
    him the benefit of doubt) he was always loyal to the University of
    Florida and it’s football players. He even said some pretty off the
    wall, profoundly erroneous comments to save his player’s the
    indignation. I wish him luck in his new endeavors, I just want to
    know who the new OC will be.

  9. Gatorgrad79 says:

    Relax guys – for all you know Urb took Shelley and the kids
    to see NYC and go ice skating!! Chill out – if you need to add
    stress to your Holiday, stress over who our OC/DC will be, and who
    else may decommitt the day the blackout period ends!

  10. Gatorgrad79 says:

    On another note – EVERY ONE OF US NEED TO OFFER A HUGE
    THANK YOU!!!! and Merry Christmas/Happy Hannakuh to Adam. For a
    year now, I have had to access only ONE site to know what was
    REALLY going on, and get amazing complete coverage of all things
    Gator, both current and former athletes/coaches/personalities.
    Adam, you save me valuable time every day by being my “Go To” guy.
    I hope to be able to meet you one day! Best wishes for the New
    Year, Michelle

  11. GG says:

    Is there anyone left to coach the bowl game??

  12. CH says:

    Vsherrel – we’ll all assume you were reading this website
    and posting messages on your “off time” instead of time that you
    should have been with your family or even working. Otherwise, that
    comment seems hypocritical. Give the man a break. He gave us 2
    national titles, 4 SEC appearances and some of the best football
    we’ve seen in decades. I think he’s earned a few days off during
    the holidays to spend with his family or doing whatever he flippin

  13. g8ter27 says:

    For the record my comment has nothing to do with his
    appearance on espn the other night. It is about possible contract
    talks to work with them full time. I agree that prep for the team
    right now is not supoose to be going on and he should be home for
    the holidays like his players are. I was just commenting on the
    fact he was saying the same thing about pouring all of his time
    into family and then 12 hours later I read where he may join ESPN
    full time. So that took me back a little. Finally I am a gator as
    much as anyone in here and Erin Andrews is great….but I am not a
    fan of Palmer and if you didn’t kow any better, you would think he
    was not a Gator at all but rather a rival.

  14. Gatory Boys says:

    Yeah, thanks Adam. Merry Christmas everybody,

  15. g8ter27 says:

    This is true which is what I said in my original comment. I
    just thought the timing was weird and I guess to be fair, the part
    about him signing on with espn is coming from another one of these
    reliable “sources” perhaps the same one that named addazio the new
    OC at Texas or Stoops the new HC here.

  16. Gatorgrad79 says:

    Adam, Going through withdrawal here…!?! Boy, the summer
    after Baseball ends is gonna’ be tough!

  17. Gatorgrad79 says:

    Thanks – you really deserve the time off (but we miss

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