Lynden Trail also speaks on MySpace pictures

By Adam Silverstein
December 17, 2009

Also going on the defensive about personal photos of his that have been made public is four-star Florida Gators defensive end commitment Lynden Trail (Miami, FL). In a picture posted late Wednesday night by a variety of Web sites including OGGOA, Trail is shown wearing a bandanna and making what were termed gang signs with his hands. Like his future 2010 classmate four-star defensive tackle Leon Orr (New Port Richey, FL), Trail says his picture was completely misunderstood.

Trail told Andy Staples of Sports Illustrated that the picture in question was taken while he was in eight grade and just “playing around the house.” The hand gesture? Just representing his neighborhood – the “Swamp” section of Overtown in Miami. “That supposed gang sign I’m throwing up? That’s where I stay. That’s my neighborhood,” he said. “I’ve thrown that up on the field a lot, and no one has said anything.”

As far as 13psi taking the picture from his personal MySpace page (which was not set to private viewing)? Trail said it was a “violation of privacy.” He continued, “If you really care about me that much to go on my MySpace to get a picture of me, point blank, get a life.”

Was the initial Web site right in finding and publishing these pictures? Do you believe Orr and Trail? Is this entire story blown completely out of proportion? Does any of this even matter in the long run? Sound off in the comments section!


  1. ZURBO says:

    yes it does matter! We dont need thugs that aren’t grounded on our team. We already have enough crap going on with arrests that we are turning into UM of the 80’s. We need good kids that know that they are getting FREE SCHOOL AND LIVING from alumni and boosters. This money is being paid to them to go to school and play football. NOT TO GET DUI’s THE WEEK BEFORE THE SEC CHAMPIONSHIP. I feel like these kids think that they are celebs in high school because they are hounded at all times by countless coaches and just carry that persona on into college.

  2. gatormiami says:

    Why would they post those pictures if they weren’t indicative of their lives. I’d like to see other pics on their sites.

  3. Brittany says:

    Since they are young, I give them more of a pass. Everyone does stupid things when they are younger and at least these kids were mature and smart enough to realize that they needed to explain themselves.

    But I don’t agree with this “Trail said it was a “violation of privacy.” He continued, “If you really care about me that much to go on my MySpace to get a picture of me, point blank, get a life.”

    He needs to realize that people are going to scrutinize every single thing that he does and he will be representing UF so he has to behave accordingly.

    In the long run though I don’t think the picture are that big of a deal as long as they both stay out of trouble.

    PS Zurbo- I really don’t think you can compare UF to UM in the 80’s!

  4. Mr2Bits says:

    “Trail is shown wearing a banana and making what were termed gang signs ”

    Think you meant bandanna not banana. The swamp looks earley similar to the reverse shocker. The end of the day who cares. Most of these kids know nothing better than the streets they fight to live on daily. They just need to learn to leave that shit at home as Gainesville isn’t the pork and beans

  5. Fixed. Thanks. Mr2Bits – e-mail me back!

  6. O-town Gator says:

    Once these kids get to gainesville, I hope the coaches will advise them about the posts they make on sites such as MySpace and Facebook. Something simiilar happened to a college athlete a year ago involving MySpace, and these kids need to be on guard. Coaches can’t forbid them to post on these sites, but they can counsel them on the content that they post.

  7. lynden trail says:

    first and foremost im not in a gang yeah i repped something but it was a good reason and im doing a life story with sports illustrated it’ll let everyone know that im really a good kid just caught up in a real bad neighborhood

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