Temple reportedly set to hire Florida defensive coordinator Geoff Collins

By Adam Silverstein
December 13, 2016
Temple reportedly set to hire Florida defensive coordinator Geoff Collins

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After two years with the Florida Gators, defensive coordinator Geoff Collins will leave the program to take over as head coach of the Temple Owls, according to multiple reports including from ESPN and Fox Sports.

Collins, who has overseen top-10 defenses with the Gators over the last two years, departs Florida just as it is set to suffer a number of early departures and key graduations.

The Florida defensive coordinator position is an attractive one nationally, especially as the Gators do still have a number of talented players currently on the roster and committed to the program entering 2017.

Should head coach Jim McElwain choose to promote from within, co-coordinator Randy Shannon would make a lot of sense, though Shannon has not coordinated a defense on his own since 2006. He spent four years as head coach at Miami before coaching linebackers at TCU (2012) and Arkansas (2013-14). He joined McElwain’s initial staff in 2015 in his current role.

Whomever McElwain hires — whether to replace Collins or to add to the staff with Shannon moving over — needs to not only be a great coach but a tremendous recruiter. Florida has struggled in that area under its new administration and has not hauled in the number of quality defensive recruits it has in the past, particularly under Will Muschamp.

Collins received a $300,000 raise to a total salary of $890,000 last season, while Shannon earned $400,000 as co-coordinator and linebackers coach. Florida should have $1 million or more at its disposal to hire either a new coordinator or split between a coordinator and top-tier position coach.


  1. cline says:

    Too bad we missed out on Strong, that would have been a great addition.

  2. Billy says:

    We also need a new offensive coordinator. Nussmeier has not done a good job.

  3. Walter says:

    Right, “have not hauled in a number of quality defensive recruits” and will no longer have shutdown corners that allow Florida to commit another player against the run and the offense is still among the worst in the Nation…But somehow we should be optimistic..mhmm..

  4. Michael Jones says:

    We’ve got a great DC on the staff right now. Randy Shannon. Such a natural hire. Plus South Florida recruiting connection. Go to go with Shannon, right? Then hire the next young upcoming stud recruiter to coach the linebackers.

    Congrats to Collins. It couldn’t last forever but he did a great job and was a class act. That last part is important.

    Go Gators!!!

  5. Michael Jones says:

    Good lord. . what a bunch of whine-bags Gator Nation can be. Wah, wah, wah. . We are going to the Outback Bowl. We won the SEC East. Mac is only in his 2nd year.

    Imagine being a Vols fan with all of their talent and expectations and broken hearts. Or how about being an Ole Miss fan? With their top recruiting classes and under-achieving Hugh Freeze who so many of you thought was the 2nd coming of Vince Lombardi and who, as it turns out, can recruit but can’t coach a lick. We were picked to finish way down in the SEC East, remember?

    Give me a decent recruiter who can coach’em up (e.g. Pinkel, Franklin) over a great recruiter who can’t coach (e.g. Freeze, Miles, Jimbo Fisher) any day. Besides, National Signing Day hasn’t even happened yet. There is still time to get a great class signed.

    Breathe, people. . .breathe.

    • Walter says:

      “Give me a decent recruiter who can coach em up”, are you alluding to Mcelwain, trying to give a backdoor reference to minimize how poor of a recruiting job he is doing, because despite that, “he can coach em up”…It is debatable if he is even a decent recruiter, medicore to poor is a better description and he definitely cannot “coach em up”. So when you have a crappy recruiter who is a crappy coach em up guy you don’t have a whole lot..

    • MAR says:

      Thank you for this comment. Less for me to have to type. It’s easy to be frustrated right after being blown out in big games, but the big picture is positive. I feel Coach Mac has an ultimate plan that will benefit this program for years to come, not just a temporary fix like Urban provided. Hiring Randy Shannon is a no brainer.

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