Seminoles embarrass Gators with 31-7 rout

By Adam Silverstein
November 27, 2010

Everything went wrong for the Florida Gators (7-4) Saturday night at Doak Campbell Stadium in Tallahassee, FL, as the No. 22 Florida State Seminoles (9-3) snapped a six-game losing streak to their bitter in-state rivals by cruising to a dominant 31-7 victory.

Down 7-3 going into the second quarter, Florida State put together a 21-point effort before halftime by taking advantage of a number of Florida miscues. The Seminoles would add a touchdown in the second half and shut the Gators out for the final three quarters of the game, earning their biggest win in the series since 1988 (52-17).

After a phantom facemask penalty on senior safety Ahmad Black helped FSU earn a field goal on their first possession, redshirt freshman wide receiver Andre Debose returned the ensuing kickoff for 62 yards. UF got on the board quickly putting together a five-play, 32-yard touchdown drive that ended with a 20-yard pass from redshirt junior quarterback John Brantley to freshman WR Robert Clark.

A fumble by redshirt freshman tight end Jordan Reed (in at QB) ended what appeared to be a promising drive for Florida in the middle of the first quarter, and a second fumble by redshirt junior WR Chris Rainey on the Gators’ next possession at their own 14 gave Florida State the ball back in scoring position. Two plays later QB Christian Ponder tossed a quick pass to WR Lonnie Pryor to give the Seminoles a 10-7 lead that they would never look back from.

Faced with a three-and-out at their own 36 yard line on their next possession, UF attempted a fake punt on 4th and 5; unfortunately senior punter/kicker Chas Henry was stopped a yard short for the team’s first failed fake punt under head coach Urban Meyer. On the very next play, Ponder completed a 39-yard touchdown pass to WR Rodney Smith who beat redshirt junior cornerback Moses Jenkins for a wide-open score to put FSU up 17-7.

The Seminoles would have to work a bit harder for their final points of the quarter, putting together a 12-play, 73-yard drive that concluded with a 15-yard touchdown pass from Ponder to WR Taiwan Easternling. The Gators appeared to bounce back quickly with 2:47 left on the clock as Reed and Rainey ran the ball for a combined 60 yards to just enter the red zone. However, after a Florida State timeout to slow things down, Brantley was brought in for Reed on 2nd and 8 and subsequently threw an interception.

FSU would put the game away for good on their first possession of the third quarter, piecing together a 10-play, 71-yard touchdown drive; Ponder tossed his third score of the day with a 29-yard pass to WR Willie Haulstead.

In addition to their numerous miscues, Florida appeared undisciplined and inept by committing 11 penalties for 79 yards (most courtesy of the offensive line). The Gators outgained the Seminoles 212-112 on the ground, but UF was no match for a FSU passing attack that almost quadrupled their effort (221-64).

Brantley, who mostly saw work on obvious passing downs until Reed left the game with a concussion in the second half, finished 6-of-12 for 52 yards with a touchdown and an interception. Reed and Rainey rushed for 74 and 73 yards, respectively, and junior running back Jeff Demps took nine carries for 44 yards. Ponder finished 16-of-24 for 221 yards with three touchdowns, and Smith ended up as his leading receiver with four receptions for 79 yards and a score.

Saturday’s loss was just Meyer’s second rivalry game defeat during his tenure at Florida (Georgia, 2007) and his first to Florida State.

Photo Credit: Steve Cannon/Associated Press


  1. Mr2Bits says:

    I can copy and paste allot of what I have already said to friends family and enemies tonight but I am just over it at this point. UF needs to decline a bowl game and move on to 2011.

  2. G8trpls says:

    Adam, there is no way to put a positive spin on this one. Open letter to Steve Addazio please resign now. There is a JV high school football team in Connecticut in need of a coach, I’m forwarding them your resume. Take Austin with you as your D coordinator. Please

  3. Mr2Bits says:

    One thing I would like to add. If Adazzio or Meyer blame this loss on the players and “lack of execution” they both need to go. I will not tolerate listening to both of them blame these kids for their lack of coaching. I love Meyer and hope he rights this ship but I will not stand him or Adazzio blaming the players anymore. He has allowed MY Orange and Blue to be humiliated this year and I’m over it!

  4. JW says:

    Just some thoughts. Does anyone know if the fake punt was actually called by the coaching staff or if that is an option Henry has and he chose to exercise it? It seemed like there were one or two guys running down field to cover a punt that never came. If that was called by the coaching staff Meyer needs to be called out on that. Awful decision that deep in your own territory and that early in the game. Did Deonte Thompson have any passes thrown to him? How does your best receiver(this looks like a dreadful group of receivers) not catch one pass? What the hell is the problem that they need to call three time outs early in the first half because they can’t get the play called in time? Why weren’t we at least attempting to run a two minute offense in the second half when we were down by 24? Really some head scratching decisions by this coaching staff.

  5. g8ter27 says:

    I think the positive spin is that we lost and were humiliated rather than losing by 5 or something nd then hearing Addazio say how we just needed to execute a play here or there. There were fumbles that truly did hurt drives but these kids didn’t know which way was up out there, burning timeouts for nothing, having the up back calling plays from the line, etc. There is no leadership on either side of the ball…none! These guys play soft and are clueless and that comes from the coaching. Meyer is a good general so he needs to make the hard decisions and lead the team even if that means upsetting your friend.

    There has been so much said by eveyone(especially me) about getting rid of Addazio as the OC and Brantley being a misfitin the syatem so I will refrain from that anymore, it is obvious. The positive is we can turn this around in a year pretty easy with the talent we have and are getting. But if he does not make changes, eventually someone will do it for him. Urban can write his own ending to this nightmare story and write the beginning of a new happy one or he can have someone else do it for him in a year or two.

  6. g8ter27 says:


    Here is the answer to your questions. Addazio is making a movie and hasbeen too busy, see below.

  7. Matt says:

    Well to look at the glass half full I would have to say to all the recruits who only want to go places where they have a shot at playing take a look at Florida now because there isn’t a job that should be safe. Myer said they are going to go recruit their butt’s off well that game sure is the biggest HELP WANTED ad you could ask for!

  8. Mr2Bits says:

    Great Post : 7-5 would normally be considered a down year. There is more to it than just being a simple down year. The loss to Florida State today was simply pathetic. Another loss due to the same factors that have been losing us games all year. Bad coaching, bums in the starting lineup, bad play calling, poor personel decisions, and offensive line that cannot block, stupid turnovers, and more bad coaching. Brantley throwing that pick after Reed busted his azz to get down the field was the worst coaching decision Ive ever seen in my entire life. This game got to laugable.

    First things first, I HATE Steve Addazio. I cannot stand this guy. He has a track record of being a loser and hes running of the offense looks like a circus.

    Brantley does not give Florida a good chance to win against any team with the talent depth comparible to UF. Neither does Burton. Im so sick and tired of seeing Burton come out and run the same two plays for a few yards. Why recruit a QB that doesnt throw. Burton needs to be the TE, not Reed. I dont think Jordan Reed is all that great either, but he has the skill set that gives Florida a chance to win against anyone. UF tries to dink and dunk the ball from sideline to sideline and rarely goes downfield. The offense line is such a let down from what they were supposed to be. Our running backs are fine, aside from Moody, who is IMO the worst RB to ever play at UF. Jeff Demps was MIA most of the year as was Rainey. Demps should get an extra year from the NCAA since Moses got one. Deonte Thompson will forever be known for dropping passes and our other WRs arent ever heard from due to the fact that our Qbs cant throw the ball down the field. PERIOD. There is a lot of guys on offense who sit on the bench who are actually better and give a better effort than the guys that start. Meyer has this issue now with starting and playing freshman. Guys like Robert Clark, Hammonds, Hines, and especially Mike Gillislee should be in the mix A LOT MORE!!!

    This rotating QBs garbage will never work and it has repeatedly killed momentum. I personally think that Brantley will end up transferring. I dont care what he says right now. I think in the end he is smart enough to know that it wont help his career or UF if he stays, especially if Addazio is back next year. Brantley has his issues too. I know theres a load of people who are taking Brantleys side but Ive seen him make numerous mistakes, Ints, and over throw open WRs. He has ZERO mobility and is so scared of getting tackled that it amazes me to why he even plays the game. I cant stand QBs who just fall down at the site of a blitzing LB.

    The defense plays like scarecrows most of the time here lately. Most of the time I dont blame them. Defense has bailed us out quite a few times and got the much needed stops, only to see Addazios clown car offense come in and go 3 and out.

    The secondary is strong. Ahmad Black is amazing. So is Janoris Jenkins. Will Hill makes a lot of mistakes but is able. Moses Jenkins is god aweful. Moses cannot cover his own shadow and it showed big time in the FSU game. Every big pass completed in the 1st half was on this guy. And the NCAA just gave him another year. Thanks. Jeremy Brown is only slightly better than Moses. And then we run into guys like Cody Riggs, Josh Evans, Matt Elam. Guys who should be rotated in ALOT MORE, esp in the #2 corner spot.

    The front 7 for Florida is full of Senior Bums. Guys who looked good in the past only because they were riding the coat tails of Spikes, Stamper, Cunningham, and Dunlap. Now that its their time, they just get blown up on every play. The guys im speaking of are Trattou, Lemmens, Brandon Hicks, and AJ Jones. I thought AJ Jones would be a lot better. He has been a non-factor. And I know that everyone who has watched Florida this season has seen how poorly and underacheiving our d-line is. What? Do we have like 5 sacks? We blitz a lot, yet never get to the QB. Never generate pressure. Our ends are bad in Lemmens and Trattou. The DT spot is ok and could have a little bit of depth next year. The linebackers are terrible as a unit. Always out of place and missing tackles. AJ Jones and Brandon Hicks play like 2 stars. Jelani Jenkins plays hard and will get better with time. Jury is still out on Bostic. I expected him to be better.

    Im really impressed with Ronald Powell and Sharrif Floyd. If these two guys hang around, they will turn into monsters. I hope Janoris Jenkins doesnt declare and leave early. Wouldnt blame him if he did though.

    Now to the idiot coaches. Addazio has to go. I know Meyer claims that he is staying and all that. But I still expect him to go. I havent missed a UF football game in over 13 years, but I refuse to watch another game like the one today. Im not going to watch Meyer be stubborn and keep this idiot on the staff only to run this program down some more. What are they going to do with Driskell next year? Move him to defensive end? Im not too sold on Teryl Austin either, but I let him prove himself. It all falls on Urban Meyer. He cant be this stupid. Is he going to man up and make the needed changes or just blatantly ignore the problems that have gotten us this far. I wouldnt be suprised if Meyer steps down again to tell you the truth.

    Its going to be an interesting off-season. Will Foley man up and let it be known that another season like this wont be tolerated? Will Foley step in and assure that the changes will be made, even if Meyer wont do them himself? Thats what Im hoping for.

  9. GatorsFanLA says:

    Here’s your positive spin… I won a Gators hat. Thank you Southern California Gator Club!

  10. Danny says:

    Down 24 points in the 4th period? The obvious coaching strategy at UF — run it up the middle.

  11. zurbo says:

    i have to go to sleep now so i can wake up and watch breakfast with the gators with a jack daniels cereal

  12. Marc Mac says:

    Hello Driskel……
    Goodbye Addazio

  13. Geoff says:

    Why has no one mentioned the last drive of the 1st half? Reed moves the ball right down the field for like 70 yards. FSU calls a time out because they are getting worked. How do we respond, with a chance to get within 10 going into the half? Thats right, we bring Brantley into the game so that he can throw and immediate INT!! WHY BRING IN BRANTLEY ???? WHY??? The game was within reach. Reed was moving the ball for us. It is disgraceful. We can blame Adazzio, but why would Urban allow that to take place? Does Adazzio have pictures that Urbs doesnt want the public to see? I can not believe I spent the whole day driving up to watch that and driving back to Gainesville disgusted.
    Miami loses to USF and they react, they fire Shannon. We need to do something bold too. Im not suggesting we fire Urban, but we need to cut Mr. Mustache (Adazzio), maybe the WR coach and Officially name Jordan Reed the starting QB.

  14. Andrewgator says:

    The problems are so much deeper than most people realize. Urban has truly lost his marbles. Maybe it’s the mesication. Three quarterbacks? Three? This is the university of Florida and we don’t have a good enough qb to play the whole game? Instead we recruit defensive linemen thugs that get kicked of the team or are huge busts.

    Jordan Reed isn’t great but he is succesfull because he brings both pass and run. An element critical to keeping the defense honest. You can’t bring in a bad qb on 3rd down and mid/long. They know you are passing!!!! And brantley is the most immature qb I’ve ever seen. He locks on to a receiver every play. If he’s not open sack. If he is ,tipped ball because the d line knows where he’s throwing.

    The fact that these coaches can’t see that blows me away. Meyer should pay back the UAA his salary this season because he has not earned a dime. If he doesn’t wake up next year, I will be at jeremy foley’s office everyday until he let’s him go.

  15. John S. says:

    The turnovers were huge. Looking at the overall statistics we weren’t that far behind except for the turnovers and failed fourth down, the fake punt was awful. We did drive the ball and get first downs. Pouncey had probably his second worse game, I think he’ll be shocked when he reaches the Senior Bowl when he’s the fourth or fifth best center.

    Defensively we have no pass rush. That can be fixed by next year. I never thought this would be the case, but my belief now is that Driskel will be starting next year…hopefully with Kerwin Bell calling the plays. I don’t think there’s anyone left in the Meyer coaching pool to pull from. And we need a new strength coach so we don’t get pushed around again. We don’t need to blow the whole thing up, just get a real offensive coordinator and quickly. Then we raid Miami’s recruits.

  16. TonyM1449 says:

    This is so humiliating! The best thing we took out of this game was I-10! I believe in Urban and I really hope he makes some tough decisions regarding his staff. Addazio is not an OC! We should have left him west. I can handle a down year after what we’ve done in the past 5 years. But this is more than just young players doing what young players do when there is an experience void. The incompetence is mind boggling. I could tolerate JB if he was making mistakes that result from lack of game experience like not knowing when to throw it away for example. I wanted him to do well, badly, but I don’t see it in him. No pocket presence, no field vision, absolutely nothing to work with after having been in the system for 3 years??!! Are you kidding me? It seems we don’t even practice throwing the ball. Absolutely horrible! Oh, wait I forgot who needs to pass when you have three other good options, dive, dive, and oh yeah dive. But we’re playing at the highest level, right Addazio??!

  17. bostonr says:

    good thing we didn’t make changes so we could “once again sweep our traditional rivals”

  18. Aligator says:

    Hey Oklahoma had a 7-5 year recently and they are playing for a BCS bowl. Look at it this way. Urbs had a very off year starting last Christmas break and now it is over. We all owe him that after all he has done. He had to ride this horse to some extent, but not this far. I do not think that he would think it would get this bad. But it is over now and I know that he will work this out and turn it around. He acknowledged so much oo last night.

  19. Scooterp says:

    Nice rant Mr2bits. – We have spent a whole season trying to mold talent around a game plan, instead of molding a game plan around talent. Meyer needs to put the best players on the field and stop endlessly rotating players in and out of games because they are seniors or they practiced well on Tuesday. I’m sure Moses and Jeremy are great kids, but our secondary screams “throw it deep” when they are in the game. And can we design a passing play that develops on the other side of the line scrimmage, instead of behind it? Can you blame Brantley for the sack? He has no pocket presence, because their is no pocket. And instead of spending each week working on new formations on offense, how ’bout working on new plays that work.

  20. g8ter27 says:

    I fully intended to come on here today after some reflection time and spill it all out. After reading Mr2bits I find that unnecessary. I second his motion,well said!

  21. Tampa Tom says:

    Hey adizzio, thank for saving me the money for a bowl trip!

  22. OleballCoach says:

    By the way, the first FSU touchdown was by a fullback not a WR. Lonnie Pryor is there stinking Fullback. Do we even have a fullback???? I know we dont have a QB. We are the gators and we dont have a QB. Even FSU’s backup QB looked better than us

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