Twitter reacts to Tim Tebow’s big touchdown

By Adam Silverstein
November 18, 2011

Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow‘s game-winning 20-yard touchdown run Thursday night sent fans at Mile High into a frenzy. It also led to an insane number of tweets on Twitter including many from Florida Gators, celebrities and famous athletes. Below are just a few of those tweets compiled early Friday morning. If a celebrity or athlete you follow did not make this list, please tweet or e-mail us.

Check out all 30 of the tweets…after the break!

Jack Youngblood (@theblood85): Tebow in crunchtime accelerates this old man’s heartrate. Can’t deny his ability and drive to win – accept it

Al Horford (@Al_Horford): Give Tebow credit. Simply a WINNER. It’s not pretty, but getting it done! Stop hating on the kid.

Erin Andrews (@ErinAndrews): Wow

Brandon Spikes (@bspikes55): Tebow! Tebow! Tebow! Tebow! It’s great 2 be a Florida gator #GatorNation #GoGators #PoWwWwW

Kordell Stewart (@KSlash10): Man man man……great job by Tebow. It is what it is. I must admit….great job. 60 minutes…

Hakim Warrick (@hdubb21): Tebow is like watching 1 of those cheesy sport movies… somehow someway the underdog finds a way to get that W #salute

Bobby McCray (@bobbymccray): Tebow really inspires alot of kids that have to deal with people always telling them what you can and can’t do…GO GATORS!! #GatorNation

Justin Trattou (@Justin_Trattou): Really enjoyed watching Tebow shut up the critics once again. He’s a winner nd a beast on that field. Anyone who doesn’t respect him is nuts

Alex Brown (@alexbrown96): Tebow is just…. Well……. TEBOW!!! Unreal!!!

Vernon Wells (@vernonwells10): Tebow does it again, amazing!

Dorian Munroe (@D_Munroe): Really don’t know what else to say, that boy Tebow is a winner.

Jamie Foxx (@iamjamiefoxx): Tim Tebow just made me a fan again!

Jim Ross (@JRsBBQ): Tebow is 4-1 as starting Denver QB. W’s are the only stats that matter. Same guy who willed Florida to national title win over my Sooners.

C.J. Spiller (@CJSPILLER): You can say what you won’t ab tebow but my boi is a winner went 95 yards a good defense that’s why they say never beat against a man of God

Ozzie Guillen (@OzzieGuillen): Tim tebow you have heart wuao good for u and u team kid

Marreese Speights (@Mospeights16): Let’s goooooooo tebow

A.J. Green (@ajgreen_18): Tebow is playin tebow ball now dude is a winner..

LeBron James (@kingjames): S/O @TimTebow for getting that W tonight vs the Jets at home. #allhedoiswin

Chris Webber (@realchiswebber): TEEEEEBOOOW!

Kirk Morrison (@kirkmorrison): Tebow saved the best for last. Wow.

Bill Romanowski (@billromanowski): Tebow is like Mother Teresa playing QB in the NFL. He inspires me!

Erik Murphy (@erik_murphy): I’m jumpin on the Tebow bandwagon, bottomline is he gets it done

Dee Finley (@deefinley13): My jets let me down big time. Tim did his thing tho.

Chandler Parsons (@ChandlerParsons): @TimTebow is a winner. Congrats my boy.

David Nelson (@DavidNelson86): Proud of ya, and thank you @TimTebow

Patrick Ewing, Jr. (@pewingjr6): I got much respect for @TimTebow he got heart! No matter what ppl say he keeps making good things happen

Jemalle Cornelius (@jemalle6): I’m in my living room #Tebowing

Dick Vitale (@DickieV): @timtebow WINNER – WINNER – WINNER – A flat out Football player! Haters get a life the kid is SPECIAL. 4-1 with a sub par team. #TENACIOUS

Angie Harmon (@Angie_Harmon): THAT’S IT!! Tim Tebow has singlehandedly made me a #Broncos fan! I’m pulling 4 them 4 the rest of the season!!!

Kurt Warner (@kurt13warner): Wow, @TimTebow does it again! So happy 4 him, no idea how he does it, but I remember when ppl said the same about me! Phil 4:13 #fb


  1. Preston says:

    Posts like these Adam…

    It’s posts like these that makes OnlyGators my absolute favorite website on the web!

    Great stuff here and definitely a great idea!

    Go Tebow and Go Gators!!!

  2. SaraGator says:

    Great article, Adam! Love it…

  3. Basshole says:

    Yeah, loved the post also. Almost every tweet had me smiling.

    I especially liked Hakim Warrick’s and Lebron’s #allhedoiswin

  4. Fernzpat says:

    Seriously Adam, thanks for that compilation. Several of those post brought huge smiles. Always the first site I check morning, noon, and night.

  5. Joonas says:

    Great stuff…

    on a side note, does anyone know what Spikes means when he always types PoWwWwWwW?

  6. Alex says:

    Dee Finley had all of his moving violation fine money riding on the Jets at -6.5.

  7. npgator says:

    Adam – FANTASTIC job! You are definitely on top of your game!

  8. Will W says:

    Agree with Preston. This is a great piece of content.

  9. Ron O'Connor says:

    Like Wuerffel, Tim is cool under fire because football doesn’t isn’t his highest priority in life. If he would get arrested a few times and get some tatoos the national media might like him better!
    A mediocre Bronco team that is 4-14 without him starting is 6-4 with him as starting QB!
    God Bless you, Tim Tebow!

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