Will Muschamp fired as Florida Gators head coach, will remain with team through season

By Adam Silverstein
November 16, 2014

Updated at 3:20 p.m.

Florida Gators athletic director Jeremy Foley has fired head coach Will Muschamp, hours after Muschamp’s team collapsed in the fourth quarter and fell to South Carolina 23-20 in overtime, though a Florida release terms the parting of ways as Muschamp “stepping down at the end of the regular season.”

A Gainesville, Florida, native in his fourth season at the helm of the Gators football program, Muschamp is 27-20 (.574), 17-15 (.531) in Southeastern Conference play, but will have the opportunity to improve his final record as he will remain at Florida for the final two games of the regular season.

“Upon evaluation of our football program, we are not where the program needs to be and should be. I’ve always said that our goal at the University of Florida is to compete for championships on a regular basis,” Foley said in a statement. “Coach Muschamp was dedicated to developing young men both on and off the field. Our student-athletes showed tremendous growth socially and academically under his leadership. His players were involved in campus activities, engaged with the local community and represented the University of Florida with pride.

“I will be forever grateful to Will and his staff for their unwavering commitment to the University of Florida and the mission of our athletic program. He will be missed by everyone in our athletic department – from the people that worked in his office to the people that painted the fields. Will knew everyone and they knew him and everyone in the building loved working with him. Will is as fine a man as you will ever meet, and I will always cherish our relationship with him and his family.”

A source told OnlyGators.com at approximately 9:30 p.m. Saturday night that the necessary parties had been notified hours earlier that Muschamp would not remain at UF.

With three season left on his contract, Muschamp could receive approximately $2 million per year plus an additional $1 million, making his total buyout from the University of Florida almost $7 million if he is fired by the school. It is unknown what sum Muschamp will collect if his departure is indeed a resignation.

Muschamp will remain with the Gators for their final two regular-season games against Eastern Kentucky and Florida State. Foley and school President Bernie Machen also asked previously-fired coach Ron Zook to stay on for the remainder of his 2004 season, calling it “something he deserves” and the “honorable thing to do.” Muschamp’s dismissal comes exactly 10 years and 27 days after Zook’s firing.

“I appreciate the opportunity that has been offered to me and my family by Dr. Machen, Jeremy Foley and the University of Florida,” said Muschamp in a school statement. “I was given every opportunity to get it done here and I simply didn’t win enough games – that is the bottom line. I’m disappointed that I didn’t get it done and it is my responsibility to get it done.

“I have no bitter feelings, but this is a business and I wish we would have produced better results on the field. We have a great group of players and a staff that is committed to this University and this football program. They have handled themselves with class and I expect them to continue to do so. As I’ve said many times, life is 10 percent of what happens to you and 90 percent how you respond.”

After posting a 7-6 (3-5 SEC) record in 2011, his first year with the Gators, Muschamp led Florida to an 11-2 (7-1 SEC) campaign and BCS bowl berth in 2012. However, UF followed up that effort with a 4-8 (3-5 SEC) record in 2013, one which ended with seven-straight losses due in large part to 15 season-ending injuries suffered by the team.

Foley decided to give Muschamp another chance, despite the fact that he dropped a game to an FCS opponent (for the first time in school history) and led the team to its first losing season – and worst overall record – since 1979.

The Gators started 2014 with a 3-3 record, but Foley decided to keep Muschamp on for the Florida-Georgia game on Nov. 1 with it all but decided the coach would be fired after the contest, assuming his team lost the game. Instead, UF shocked UGA with a dominating 38-20 win, and Muschamp led the Gators to a 34-10 victory at Vanderbilt the next week. Florida also had the game in hand against South Carolina, which would have been its third-straight win and potentially enough to keep Muschamp in the fold at Florida barring another embarrassing loss.

Now, the Gators are 5-4 (4-4 SEC) at the time of Muschamp’s firing with three-straight home losses to unranked SEC opponents (LSU, Missouri, South Carolina) in Ben Hill Griffin Stadium. Florida also dropped three consecutive home games in 2013 and is 2-6 in its last eight games played in Gainesville.

Overall, the Gators have lost 11 of their last 16 games, sporting a 5-11 record dating back to Oct. 12, 2013. Florida was just 17-8 at The Swamp under Muschamp, 9-7 combined against SEC teams and Florida State.

But the Gators’ failures under Muschamp did not stop there.

» Muschamp hired 18 different assistants – including three offensive coordinators and four wide receivers coaches, in just four seasons with only two coaches leaving for promotions and four members of his original nine-person staff still with the team.
» Muschamp was 1-3 against Georgia, 1-3 against LSU, 1-3 against South Carolina and 1-2 against Florida State.
» UF snapped a 22-game winning streak against Vanderbilt on homecoming in 2013 and dropped consecutive homecoming games (losing in 2014 to Missouri) for the first time since 1946-47.
» Florida ended a 22-season consecutive bowl game streak when it failed to reach one in 2013. The Gators have not missed a bowl in consecutive seasons since 1985-86.
» UF did not sell out its student season tickets for the first time in at least two decades.
» Florida gave up 645 yards in a single game against Alabama this season, the most in school history.
» The Gators had lost five-straight games against top 25 opponents and were 5-13 against ranked opponents under Muschamp
» Muschamp is the only coach in the last 10 years to lose a game when only giving up 120 yards or fewer to an opponent. The overall national record is 147-2 in such situations, with Muschamp’s Florida teams responsible for both of those losses.

Florida will hold a national search for its next head coach, likely going after one with experience leading a program. Muschamp, Foley and Machen will all speak at the coach’s regularly-scheduled Monday afternoon press conference.

Muschamp’s dismissal was first reported by SI.com‘s Andy Staples.


  1. Aligator says:


  2. like rm says:

    It had to happen eventually. Best of luck coach

  3. Paul says:

    YES!! Now the question is who out there wants to come turn us around. I don’t see anyone currently at a stable program wanting to leave for this mess. The next two games should be interesting.

    • Tractorr says:

      “this mess”

      What mess would that be? We are stocked with great players. 8, 4, 3, and 12 were our recruiting rankings (according to Rivals) the last 4 years. I would guess a lot of coaches would love that mess.

      • Bill says:

        Recruiting has been a problem. Very few difference makers no matter what the rankings say.
        One impact recruit can make a world of difference. Imagine of we landed Dalvin Cook.
        My bet is Muschamp is still here. FSU would also probably have 2 losses at least

        • Tractorr says:

          Kelvin Taylor and Matt Jones seem really good to me. Taylor hasn’t been much of difference maker because he wasn’t played enough and Jones can only do so much when the D knows he is getting the ball.

          The offensive line is better this year than it has been in years and should be good for another year or two. We have some decent receivers who need more touches. We have a loaded secondary.

          Our biggest areas of concern are the D Line, Linebackers, and TEs but with the exception of TE we are really aren’t hurting that bad.

          The biggest problem for this team seems to be the play calling.

          • Bill says:

            I’m sorry but Jones and Taylor are as average as it gets.
            Cook is amazing like Percy Harvin amazing.

            • Tractorr says:

              I am sorry but you must have missed Taylor flashing that ability. It just seems like whenever he gets in the groove the coaches take him out of the game.

        • Ken (CA) says:

          Maybe very few difference makers not because of the talent but because of the development and being put in position to succeed?

          • Michael Jones says:

            I actually agree with all 3 of you–Tractorr, Bill and Ken. I agree with Tractorr that there is talent here. Our really low ranking recruiting class will be the one coming up unless the new coach can turn it around.

            I agree with Bill that Taylor and Matt Jones are not world beaters. I rank them maybe a little bit higher than average, but not by much. Henry to Alabama and Cook to FSU were huge recruiting losses for us.

            Finally, I also agree with Ken that what we have has not been developed properly. Drives me crazy when a coach doesn’t develop AND PLAY his 2nd and 3rd string players. That’s how they get good and that’s how some teams (like the darn Noles, as much as I hate to say it) and Bama start wearing teams down in the 3rd quarter. If a kid isn’t good enough to play, then you shouldn’t have given him a scholarship. It’s also how you minimize the impact of an injury–making sure the guy behind him has been developed.

  4. SaraGator says:

    It’s too bad – he’s a good guy and tried to run a program the right way but I understand it had to be done. At the end, it’s about producing on the field.

    I thank Coach for everything and wish him luck. Now win so we can go to a bowl game and beat the Criminoles!

  5. Alex says:

    Will gave it his best shot. He cleaned up the off the field BS and for that I am greatful. He is a top tier DC and will have success at his next stop

    It is a shame it didn’t work out but his dismissal is 1 season too late.

    Hope we could bring in a Homerun hire

  6. Razzlegator says:

    Word from a friend in G’ville says Chip Kelly’s agent has been in contact with Foley.

    • Bill says:

      Cool story bro

    • Tractorr says:

      Great now we just have to pay him Saban money and he can be ours.

    • Gatoralum88 says:

      ????…He built then left a powerhouse for the Eagles because he didn’t like recruiting (from Phillymag.com 11/23/13). He’s all about X’s & O’s & watching film. Besides, he’s succeeding at the highest level & making $6.5 per year. If your friend is right, my guess is Kelly’s agent was politely returning a call to say “Uh, no thank you”.

      • Razzlegator says:

        The story goes that he is sick of the NFL. Wants to go back to college ball. Not so far-fetched. As far as the money goes, what would Urban be making if he was still here?

      • Michael Jones says:

        Exactly. You leave a perennial top 5 powerhouse that you built from scratch to go to the Eagles because you see the Philly job as a stepping stone to your dream job of coaching the Gators? Not buying it.

        If he’s really tired of the NFL, then I’m guessing Oregon would take him back in a heartbeat.

    • Ken (CA) says:

      Friend told me Foley’s been in contact with Bear Bryant’s agent

  7. Tony22 says:

    Maybe now he will let Roper open up the offense.

    Plus, there always is the fact that the last time UF went in to Tally against a good FSU team, they won. Just saying!!

  8. Nick says:

    Thanks for the timely information. Plus, factual reporting without histrionics. (Also, I can’t find where to contribute money. I dropped one sports subscription because of OGGOA and will gladly pay for OGGOA instead. Let me know.) Thanks

  9. W says:

    I have so much respect for Coach Boom as a person and wish him nothing but success wherever he ends up next. He unfortunately was not cut out to coach this team. Whatever it was–lack of OC continuity, lack of ability to give up control of the offense, sticking with Driskel too long–it just was not working and this move had to happen. I don’t think any Florida fan should have ill feelings towards him as a person.

    Now, it’s time to right the ship of this program. We continue to be a university with top-notch resources and facilities, and even with the program in its current state, I believe it is a desirable job. The next man to lead this team will have to be one capable of returning this program to prominence. I believe it is less of a rebuilding job than it is a redirection. We went adrift under Muschamp…time to get back on course.

  10. Dave Massey says:

    Bottom line is he just didn’t win. Yesterday was a classic example of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, for the second time this season. His tenure really reminds me of the Doug Dickey years. Lots of talent but couldn’t put it together. I’m not even going to get into the debate about who should or will be next. I’m just going to wait for Foley to make the announcement.

    And yes, Michael Jones, we all know who you want so please just spare us.

    Good luck to Muschamp, he is a good person, just not a good head coach for us. The 7 mil ought to take any sting out of that though.

    • Michael Jones says:

      lol. . that’s funny. Everybody is entitled to their own opinion, but even if you don’t want Mullen, why the vitriol? Did he do something bad to you when you were a kid? He’s one of the nicest, classiest, and most humble coaches out there and yet the reception he gets (or doesn’t get) on this website is a real headscratcher.

      But since you brought it up, he’s such an obvious choice. He also helped us win a couple national championships as our OC PLUS when he left, and we STILL had Tebow, our offense fell flat on its face. That should tell you plenty. What he’s done at Miss St (not even counting this year) speaks for itself.

      Oh, by the way, for the record, I’m in favor of us hiring Dan Mullen. 🙂

      GO GATORS!!!

      • Dave Massey says:

        First off, to even joke in any manner about child abuse is pretty low.

        What vitriol are you talking about? I didn’t say anything bad about Mullen but we all already knew how you felt about him. I also knew you weren’t going to leave it alone.

        He is not the only obvious first choice in my opinion. Having said that I would have absolutely no problem with supporting him if he got the job. He has been kind of playing it down in the media and saying how great it is in Starkville, his kids were born there, blah, blah, blah. He has to say those kind of things if he ends up staying. Florida can afford to pay him more, the facilities here are way better than at MSU, and we have a lot greater winning tradition. MSU spends 15 mil a year on football, last in the SEC and Florida spends about 45 mil. I believe the alumni can be convinced to pony up whatever sum is going to be necessary to hire him away and MSU won’t be able to match it. My question would be why would he want to stay there IF the job here was offered to him. I don’t personally think he will.

        What he did at MSU before this year wasn’t a whole lot better than Muschamp had done at Florida, pretty average actually. Their fan base had been calling for him to be fired for a couple years since he has been there six years now. That’s why I am not completely sold on Mullen as being the best choice. I don’t think he would be a bad choice though as he is an offensive minded coach with head coaching experience. I guess we will just have to wait and see. Neither of our opinions is going to affect the ultimate selection that’s for sure.

  11. Gator John says:

    While wins and losses are certainly the bottom line for a coach, I still have the greatest respect for CWM. He ran the UF program the right way, with discipline and integrity. After the Meyer years with all the arrests, it was good to see some change in that area. So if CWM deserves the criticism for the on field play, he also deserves credit for turning the program around off the field. I will say with all honesty…and some you will bash me for this I’m sure…but I woild rather be a Gator, dealing with the losses, than a Seminole right now, with all the issues they have been dealing with, and MAY deal with in the near future.

    So now, who does Foley put on his short list? I am sure he has already put feelers out and narrowed it down. And please..no one bring up Jon Gruden..

    • Michael Jones says:

      He did alright, but let’s not go overboard. The absence of off the field stuff isn’t something that should be considered a great achievement. That’s the norm. Our players–although they’re a little better about it this year–still had too many undisciplined personal fouls and unsportsmanlike conduct penalties. Our players still talk too much trash on the field. And the Leon Orr situation wasn’t handled very well.

      But, I do wish Muschamp and his family the best. We made him a multi-millionaire, so don’t feel too sorry for him.

      And I too would rather be an 0-12 Gator than a 12-0 Seminole any day of the week.

  12. 4 years too late. Thank you…it’s great to be a Florida Gator (again).

    • Tractorr says:

      In fairness, Muschamp was one of the hottest names in coaching 4 years ago. Let’s try and not play too much revisionist history.

  13. Tony22 says:

    With a lame duck coach

  14. Bryan says:

    As a Bama fan, and, an overall SEC supporter, I look forward to the Gators return to their winning ways. Florida remains one of the top desired coaching jobs in the country and the state of Florida is among the top states for recruiting talent. I only hope that the AD carefully chooses the next successor and Florida does not end up with a decade of disappointment as Bama did.

    The SEC needs the old Florida back, as do football fans miss the past rivalries of Florida vs Alabama, Florida vs Auburn or Georgia. It’s just not the same without Florida being on top of their game.

    I’ll be pulling for the Gator’s best outcome with the next coach to come.

    Good luck Gators.

  15. Just Want A Change says:

    Adam, will you give some
    Legitimate names now for candidates?

  16. ryan v says:

    i guess its totally out of the question, but he’s obviously a genius defensive coordinator. has it ever happened in the history of college sports where someone was retained but demoted to a DC?

  17. Gatoralum88 says:

    ESPN is reporting it as “stepping down” after the FSU game. So, is it a firing or resignation? Do we know he’ll be getting $7 million? I remember when Spurrier was about to be fired by Washington but chose to resign instead foregoing $15 million. Either way, he’ll be fine. He’s been paid very well for doing a bad/mediocre job. I’m sure he’ll quickly land on his feet somewhere as a DC & be successful…perhaps even with Spurrier. It wasn’t meant to be here but I wish him well.

    Moving forward, hopefully it’s not too much to ask for & get 1) a successful head coach (who’s NOT an alum of another SEC school or FSU) who 2) displays class on the sideline, 3) has integrity off the field, and 4) is humble in victory? Let’s hope not. Otherwise, I don’t think we as Gators fans can tout our program as highly as we like to. Go Gators.

  18. TonyG says:

    I hope Mr. Foley respects the integrity and class that Coach Muschamp brought back to UF. I’ll take losses on the field over lack of integrity every day. I love how Coach Muschamp handled the Jenkins, Orr, and similar situations.

    Best of luck to you Coach Muschamp, thanks for being a part of the Gator Nation.

  19. JimmyJam says:

    UF is a major program and needs a major coach! Foley should take the same approach Alabama took when they hired Saban. The candidates should be quality and proven winning head coaches from a power school. The pecking order should be a list similar to this. Chip Kelly, Bob Stoops, John Harbaugh, Gary Patterson. And no we don’t need a Spurrier or Schiano! Pretty sure a lot of Gator fans can breathe a little easier now that Muschamp is gone. I can see Muschamp being the defensive coordinator at FSU next year.

  20. Dan says:

    Anxiously awaiting the official Only Gators list of potential replacements! All the names i’m reading else where all sound very depressing. There’s gotta to be someone better out there right?

  21. Joe says:

    In the end it was Muschamp’s reluctance to take risks that sealed his fate. I believe he will one day figure it all out. Sadly it was not during his tenure at Florida. He may have failed to meet our collective expectations but that does not necessarily make the man a complete failure. There are other aspects to coaching that he excelled at but the bottom line is just that. He is undoubtedly a great man and I wish him the best in his next endeavor.

  22. Daniel M. says:

    Will he lay an egg or shine against FSU?

  23. 1974Gator says:

    Need someone who has top notch SEC recruiting and head coaching experience AND success. It’s a short list but we shouldn’t have any trouble with the wealth of talent in this state and what we can afford to pay getting the right guy. Freeze would flourish.

  24. FreddyKruger says:


  25. nygator says:

    Adam, I recently read comments by Dan Mullen where he stated that the pressure to win was so great at UF, that it made it impossible for he, and ultimately Urban, to enjoy coaching the Gators. What could possibly make it worse than leading any other elite program?

    • Tractorr says:

      Florida fan’s insane standards. People moan about the losing season last year but in the time of our streak of consistent winning seasons every single team in the SEC had multiple losing seasons. I believe Alabama was closest to us and they had 4 losing season in the same amount of time! I didn’t like last season either buy the fact is that it was going to happen sooner or later.

      • Bill says:

        How is Mike Shula doing at Bama?
        They must be happy they stuck with him through those losing seasons

        • Tractorr says:

          By no means do I mean to say that we should stick with Muschamp or that other schools don’t have high expectations but Florida fans verge on the crazy. I have heard and read people saying that we should be in competition for the NC every year. That just is not possible.

          • Dave Massey says:

            Bama is and we had the edge on them until dec 09. The expectations are the same at ND, osu, Texas, USC, ok, mich, and several other schools. Go read their boards just don’t troll please, hint, hint, Michael j

            • Nick says:

              Thank you, Mr. Massey, for your post. The richest, according to Forbes, college football program is the University of Texas Longhorns who have fans including their Regents who are completely insane. The regents are seriously rich fans and publicly criticize their football program, coaches and players because they want their AD/Coach candidates hired. I visit friends and family in Austin each year. It’s crazy. Really feel for Charley Strong. I believe the Gator Football program must have a passionate fan base like Gator Nation to remain an NC contender because we fans generate a part of the energy and excitement it takes to contend even if it made a coach feel winning wasn’t fun. As for Mullen, he’s the only coach who worked for Meyer that will talk on record about his time here that I know of and he never acknowledges that working here (even though he suffered horribly) got him his first head coaching job. I’ve seen and heard Mullen speak and greet at Gator Club functions and as Tim T. said, the guy is scary smart. So smart he’d dump Ms. State in heart beat for the head coach job here where winning becomes no fun. Football coaches can be as full of crap at times like regular people. Please, let’s quit acting like the University of Florida football program is tainted and poor us can’t get the coach we need rebuild. Also, our football program is a rich one and can afford to pay what it takes to get who we need.

              • Michael Jones says:

                You said it, Nick. “Scary smart.” And if we don’t make a run at him this time around, we’ll be “scary stupid(er).”

      • Ken (CA) says:

        Our program is no different than any other elite program… Every other year The Hat has calls for getting fired and he averages 10 wins/yr. Mark Richt too, although he hasn’t accomplished as much he averages 9.8 wins/yr

  26. BillyBob says:

    Foley’s top two targets should be Chip Kelly and Bob Stoops. Both proven head coaches who can recruit and win on the big stage. He’s definitely not in a situation to where he need’s to take a leap of faith on hiring a guy from a small program. Next hire has to be a big splash!

    • Bill says:

      You have to call but both seem pretty unrealistic.
      Hugh Freeze should be close to the top. He is an elite recruiter, but I’m not even sure he would leave

  27. KB says:

    Hard to rejoice in the reality of any man loosing their job but I am happy for the football program to have a fresh start. Muschamp to quote the former Vikings coach was a “programmatic non-fit” for UF. He lacked something in this job and it was apparent he was not the guy to get it right. No need to pile on and all the platitudes as a person has been said ad nauseam. UF needs to seek a proven program builder and for all of Muschamp’s good qualities he had never done it or proven he could. Probably be a solid coach at Georgia Southern or Navy and have success seeing how much they love the running game. Hell Paul Johnson at GT should give him a call after the season. Johnson’s running offense and his hands off turn it over to the DC’s responsibility for defense would be a marriage in heaven. Champ will be fine and the UF football program will be also eventually getting back to being a football program that is feared in the CFB landscape. Those people trolling these sites stating UF fans should realize UF is not an elite job and the landscape has changed are hoping for the demise of the UF Football program. They are not Gator fans I tell you and are hoping it stays like it is currently because they know with the right coach and program builder we go back to whipping ass like usual. I believe UF has the best university collegiate athletic program in the country and this football thing will get turned around sooner than later. Still better to be a Gator fan than any other! #InAnyKindofWeather #GatorNationRiseUP

    • Michael Jones says:

      You’re a bright person and a good writer. Obviously a deep thinker. Wish we heard from you more often. Agree with a lot of what you said.

  28. Luke says:

    Big Game Bobby Stoops?? Seriously? How his name still comes up where people think there is even a shot at, or a reason to hire him is beyond me. This will be an interesting month and a half or so and I hope we lure a proven guy.

    I can’t think of many I’d really want, but more Ws is all we really care about. Wonder if Steve Addazio or Doc Holliday get a call? Now that would be funny if Foley did that to us…

    Chip is an interesting name, but don’t think we’d pull that one off. Would love Harbaugh, but don’t think we get him either. Any other Meyer disciples that really fit? I highly doubt Steve A or Mullen have any reason to come back… What happened to Billy Gonzales? Is Larry Fedora grown up and ready? The worst part of this is that last year there good names available and this year seems like slim pickings… Brian White? DJ? Anyone from inside the program?

    Any way it falls, here’s to hoping ‘Champ pulls a Zooker and spoils FSU’s season!

  29. Frank says:

    Knew this was coming and when I saw the news, I was sick. I’ll be the lone voice here and say Foley should have waited until after the fsu result to decide. It doesn’t matter because the dirty deed is done. At the very least, give Coach the ultimatum to turn the offense loose or else. But to lose such a quality guy and well-respected coach(at least by his peers and players-who know him best) is a crying shame. I believe we’ll regret this decision down the road (especially if he takes the DC at a SEC school). So here we go again…Foley announces new coach from a limited candidate pool/ fans start their griping/ new coach struggles/ fans start firenewcoach.com websites/ daily griping continues/ “Groundhog Day”

    • Michael Jones says:

      You’re a good man, Frank, but not sure that I agree with you. Even though I wanted Mullen from day 1, I pulled hard for Muschamp. . I mean H-A-R-D, and for awhile defended him against all comers. Not all Gator fans are delusioned perpetual malcontents. Some of us are willing to hang in there with a coach through the good and bad times. . . . . but within reason.

      For me, and I said it at the time, his decision to run out the clock at the end of the 1st half against Bama encapsulates everything that was wrong with Will and why he had to go. Trust me, even in the UGA game, he was just trying to run out the clock the minute we got a lead and then a route broke out. He was as surprised as the rest of us that we did so well on the scoreboard.

      And the man cannot recruit. Check out the recruiting classes that Texas got when Will was the head of recruiting. Ask Charlie Strong if Will Muschamp can recruit.

      • Frank says:

        A posting friendship is taking form here Michael. Respect your opinions and I don’t disagree concerning offensive production. I just have a feeling that Will was on the verge of getting it. To use your words, I’M probably the delusional one…an eternal optimist that absolutely hates to see this happen to a great guy. And here’s my foundational reason: I worked for 30 years as a youth pastor and through the decades have seen not only the eroding of the culture generally, but how parents, families, and young athletes have lost perspective about the role and value of sports. At best 1 to 2% make it to the Pros and then in their late 30’s the game is over. If they haven’t learned a work ethic, developed personal responsibility and a life outside of sports, they’re in trouble. Coach did it right, except for winning on the field…sad, sad day. And one more thing: Jimbo Fisher is failing Jameis Winston and many other nole players…winning ballgames, for sure, but failing in developing young men. Will would be a change agent in the same situation. I’m telling you, Michael, listening to the presser, I was yelling at my computer monitor, “So WHY are we firing this man?!!!” I just need to move on. It’s done. But I still think we’ll regret the decision. God bless.

  30. Roman says:

    am i the ONLY one that finds it comical that you said “Muschamp’s dismissal comes exactly 10 years and 27 days after Zook’s firing.”

    like it was a coincidence? OF course when you use EXACTS it’s going to be EXACT

    it would have been interesting if it happened on the EXACT same day as zook…10 years later… but hell i can say i was bork EXACTLY 17 years 5 months and 12 days after Michael Jordan… doesn’t amount to anything

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