11/15: Urban Meyer’s Monday press conference

By Adam Silverstein
November 15, 2010

Head coach Urban Meyer and a small group of players meet with the media each Monday before the Florida Gators compete in a game the following Saturday. OGGOA has compiled some of the most important notes and quotes from the event this week.


Though Meyer said that, like every year, he will evaluate his staff and team members at the appropriate time (read: end of the season), he also made it a point that there is still plenty of year left and the No. 1 objective at this point is to win games for the seniors as well as the rest of the team. “We’re into solutions, not blame and not excuses,” he said. “We need to get this place back to where we need to get it.”

Asked if he believed offensive coordinator Steve Addazio would be removed from his current position with different responsibilities next year, Meyer said the following: “I don’t think that will happen. I’m not into blame, I’m not into excuses, we’re into solutions. Right now the solution is somehow have a great Tuesday and Wednesday. I know that’s a coach-speak answer, especially around here, but that’s what we do.”


All season, through the close wins and losses, Meyer along with his coaching staff and players discussed “execution” as the main issue. Things changed on Monday with everyone talking about a lack of energy on a game-to-game basis. “I don’t see an offense full of life. I don’t see a lot of energy,” Meyer said. “That’s one thing as a head coach that concerns me. That’s all personnel based and success based. […] We’re a staff that believes energy equals production.”

“We have energy givers on the team, but it’s a collective effort,” senior center Mike Pouncey added later. “When you have one or two guys giving energy on the field, it turns out like that. […] [Our team has] guys that just drift away during the course of a game.”


Contrary to what many may think hope, redshirt junior quarterback John Brantley will remain the Gators’ signal caller now and for the foreseeable future. “He’ll start at quarterback for Florida this weekend,” Meyer said. “We have to do a better job in a lot of areas and to say it’s all our quarterback – that’s not fair – and that won’t be said. Obviously our team wouldn’t say that. […] We have to raise the level of play around him.”

Though the roles of freshman QB Trey Burton and redshirt freshman tight end Jordan Reed behind center will expand, Brantley is the starter and will likely remain that way through 2011. He has not raised any issue with being replaced for option plays, and that is likely what will continue happening the rest of his time in the orange and blue.


Meyer also put the onus on himself for how the team performed once it was down 15-7 to the South Carolina Gamecocks. He said that – as he tends to do – he panicked and that resonated throughout the entire team. Instead, Meyer believes they should have stuck to the offensive game plan (using three QBs, hurry-up offense) rather than putting the ball mostly in Brantley’s hands with the thought that the team had to throw to get out from behind a deficit.

Because the team did not get into a rhythm, Meyer said the up-tempo was ineffective. The team could not gain any yardage on first down – leading to too many 3rd down and longs – and it went away from utilizing Burton simply because he was shut down early by South Carolina’s run defense.

QUOTES (After the break…)

Meyer on the seniors: “We have 23 seniors. We have five that left last year and they’re all playing in the NFL. We have two that already graduated, eight will graduate in December and all the others are on schedule to graduate. Sometimes that takes a hit when these guys take off in the spring to go to these combine preparation camps that they do, but we’re pushing it real hard. I have great confidence that they all at some point will have a degree from the University of Florida.”

Meyer on personnel changes: “Well, the head coach will be back next year. I can’t say that, I hope I am. I’m going to do the best I can to get this thing back at the elite level which we all expect.”

Meyer on freshman DT Dominique Easley’s status with the team: “He is back on the team and practicing. As of Monday, I wouldn’t say resolved, but he’s doing well in the classroom and working hard.”

Meyer on the offense line not playing well: “That’s one of several concerns we’ve had. To say we’ve lost confidence in the offensive line is very incorrect because so many things go into it. So once again this is not about excuses or problems or blame, it’s about coming up with solutions as fast as we can.”

Meyer on the offense: “Offense is the area of our prime concern right now. We’re pushing every button possible to get that fixed.”

Meyer on what is lacking: “There’s a void in our team right now – somewhere. I’m trying to figure out what it is.”

Meyer on if not having a running QB means the spread won’t work in the SEC: “On a national level – you have to have that thread.”

Meyer on the maturity of senior safety Ahmad Black: “One of the best I’ve ever been around as far as a football player and a leader.” Meyer also compared him to guys like Major Wright, Ryan Smith, Brandon Spikes and Ryan Stamper in that regard.

– Meyer also said that Florida, as a team, is high-energy and that all five guys who graduated/declared last year had that. It was not replaced fully this season.


  1. G8trpls says:

    Asked if he believed offensive coordinator Steve Addazio would be removed from his current position with different responsibilities next year, Meyer said the following: “I don’t think that will happen.=====================Well, I guess we get to witness this debacle all over again, next season.

  2. G8trpls says:

    Meyer on what is lacking: “There’s a void in our team right now – somewhere. I’m trying to figure out what it is.==================His name is Steve Addazio, and his assistant in the void is John Brantley.

  3. bostonr says:

    i’ll sum up: “it’s not us (the coaches) or brantley, it’s the rest of the team.”

    absolutely no accountability being put on the coaches here and brantley is apparently untouchable. they’re putting it all on lack of energy and bad execution.

    head planted firmly in backside. i’m starting to wish that meyer would have not decided to return if he can’t grow a pair.

    i wonder if mullen would prefer that HC paycheck at UF over MSU…..hm.

  4. npgator says:

    This train wreck of performance will carry into next season unless Coach Meyer retires this off season.

  5. alex says:

    You cannot come up with a solution without identifying the root cause of the problem; he needs to read a CQI book ASAP

  6. willgetin says:

    You don’t really expect Meyer to come out in the press, kick butt and list names, do you? He knows what the problems are, and they will get addressed. Do you really expect him to press the button and blow up the team before the season is over?

    • willgetin is correct. He’s not going to publicly put his coordinators, players or staff out there with two games left including a chance to once again sweep Florida’s traditional rivals.

  7. bostonr says:

    of our ‘traditional rivals’ only one (FSU) is bowl eligible. wow…some accomplishment.

  8. JBSG8TR says:

    Come on…he needs to admit that there are issues and specific issues. This offense will not work with JB. It is time for him to earn his money and prove that he belongs as a big time SEC coach. Stop being stubborn and make changes that are needed…NOW!

    • JBSG8TR – Two titles and three SEC Championship appearances…and he hasn’t earned his money or proven that he belongs in the SEC?

      Some of you people are over-the-edge. Jeesh.

  9. E-Pain says:


    a win’s a win, at least even when we’re all terrible, we still beat them. i’ll take it.

  10. David says:

    Willgetin is correct (as is Adam). You have to also look at the nuances of what he said. “I don’t think that will happen.” He did not say it wont happen. He is leaving himself breathing room, and he should. I believe Urban has heard the boos and knows the complaints. This job has become much like the job being the Yankee’s manager — WIN OR ELSE. I think regardless of the play the next 3 games, Urban will make some changes. We need to remember, however, that Urban Meyer is a better HC than anyone we could potentially bring in. We need to allow him to do his job and not push him out. ALSO, recruits need to hear that the program isnt falling apart and that the guys who have been recruiting them will still be there next year!!

  11. bostonr says:

    i’d rather lose to FSU seeing some serious changes and working on talent for next year. than win with this crap and have them come out next year doing the same thing because..hey…we beat crappy teams with it. this was just as bad last year. only difference was the unusually outstanding talent (mullen-trained talent i might ad…see cam too). everyone who knows the slightest thing about football can certainly see the problem. it was there last year too. if you’re ok with a 75% win season…addazio is your man. 3 yards on every play will work if you out-speed the other team.

    so…yes…i’d rather see changes now. i’d rather meyer step up and stop putting it on the players. put the accountability where it belongs and start developing for the future….now.

    do you really think changing things during a season is something new and novel…. jerry jones doesn’t think so.

  12. Aligator says:

    so basically our offense just sucks and our defense will be better next year. if you think this was bad on offense, wait until you have year three with Coach A and no returners on the Oline.

  13. Aligator says:

    honestly i think that things will get better, maybe not this year or next, but sooner or later and we all have lives to live. For the most part, we do not have any direct involvement in what happens each week with this team.

  14. bostonr says:

    i would like to be clear…at this point i don’t think meyer should go. i just want him to stop pussy-footing around, make the tough decision and act. there’s no action here. just going back to the same thing over and over. and then blaming the players.

  15. Mitch says:

    Ok Urban is the head coach. I am only a UF alumni and booster. We boosters are actually the stockholders in this UF football company. I demand more information from the officers in this company. This mumbo jumbo just doesn’t work for me. Usually, I defer to the “trust the coaches” crowd. Not after what I have seen this season. These coaches are lost, including the head coach. What I get from the comments is we will keep doing the same thing but try harder. That is a pretty pathetic response to a crumbling season. I’m begining to wonder if Urban has lost control and the inmates are running the show.

  16. Andrew says:

    These coaches are out of line. No explanations, no responsibility, no adjustments. Its one thing to not execute and its another to not have a bad strategy, and abandon a flawed strategy to another flawed strategy. Urban, people blitz every team in the country. You are not the only team that gets blitzed. When a team blitzes, that leaves voids in the defense which should be exploited. Why not design some plays to take advantage of those voids.

    On recruiting a running back. “Its Hard.” So is winning a national championship. But you did that. Mike Blakely looks good against high school teams. But he is still just a little fast guy. Go out there and get your self a marcus lattimore! Quit wasting time on more prima donna defensive linemen that get zero pass rush. I think recruiting in the past years has been terrible. We have not focused on areas of need or found players that fit the positions we employ. Just have a bunch of tiny little fast guys. We honestly have the smallest team in the country. They were getting pushed around by USF and Miami OH.

    We are in big trouble.

  17. Drew 4 Orange & Blue says:

    I agree the defense is not to blame for the offense keeping them on the field way too long…our offense looks like a high school team…it is not Brantleys fault…is he a good QB…who knows…..he hasn’t been given the chance….his O-line is horrible the playcalling is worse and the guy gets jerked in and out constantly…I don’t expect Urban to make changes mid season….but at the end of the year he had better go get a real OC!!!!!

  18. SaraGator says:

    You guys are need to calm down! Adam is right. A true manager, which Urban is, does not react suddenly and upset the whole team because somebody isn’t competent. There is a time and place for that.

    I’m in management. I’ve had incompetent employees. Unless they are doing stealing or may pose harm to others, I don’t get rid of them until I have somebody in place.

    It’s all about timing!

  19. Drew 4 Orange & Blue says:

    And it’s a shame Amad Black has gotten more pub during his career….who cares how small the guy is he plays with the biggest chip on his shoulder and just keeps making plays….we will have big shoes to fill next year!!!

  20. JBSG8TR says:

    Yes…Two titles and three SEC Championship appearances…that’s when he had the players he needed for his system, but I’ll give credit where it is due. The best coaches can find a way to win in these type of situations as well though. It’s time to budge from being so stubborn and make the necessary adjustments. As far as I am concerned we cannot salvage the season with a win over App St and FSU. It’s over already, so make the changes now and prove to everyone that you know it’s necessary and you can adapt to what you have in order to win. Look at Spurrier letting his team run the ball…that’s not his preferred system as we know, but look what it’s getting him. It’s not all on Urban, but come on…he is the leader and unfortunately the only leader that we have right now. More than anything we are missing that spark, that “IT” factor that Tebow and Spikes brought to the field at ALL TIMES! It’s frustrating for…all I am asking is that we do what is necessary. This is first year I recall anyone ever saying something about injuries being a factor in how we are playing…unacceptable. Now we don’t even know what it going on out there? Own it!

    • JBS- Coaches win when they have the players needed for their system – that’s how it works. “The best coaches can find a way to win in these type of situations as well though.” Isn’t that what Meyer did in 2006 with Leak as his QB? Leak wasn’t the prototype for a Meyer spread option QB. You are heavily discounting what Meyer has accomplished in this conference and in college football just to try and back-up your opinion. That is ridiculous.

      Don’t bother replying to me, I don’t have the time or patience to continue having this conversation with you.

  21. gatorbybirth says:

    Whether he was being nuanced or not: Addazio and Brantley are terrible and need to go!!!! If Meyer doesn’t see this, then he needs to go too. Even Pat Dooley — who was an Addazio/Brantley defender for most of the season — jumped shipped after Saturday night. The only one left on the Addazio/Brantley ship is Meyer. Even the players light up when Brantley leaves the field and Reed or Burton come in.

  22. Razzlegator says:

    If Pouncey can see that players are drifting away during the game, then the coaches should be able to see it too. Sounds like it’s time to replace these guys with players that don’t drift away. Solutions, not blame. I can hear Joe Maddon saying that next year during baseball season. Thanks Urban.

  23. Marc says:

    Does anyone else think Jordan Reed would be thriving if given a chance? How does he play so well against Vandy and barely see the field until too late vs SC? I recognize the difference in defenses, but if he is our best shot why not take it? Using Brantley doesn’t even work against Miss State. Jordan Reed is the next Cam Newton.

    On Addazio, he is the only reason why we didn’t easily role through last year to a national championship. With the returning talent that team should have blown out every opponent, including Bama. He could not adjust for losing only one weapon on offense and that showed his obvious incompetence. Urbie needs to show some sac and do what is best for the program, and not stay overly loyal. Loyalty is admirable until you hurt others because of it.

    Urban preaches that you have to adjust to your personnel, which is great. However, a coach still needs to choose the correct personnel.

  24. bostonr says:


    jerry jones is in management too. and i’d suspect at a higher pay scale. he obviously disagrees with your philosophy.

    • bostonr- Jerry Jones had never made a personnel change mid-season. His team – which was supposed to be a playoff contender and play in the Super Bowl in his own stadium – had two wins. He had no choice. Also you are talking about a head coach, not a coordinator. And you’re talking about the NFL, not college.

  25. G8trpls says:

    When you watch the ball leave Reed’s hand and then watch it leave Brantley’s hand…there is no contest……and when you watch Reed run and Brantley attempt to run again, no contest….I can’t imagine throughout the entire offseason that the coaches couldn’t see that Brantley is not the answer in the spread offense. Reed is a much better athlete than Brantley and in the spread that’s what you need.

  26. Marc says:

    One more thing. In my opinion, Brantley got screwed. Maybe Urban had every intention of changing the offense to fit Brantley when recruiting him, but it didn’t happen. The QB has no offensive line to protect him, no receivers to make plays, an offensive coordinator who is retarded, and running backs who aren’t big enough to keep the defensive line honest.

    Brantley should have went to UGA, or a school with a similar offense.

  27. bostonr says:

    really. this has never happened at the college level. really. clemson? colorado? yes…i know…head coaches. it happens to coordinators too, they just don’t make headlines.

    • bostonr- Stop overreacting and read what I actually wrote. I didn’t say it never happened at the college level. I said JERRY JONES has never fired a coach in the middle of a season before until this year…when his hand was forced because of the reasons I mentioned. Reading comprehension is always important.

  28. JBSG8TR says:

    That’s all in the past…and I believe we have players that fit the system, but again he is being stubborn or loyal to JB. That’s his own fault. If you are happy with the successful past and don’t care about the current state…then so be it. I believe he can right the ship, but he’s got to own up now and make the right moves. Gator Nation does not have the time or patience to keep supporting the same look that doesn’t work game after game.

    • JBS- I’m neither happy or “not happy” about anything. I wasn’t giving my opinion, simply telling you that discounting what the guy has done and proven he can do with or without his exact talent is a ridiculous stance to take. “Gator Nation doesn’t have the patience” for one rebuilding year after back-to-back seasons in which the team lost a combined two games, made it to two SEC title games (one win) and won a national championship and Sugar Bowl? Have fun on the ledge.

  29. gatorgrad79 says:


    I think you are probably right. If you remember in 2008 there was lots of talk that JB would transfer to Tx where he had committed originally, then it never happened. I think the die was cast, and promises made, but it was never in JB’s best interest IF meyer had no intention of modifying the playbook to best utilize a true passer.
    As for his ability – it is obviously there, but our O-line has major issues! POSSIBLE solution for next year : bring in Kerwin Bell to coach QB and get the best from JB (he knows how), and recruit some big BEASTS of O-line & D-line players from the top 4 playoff JuCo teams in the nation – we need GROWN MEN on the line now! You can’t blame any back for no yardage gains if the D-line of the opponent is living in our backfield.
    If meyer has decided to keep JB, and it looks like he has, then we have to finda way to make it work. Maybe meyer needs to go study old UF film when coached by Spur-dog ( we weren’t huge in those days either, but we had great receivers that could get open, and sufficient time for the QB to throw the ball).

  30. bostonr says:

    “…you are talking about a head coach, not a coordinator. And you’re talking about the NFL, not college.”

    i think i’m capable of comprehending that statement. unless, of course you meant something different. which would point to a problem other than my ability to comprehend.

    • “…you are talking about a head coach, not a coordinator. And you’re talking about the NFL, not college.”

      Translates as…

      Jerry fired a head coach, you’re talking about firing a coordinator. Jerry Jones is dealing with a NFL situation, this is a college situation. Firing a coach in the NFL in the middle of a season, and doing so in college, are not analogous. Recruiting plays a huge role in college firings – which is why they happen less often in major programs during the course of a season.

      In no way did I say it “never,” hasn’t or shouldn’t happen. You put those words in my mouth and changed around my statement.

      As I said, you comprehended it incorrectly. Thanks.

  31. JBSG8TR says:

    AS – Just wishing that this rebuilding year showed a little more promise. At this point it doesn’t look good for next year either.

    Agreeing to disagree at this point. This is what we need to see out of the team…great passion!


    • JBS- Fair. Agree to disagree. Thanks for visiting, conversing and commenting respectfully. Hope you don’t think I was coming down on you…just vehemently disagree with that line of thinking. 🙂

  32. JBSG8TR says:

    AS – Everyone is entitled to their own point of view. I enjoy the occasional debate, unfortunately not this situation.

    No worries here!

  33. John S says:

    Well at least the offensive line was mentioned. The problem is there’s no fix for it. I know we lose a lot of guys next year, but that may be a good thing. Maybe its the strength coach but they seemed confused, soft, and scared…kinda like Addazio. You can’t win in the trenches with soft talk and positive thoughts.

  34. HardToKillGtr says:

    Would love to read the back story, someday, on this perfect storm we are in. I beleive UM is capable of and will turn it around. All you drug babys get back on your meds and calm down.

  35. Mr2Bits says:

    Marc : Not sure if I’m on the “blame the O-line” boat as most fans. JB ahs shown each week that he does NOT have the ability to hit open receivers and read the defense with consistency. I pointed out the Vandy as an example. Even the commentators talked about how he just does not look good….he had plenty of time after the few opening drives.

  36. Mr2Bits says:

    Forgot to add that yes, the o-line is bad but I don’t think Brantley has the talent or has developed enough to be an efficient QB at this level right now.

  37. Marc says:

    Mr2Bits: I completely agree with you. I’m not a huge JB fan, although I was on his bandwagon during preseason.

  38. Marc says:


  39. Tampa Tom says:

    You all better be careful what you wish for. In 5 years Urban Meyer has won more National Championships for us than all the coaches that have been here COMBINED, Including that Assho-e old ball coach. Do you think that Texas should fire Mack Brown? Go kick your dog and take a deep breath.

  40. GatorEC says:

    Come on everyone, so what if JB isn’t the best QB we’ve had in awhile? WE CAN’T ALWAYS BE SEC/NATIONAL CHAMPS!! Everyone has their off year and this just happens to be one of ours! The mature thing is not to rag on these kids and the coaching staff. They’re doing the best they can, as is Coach Meyer. True fans support their team, in all kinds of weather, not play the ‘blame game’. We’re Gators, whether that goes along with a National Championship every year or not. Everyone has an off year, and the last thing we need to be doing as fans is bailing on our team and coaching staff. If you think you can do a better job, then suit up or shut up. Until then, support the team and the decisions that are being made. We’ll get back into the swing of things. GO GATORS!

  41. Gatorgrad79 says:


    I think most are just disappointed that when we have had a top 10 recruiting class for several years in a row, we don’t seem able to put guys out on the field to ‘fit our scheme’?! Apparently we can only do one thing at a time – this year ( as opposed to 2006/Leak team) it is guys that can run the option instead of passing. JB is the preferred QB – so be it, but shouldn’t he be given the BEST chance to succeed, ie run a scheme that leads to his strengths. Blame is not the issue, but let’s be honest – these coaches are HIGHLY paid professionals and it should not take TEN WEEKS ( plus 8 months previous to that) to figure out how to right the ship. I think that is the source of our discontent – nothing personal – and BTW, as others have put it, our performance has a DIRECT IMPACT on recruiting, and once that is in a downward spiral – look out! ( ala fsu 2002 – 2010)

  42. Will says:

    It wouldn’t matter if we had Peyton Manning back there at QB with the plays that are being called, especially on 3rd down. 3 yard plays still add up to only 9 yards @ fourth down, and we all know we are not going to get that extra yard on 4th! Urban stated at the beginning of this year that with JB instead of Tim back there, you had to adapt to your players and he would do so accordingly. Then he let Addazio beat everyone’s heads against the brick wall trying to run the same handful of plays that were better suited for Tebow and Harvin. Harvin wasn’t here last year and Tebow’s numbers were down (we won most games b/c of defense and Tebow) b/c they refused to adapt. I’m usually not the one to doubt anyone’s intelligence, but given the past two years of play-calling and seeing his interviews, I do not think Addazio has the mental capacity necessary to be an offensive coordinator anywhere (even the HS level).

    Also, maybe the players lack of energy is from seeing us doing the same thing over and over expecting different results. Maybe they aren’t buying into the kool-aid that Addazio is serving, especially when UM and Co. throw all of the blame on “poor execution” week in and out. “Poor execution” is another way of saying the coaches are doing their jobs correctly and the players are not. You can only throw the kids under the bus so many times before you have a mutiny on your hands.

  43. Marc Mac says:


  44. Ken says:

    Wow! I can understand everone beeing upset, but some of you need to calm down. Come on, look who all we lost to the NFL. The defense is still reasonable, considering (and would be better if they werent on the field 45 minutes/game). Everyone has a down year, everyone expected this to be a rebuilding year. Granted, no one eery thought the offense would be this putrid, but all of the playmakers have been injured all year. Think what people would be saying if we had Dunkley and Debose at receiver, Mack Brown as the every down back, Demps and rainey doing their thing? THAT would have kept the defenses more honest, because they have more threats to account for.

    Calling out Meyer or Adazzio at this point is silly. They are diong the best they can with a very young team, many of whom have had bad injuries. Look what happened the 2 years after Donovan lost his whole team, it takes a while to get leadership and maturity back and get the team working together, and look where they are now? Potentially a final 4 team again!

  45. Scooterp says:

    will – could’nt have said better. I’m sorry, but this is on the coaching staff. The O-line can’t pass protect, D Thompson, C Moore and O Hines dropping multiple balls a game……….. and this is Brantley’s fault? This is a gross mismanagement of talent and I would’nt blame Brantley if he wanted to leave. You build an offense around your quarteback, unless your Addazio, then you keep trying to force the same failed plan week after week. The players may be young, but they’re talented enough to be better than this.

  46. G8trpls says:

    Anyone notice the success and turn around, at Jacksonville University done by Head Coach/ Offensive Coordinator Kerwin Bell?

  47. Ken says:

    I can’t believe how quickly you folks want to throw Meyer under the bus. He is, if not the best coach in America, certainly in the top 3. Who do you think you could get that is better? We expected this to be a down year, lost 9 players to the NFL draft. Granted, down further than we would like, but we still had a shot at going to Atlanta. We played mostly freshmen and sophmores all year, and some of our best recruits (dunkley, mack, Debose) and players (Rainey, Demps) were out for all or much of the season. Brantley is a great QB with very few playmakers right now, and an o-line that is playing poorly. As young as it is, the D is playing pretty well considering it is on the field for 3/4 of the game.

    While expectations are so high because Meyer has accomplished so much so quickly, look around the country, Texas is down, Oklahoma is down, USC is down…every team has down years. The good news for the Gators – we keep recruiting at such a high level that we are reloading and our extremely talented younger players are getting a lot of real game experience. Floyd, Bostic, Powell are bests and our defense is going to be great.

    If Easley can get his head on straight I would add him to that list.

    Ease up, you don’t want to play complicated offenses with such an inexperienced group, and most of the best playmakers have not been able to be on the field at the same time.

    Even Adazzio deserves some slack. I am not thrilled with the playcalling but, come on, these guys have earned our trust and loyalty

  48. Luke says:

    Adam and Sara: do you remember Meyer calling our running backs trash in 05, 06, and even 07? Do you remember different players that were not practicing the way they should and he called then out? I agree that it’s just not the OC and QB that need to be called out, but I thought they did. Meyer has never been one to say everyone has to earn their job, but I hope he knows it’s true. I was surprised to hear Meyer say he panicked, but if that’s the case, I’ll take that as the call out I was looking for.

    IMO, Steve O needs to either coach the o-line or run the offense, not both, because both are under performing. If we need to have a dual threat QB, then I hope Brantley does some serious speed and agility work this offseason, because teams certainly have his number.

    There are no dynasties in modern college football, but with 13 games, 9-10 wins should not be out of reach for this staff and any players they recruit. The staff needs some time to gel, but it seems clear to me that the OC and O line coach need to be separate jobs.

    • Luke, there’s a difference between calling out some running backs you’ve inherited from another coach and calling out your offensive coordinator and starting QB – two team leaders.

  49. Will says:

    Urban Meyer has my trust in every aspect except who he continues to let call the plays. Addazio deserves nothing. Deserves means you have done something to be rewarded, he most certainly has not. The half of a game where we looked the best was when Azzani “assisted” and even the 3 headed QB will not work for long against good defenses. Urban and Mullen were an awesome combo who could adapt to the talent on the field and when UM promoted Addazio, we lost that ability. We run the same set of plays in predictable patterns so that even the commentators know what is coming, and we all know they are not the greatest football minds. Addazio deserves to be the recruiting coordinator, and he deserves a break for his o-line, considering he cannot focus enough attention on them and our o-line was a strength until now. He does not deserve a break for his play calling. I bleed orange and blue, but I do not think anyone deserves a free pass for everything they do. We need to hire an offensive mind to go up in the booth and do nothing but call the plays.

    Look at FSU during Bowdens last years. His nepotism severely hurt that team and the university and boosters finally forced his son to resign as OC.

  50. Will says:

    Um needs to be calling out steve behind closed doors then. You can only rail on these kids so many times before they don’t have the same effort anymore. Urban calls out his kids way too much in public. Its demoralizing. Steve A is a grown man and should be able to take the criticism he deserves. you can’t keep shoveling us crap and then tell the media its filet mignon. Adam, i agree on not calling out Jb. But take a look at the numbers in the latest article on espn about meyer/addazio. We went from 38 and 44 points a game to 27 Tebows senior year and have roughly the same this year.

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