Will arrested Vols be kicked off the team?

By Adam Silverstein
November 13, 2009

For the second consecutive day, Tennessee Volunteers loudmouth head coach Lane Kiffin declined comment Friday morning on the status of his three players each arrested on three counts of attempted armed robbery. However, Tennessee’s athletic department has confirmed to Chris Low of ESPN what most expected, that none of the three players will play against the Ole Miss Rebels on Saturday.

Freshmen wide receiver Nu’Keese Richardson, cornerback Mike Edwards and safety Janzen Jackson were all in Knox County Jail Thursday with Richardson the only one remaining behind bars as of Friday morning. Bail for Richardson and Edwards was set for $19.500, while Jackson’s was only $15,000. Jackson was later released on his own recognizance, and Edwards has also been released after posting bond.

Some believe Jackson may have all charges against him dropped seeing as he was in the convenience store at the time of the attempted robbery and claims to have had no prior knowledge of the incident. Low also reports that “it sounds like Tennessee is braced to kick both Richardson and Edwards off the team.” Is there any other option?

OGGOA would also like to thank Austin Murphy of Sports Illustrated for mentioning us in his Friday column. Our only gripe? He said we exhibited “schadenfreude” or “satisfaction or pleasure felt at someone else’s misfortune.” (Yes, we looked it up). While many of our readers may have done so, OGGOA‘s story was straight news.


  1. O-town Gator says:

    To some of the media, it’s OK to lambaste and smack down Florida whenever one of our kids does something stupid that makes the news (as well as adds another name to the Alachua County police blotter), but when the shoe’s on the other foot and another school does the same thing, it’s not OK? Sorry, but it works both ways.

  2. ReptilesRule says:

    They are trying to figure out a way to keep them on the team. They should have been suspended until the investigation was complete. Richardson and Edwards, two scrubs, will be booted off and the star, Janzen Jackson, willl come back. JUST WATCH!

  3. O-town – That appears to be the case.

    Reptiles – That is most likely what will happen, I agree.

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