11/10: Florida coach Meyer’s SEC teleconference

By Adam Silverstein
November 10, 2010

OGGOA had the opportunity to participate in Florida Gators head coach Urban Meyer’s Southeastern Conference teleconference on Wednesday (we will be doing so every week). Below are some notes from the event:


Upon taking the Florida job, Meyer told anyone who would listen that one of the main reasons he did so was because he loved watching head coach Steve Spurrier‘s teams in the 1990s and had great respect for the Gators. Asked Wednesday how Spurrier’s continued prescence on the campus affects him, Meyer explained the two have become quite close since he arrived in Gainesville, FL.

“We’re fairly good friends now. Him and his wife and my wife and myself, we’re good friends. I actually lean on him quite a bit about the University of Florida when we get together,” he said. “He was Florida. He’s the reason I came here. I had such admiration for the way his teams played.”


Redshirt junior quarterback John Brantley has always been more of a drop-back, pro-style passer. This was known the day he was recruited and every day since. Meyer addressed whether or not he would recruit a similar player again or if he would instead simply find guys who fit his system a bit better.

“We’ve played a multitude of different styles of offense really since I’ve been a head coach. It’s all about the personnel,” he said. “To be a drop-back quarterback, you really need a 220 lb. [running] back to hand off too. You also need a very stout and experienced tight end, which [we don’t have]. We’re going to continue recruiting the best players we can get our hands on and adapt to that. […] If we do [recruit another drop-back QB], we just have to make sure we have the pieces around him to give that guy a chance.”


Meyer began Wednesday’s media availability with a short statement aimed to prompt against any more questions regarding Auburn Tigers QB Cameron Newton.

“I addressed recent news stories yesterday that our [sports information director]made me aware of in the early afternoon,” he said. “Those stories have absolutely nothing to do with our team and preparation for South Carolina. Our entire focus is and will always be on our team. I will say, however, that I was very supportive of Cam when he left here and Cam and his family know that and we wish him all the best.”

Asked later if he felt a statement on the Newton allegations was necessary, Meyer replied, “I didn’t. My SID thought it was important. I didn’t want to do it to be honest with you. Whatever they tell me to do, I’ll do.”

MEYER & SPURRIER QUOTES (After the break…)

Meyer on if the team was down after the three losses: “Oh yeah. That’s a negative of playing with extremely high expectations.”

Meyer on reducing stress during the season: “The season? Guess what? There is going to be stress next year, too. That’s part of the job. I have a complete commitment to my players and my staff – that’s where my focus is.”

Meyer on if using three QBs telegraphs the plays: “Johnny can run enough to be a problem. Trey Burton can throw enough to be a problem. Jordan Reed proved he can do both.”

Spurrier on if he has ever seen three QBs been used before: “I think Red Hickey of the San Francisco 49ers did that in the early 60s. Bill Kilmer, John Brodie and Y.A. Tittle [Tittle was injured, Hickey also used Bob Waters] – they had three quarterbacks that played. Other than that, no. I have not seen three of them go at it. I’ve certainly seen two of them go at it – every other play before – as a bunch of you guys have seen also. They’re three good players, they all have their specialties. Coach Urban and his guys are trying to maximize the talents of his team, so I can certainly understand it.”

Spurrier on how to manage the egos of three QBs: “I don’t think that they feel like one guy is definitely the best way to go. When I played two quarterbacks, I said, ‘Well they both have their talents and they’re both similar in ability.’ The best way to win the game was to play both of them.”

Spurrier on the Gators’ success: “The Florida fans usually have it clinched by now. Usually – not always – but usually they have the division wrapped up before the last game.”

Spurrier on QB Stephen Garcia saying this is the team’s biggest game ever: “No, that’s not true. Please don’t listen to Stephen when he talks all the time. South Carolina, like I said, was in this game in 2000. It is a big game, but gosh, beating the No. 1 team in the country – Alabama – was a big win for us. South Carolina’s had a lot of big games in school history. Unfortunately, [we] probably haven’t won a lot of those games. […] We’ve never won the eastern division, but we have a shot at it.”


  1. E-Pain says:

    “Please don’t listen to Stephen when he talks all the time.”

    Haha, love Spurrier. Gonna be a great game!

  2. npgator says:

    My two all time favorite coaches.

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