Georgia’s cheap shot on Tebow goes unnoticed

By Adam Silverstein
November 2, 2009

While OGGOA was prepared to drop the entire Brandon Spikes eye gouging story following our last post on the subject, a new piece of video and comments by members of the media have caused us to revisit it one last time. Since Florida Gators head coach Urban Meyer handed down a first half suspension of Spikes and the Southeastern Conference accepted it, some talking heads have been up in arms saying it was not strict enough. ESPN’s Mike Golic called it “a joke” while Michael Wilbon went the sarcastic route. “Of course the SEC is [OK with the punishment],” Wilbon said. “They try to favor Florida in everything they do. How lame is the SEC governing Florida?”

A new piece of video posted by YouTube user PoliticAl2008 shows Georgia Bulldogs linebacker Nick Williams taking a cheap(er?) shot at Gators senior quarterback Tim Tebow well after he handed the ball off to running back Jeff Demps. This serves as just one example of a blatant personal foul that was not only uncalled for in the game but currently remains unpunished on the part of the Bulldogs. Some could even argue that Williams’ move was worse and more loathsome considering Tebow’s concussion history.

As Tebow said earlier today, “I don’t think that we did anything in that game that they didn’t do. You can see on the film, too. It was an intense game.” Ivan Maisel, also of ESPN, criticized Tebow’s statement on twitter saying he was “better than that.” Apparently Tebow’s statement holds credence. Maisel, did you watch the game? Did you look at the entire story? Common Ivan, I thought you were “better than that.” And Mr. Wilbon…”how lame is the SEC in governing” Georgia?


  1. BDoc says:

    When you win 2 BCS titles in 3 years the target on your back gets pretty big. Nothing short of a full, or even multiple game suspension would have been enough for some of the “critics”.

    I would like to see a replay showing Spikes’ helmet being taken off at least two times. I believe that once might have been because his chinstrap wasn’t buckled, but I think that the other was caused by a Georgia offensive lineman reaching over the top of his helmet and pulling it back after he made a tackle. The incident with Ealey didn’t happen until well into the 3rd quarter, and by then there had been quite a few “skirmishes”. Who knows what else had taken place in some of those piles.

  2. stephen says:

    be interesting to see Ivan’s retort to the new video evidence. He should know Tim wouldn’t say something that couldn’t be backed up!

  3. ReptilesRule says:

    There is alot of Gator Hate (Envy) out there in the media and fanbases that goes with the territory of being #1. Today I called the Paul Finebaum show and almost pleaded with Paul (who admitted that he didn’t watch the game) to just look at the tape and THEN make a judgement but he wanted no part of that. But predictably, all he wanted to do was to criticize Urban Meyer and me, the caller. Off course, I realize that he is wearing crimson glasses and appeasing his listeners but I felt compelled to defend our program and Urban after his opening rant, which was really the focus of his attack and his agenda to discredit. Fortunately and surprisingly, a couple more UF callers called in and re-enforced and added to what I had said. But unfortunately, this is what we Gators need to expect now that we are the program everyone is chasing and the best revenge would be to just go out and win another one so that they just have to listen to a little more Gator championship talk.

  4. Drew 4 Orange and Blue says:

    To me this late hit is 15 yards nothing more since he wasn’t running full speed and certainly not comparable to trying to poke someone’s eyes….I still think the video that should be shown was Brandon James getting his head almost ripped off late out of bounds

  5. Drew 4 Orange and Blue says:

    And I have to add Wilbon has no idea what he is talking about….anyone who watches a lot of SEC knows the Gators are not part of the old SEC and are judged much tougher than the good old boys

  6. Drew 4 Orange and Blue says:

    And one other thing…the Bulldog players and coaches have been very quiet….I am sure they know stuff went on both ways and certainly realize it’s best to keep this quiet and move on….to my knowledge the RB wasn’t even hurt so these people talking that he could have ended his career or hurt him for life….get over yourself

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