Florida Gators football to wear all-white uniforms, helmets included, vs. Georgia

By Adam Silverstein
October 26, 2018
Florida Gators football to wear all-white uniforms, helmets included, vs. Georgia

Image Credit: ESPN Images

The World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party is ahead on Saturday, and the No. 9 Florida Gators plan to look frosty even if the weather is expected to be balmy in Jacksonville, Florida. The Gators announced Thursday that they will wear all-white uniforms for the annual rivalry game against the No. 7 Georgia Bulldogs.

Take a look.

As you have surely noticed, Florida’s helmet is slightly-tweaked from the one the team has used as of late. The original version of the recent white helmet featured the iconic “Gators” script on one side and the so-called “Fast F” on the other. However, the new white helmet features the “Gators” script on both sides with the rest of the lid remaining the same.

Florida is 3-4 while wearing the white helmet since its reintroduction a few years back, though that record certainly has more to do with the team on the field and coaching staff on the sideline than it does the uniform that the team worse in those games.

This will be the fourth edition of a white helmet the Gators have worn in recent memory following the version that included the “Fast F” on both sides in 2009-10 as part of the Nike Pro Combat uniform and the old flat block F throwback helmet donned by Florida in 2006.

After a couple years of both programs wearing team-color jerseys, the Gators and Bulldogs went back to home-and-away uniforms in last year’s game. With Florida being the away team on Saturday, it was going to wear white jerseys anyway, and this look is certainly a clean one.


  1. Bob says:

    I can’t be the only one who finds the “Fast F” to be completely inadequate. It looks like something I could design using the standard font set in Microsoft Word. Glad they’re going with the script Gators, but I’d like to see them use the Gator head on the helmets for a change. The script font is very 1980s—and that Gator head, which was not universally loved when it launched, is a really, really great logo.

    Yeah, I’m a dork for uniforms 🙂

  2. G2 says:

    Absolutely hate the Gator script logo, always have…so dated, 70’s font. All the teams that were using that font have changed their look.
    Fast F ok, the retro F not bad. loved the retro uni’s during 06 or 07 when they beat Bama at home.

  3. Jenna says:

    What colors should fans wear if they go to the UF/FSU game?

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