TWO BITS: Florida overrated, Andrews interview

By Adam Silverstein
October 14, 2010

1 » Ranking college football’s most overrated teams, FOX Sports listed the No. 22/22 Florida Gators at No. 1, noting offensive ineptitude while insulting how the team has been playing this season while comparing it to Air Force.

The Florida Gators have four wins over FBS unranked teams with a combined record of 11-12, a No. 96-ranked total offense, and are No. 22 in the AP poll. Air Force (5-1) has four wins over unranked FBS teams with a combined record of 8-15, the No. 21-ranked total offense in the country, and is ranked below Florida, at No. 23. True, the Gators have a good defense – ranked No. 37 in points allowed – but Air Force is ranked No. 25 in the same category. Perhaps what makes Florida such an obvious No. 1 on our list is simply watching them play. It’s actually painful.

2 » Taking a page out of OGGOA‘s playbook, AOL FanHouse‘s Brett McMurphy sat down with ESPN reporter and former Gators dazzler Erin Andrews for an in-depth interview about a wide variety of topics. Andrews was asked about the current Florida team and provided her opinion on how the Gators have looked this year.

It’s a transition year. (Tim) Tebow’s gone, Brandon Spikes is gone. Charlie Strong is gone. Dan Mullen is gone. I’m trying to say this so I don’t get in trouble because everything ends up on the internet … that’s a lot when you have the heart and soul of your offense, you have the heart and soul of your defense and your D-coordinator gone. That’s not just losing Tim Tebow as your quarterback. That’s losing a lot of people.


  1. SaraGator says:

    Love Erin and how she represents women and Gator Nation!

  2. PLHU says:

    I don’t think Air Force had to play bama and LSU back 2 back did they?

  3. Aligator says:

    yes, it is painful to watch, just like when the zooker was here. my god i swear we feel like illini fans…

  4. Luke says:

    It is painful to watch, but that’s what we get for having a rebuilding year in the SEC… Oh well, there’s always next year. Now who’s looking forward to Boise State playing TCU for the national title???

  5. Mr2Bits says:

    Wow , fox and others must really hate the Gators to rank them as the most overrated team in the country, Hell they are barely in the top 25, does that really qualify as overrated? I would rank Boise or TCU more overrated than us all things considered. Granted I think were not top 25 quality but nobody is doing me a favor placing us at #22. Anything outside of top 15 is just looking in anyhow, how about you focus on a team that is about to slide like they always do (cough cough USC)!

  6. UF_84 says:

    I really can’t argue with Fox sports assesment of our season at all. With the exception of the Kentucky game, it really has been very painful to watch us play this year. That is an extremly accurate statement. Watching our offence is like watching an old Keystone Cops or Three stooges movie. If I weren’t such a diehard Gator fan it would be hillarious.
    That being said, I’ll be in the Swamp on Saturday yelling as loud as I can (not booing). Lets see if we can’t get back to back Bulldog wins. Go Gators!!

  7. Oscar says:

    Yes, our offense is painful to watch, the truth hurts. Thanks Addazio!

  8. GG says:

    Does anyone else think it’s strange we haven’t seen more of #1 rated class out there? With the exception of Burton, nobody really stands out yet. At what point do we get these guys some playing time, build for next year. Guess I won’t push the panic button until I see what happens tomorrow.

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