Florida Gators release 2015 depth chart for Week 3 at Kentucky: Kelvin Taylor removed as starter

By Adam Silverstein
September 14, 2015

Though things will undoubtedly continue change for the Florida Gators throughout the 2015 season, especially with players coming back from injury, the team released its thirddepth chart of the season ahead of Saturday’s game against the Kentucky Wildcats

The contest will be head coach Jim McElwain‘s third with the Gators, and it will all go down inside Commonwealth Stadium in Lexington, Kentucky, at 7:30 p.m. and air live on the SEC Network.

Here is Florida’s third official depth chart release.


QB: 7 Will Grier OR 3 Treon Harris
RB: 25 Jordan Scarlett OR 32 Jordan Cronkrite, 21 Kelvin Taylor
TE: 83 Jake McGee, 80 C’yontai Lewis, 30 DeAndre Goolsby
WR: 5 Ahmad Fulwood, 11 Demarcus Robinson, 85 Chris Thompson
WR: 81 Antonio Callaway, 10 Valdez Showers, 18 C.J. Worton
WR: 4 Brandon Powell 89, Alvin Bailey

» Taylor was demoted to backup running back after committing an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty on Saturday. Thompson replaced Worton at the primary WR spot, while Robinson was moved up from third to second string. Showers and Worton moved into backup roles on the secondary WR spot, with Showers removed from third-string slot.

LT: 78 David Sharpe, 73 Martez Ivey
LG: 63 Trip Thurman, 52 Travaris Dorsey
C: 54 Cam Dillard, 64 Tyler Jordan
RG: 71 Antonio Riles, 77 Andrew Mike
RT: 75 Mason Halter, 74 Fred Johnson

» Sharpe replaced Halter as the starting left tackle, with Halter moving to starting right tackle and Ivey’s OR designation having disappeared.


DE: 90 Jon Bullard, 96 CeCe Jefferson
NT: 91 Joey Ivie, 93 Taven Bryan OR 54 Khairi Clark
DT: 57 Caleb Brantley, 17 Jordan Sherit
RUSH: 94 Bryan Cox Jr., 14 Alex McCalister
SLB: 34 Alex Anzalone OR 23 Jeremi Powell
MLB: 3 Antonio Morrison, 34 Alex Anzalone
WLB: 40 Jarrad Davis, 13 Daniel McMillian

» Anzalone was given an OR designation at SLB due to his shoulder injury.

CB: 1 Vernon Hargreaves III, 15 Deiondre Porter
CB: 6 Quincy Wilson OR 5 Jalen Tabor
Nickel CB: 24 Brian Poole, 7 Duke Dawson
S: 42 Keanu Neal, 26 Marcell Harris
S: 20 Marcus Maye, 8 Nick Washington

» Dawson replaced Wilson at backup nickel CB, moving from backup safety. Neal is now the sole starter at his safety position. Wilson and Tabor remain listed as OR at the second cornerback spot, though the order of their names was flipped.


K: 16 Austin Hardin, 98 Jorge Powell
P: 19 Johnny Townsend, 16 Austin Hardin
H: 19 Johnny Townsend, 24 Case Harrison
LS: 41 Ryan Farr OR 47 Jonathan Haney
KR: 4 Brandon Powell, 81 Antonio Callaway
PR: 81 Antonio Callaway, 4 Brandon Powell

» Callaway has replaced Hargreaves in his spots at both returner positions.


  1. Matt says:

    Hey can we talk about the lack of pass rush on this team??? I know JB got to the QB a couple of times but he is not the RUSH End!!! If we can’t generate a pass rush against ECU then we are in serious trouble! I see they put Cox as a starter maybe they saw that McCalister did nothing as I did. They may want to put Jefferson over there! Thoughts?

    • Buster says:

      What? Are you honestly picking on the one unit that played a great game?

      They totally bottled up the run and got consistent pressure. The ECU QB was getting the ball out within 3 seconds on most plays by the end of the game. It’s pretty hard to get a rush when he is doing that.
      DBs and LBs in coverage do need to improve though. They were a little soft.

  2. Buster says:

    Funny that they removed KT now, but right after he chewed him out he was back out there toting the rock.

    That makes a ton of sense

  3. cline says:

    I thought on run plays there was good surge into their backfield, but on passing downs i think they got the ball out really quickly. But always would love to see a better pass rush

  4. Drew says:

    When the passing system is setup as quick routes and nickel and dining your way down the field, how do you get real pressure? The ball was always out fast because the routes were all so short.

  5. Sharon Milner says:

    I am glad coach is punishing Kelvin Taylor. He is a very good player but needs to learn to be part of a team. It’s not all about him or any one Gator.

  6. Ryan D. says:

    Coach stated in the presser that the other running backs look up to Kelvin because of the way he practices. Also that he will continue to get the bulk of the load. So him not starting is just like D-Rob not starting.

  7. Mike The Red says:

    Looking purely at the stastistics, Cronkrite is giving KT a run for his money. It would be interesting to see how he does if he got more carries.

  8. uf_84 says:

    Mac really needs to pick a starting QB and let him play the whole game. IMO Grier is the better passer by far but he’s also turnover prone (Yes the one interception wasn’t his fault but if ECU’s number 10 could catch he would have thrown 2 more and we likely would have lost the game. He’s also had a fumble in each game.) Hopefully it’s just due to youth and inexperience because if he can learn to take care of the football he has a chance to be a great one.

    Harris isn’t as accurate but he’s a better runner and a serviceable passer. Who knows what either is going to be able to do now that SEC play is starting. Neither one has earned it but it’s time to name a starter and have other in the bull pen to play only if the offense is struggling, an injury or blow out. The two headed QB is not going to work against quality teams.

  9. G2 says:

    If we want to win the game Treon needs to start. He has more experience and seems to pull things out of the backside when needed.

    Do agree that Grier has the bigger upside but is a bit raw. If Treon falters, bring in the kid….nothing to lose.

    The flip side would be to start Grier and keep him on a short leash, if we get down by 10 bring in Treon. I don’t think we can make up any more than 10 points and pull out a win.

    • Buster says:

      Couldn’t disagree more. This game was on it’s way to blowout status until they brought Treon in.
      He was gifted two prime opportunities and we came away with zero. Part of that fault goes on Hardin as well.

      Once they brought back Grier he seemed out of sync. I’m for giving Grier the call and sticking with him all year.

      I like Treon, but Grier gives us the best opportunity to win now and down the road.

    • Mike The Red says:

      I like Harris, but Grier was putting more points on the board. Start Grier and let him play as long as he is on a roll. If he falls flat, see what Harris can do.

  10. Max McCullough says:

    finally good to see a coach who is serious about getting the florida gators disiplined and improve as a whole. Loving big Jim so far.

    Howbout u guys?

  11. Fatback says:

    Grier has the potential to be an ideal #1 guy. Harris is currently, and in my opinion probably always will be, an ideal #2. I think you go with the potential and get your growing pains out of the way in the year that everybody expects them.

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