Report: NCAA to hold Floyd’s hearing Tuesday

By Adam Silverstein
September 5, 2011

It came as a shock to fans following the Florida Gators when they learned just minutes before Saturday’s season opener that sophomore defensive tackle Sharrif Floyd was declared ineligible by the University of Florida and could not participate in the game.

Set to start at defensive end for the Gators, Floyd was declared ineligible due to “an issue that is not related to sports agents, University of Florida boosters or his recruitment to Florida,” the school announced. UF did not, however, say specifically why they were forced to declare the former five-star recruit ineligible.

A report from the Palm Beach Post on Sunday notes that Floyd’s high school coach, Ron Cohen, said the NCAA’s hearing with the player is scheduled for Tuesday.

The Gators have not confirmed this and will not until speak on the matter until the situation is settled one way or another.

Cohen also told the Post that he “believes” Floyd’s “name came up with the NCAA” in regards to North Carolina’s pursuit of him as a top high school prospect.


  1. Daniel M. says:

    To what extent must recruiting violations at one school occur for a players eligibility to be affected at another school? Given the UF Compliance Department’s heightened awareness off all things recruiting, and the suggestion that this is a UNC matter, I want to think this is just a precautionary measure just like Debose and Patchan.

    I am greatly looking forward to what I believe will be years of dominance by the 2-4-7 trio. Oh sweet Jesus don’t let that get sidetracked by some ridiculous NCAA misstep by Floyd. There are big battles on the horizon. We definitely need that big Beluga in the trenches.

    Honestly, I’ll be sweating this one out until I hear he’s cleared.

  2. Ralph Seegobin says:

    “Honestly, I’ll be sweating this one out until I hear he’s cleared.”

    • Mr2Bits says:

      Whats the worst that can happen, one game maybe two suspension if it is something serios? Half the Miami team was booked for Lil Luke’s boat tours and they got nothing more than a few breather games for their top players.

  3. Razzlegator says:

    After looking into the allegations against UNC, nothing about recruiting is involved. Improper player benefits and academics are the listed transgressions. Since SF never attended the school, that would seem to leave him out of that issue. As his high school said, if this is about selling cookies, this is indeed ridiculous.

    • John S says:

      Improper player benefits and academics were what got the NCAA involved with North Carolina, but their investigation is ongoing. They blamed an assistant for the academics etc.. but something else uncovered and likely worse got Butchy fired.

  4. TonyM1449 says:

    Thanks Adam …I’ll still sweat bullets until he’s cleared tho. As good as those guys look (even tho it was fau ), the thought of him playing D-end is SCARY!! GO GATORS!

  5. aziatic41 says:

    The defense looked good in our first game which is expected with Will Muschamp and Dan Quinn on board. We want know how good our team really is until SEC play begins. Nonetheless, every win builds confidence for a young team. My concerns are still John Brantley. I’m still not confident in him completing passes on 3rd and long situations against SEC defenses. Also, I wonder if Rainey and Demps, being small scat backs, can avoid injury for entire year with the amount of touches these guys are scheduled to get. Would also like to see linebackers Bostic and Jenkins deliver more punishing tackles and make more plays. But to me the main concern is still JOHN BRANTLEY..

    • AMonk says:

      Why is there a concern for 3rd down conversions? Granted the defense was an FAU defense but Brantley made many nice throws on 3rd down to convert. I think we should give him the benefit of the doubt.

    • John S says:

      I thought Johnny looked pretty good, the lineman has to complete the chop block and Deonte has to come down with that ball, it looked like he wasn’t expecting it and let the defense get a better position.

  6. The big O says:

    Certainly…our offense will go as Brantley goes. I am hoping Weiss can get Brantley some redemption, after what Addazzio did to him.
    I like Brantley’s style….hopefully this year he can show that he has that “big game” factor, in which like all great qb’s, he steps up and takes control over the game!

  7. brlgator says:

    seems like its not but hopefully its not related to acedemics

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