08/26: Florida Gators 2010 fall practice notes

By Adam Silverstein
August 26, 2010

The 2010 version of the Florida Gators is in the midst of their third week fall practice and, while the activities were once again closed to both the media and public, some notable things did occur at Thursday’s press conference courtesy of head coach Urban Meyer. OGGOA has compiled some of the key details.

There is a ton to read…and you can check it all out by clicking the link below.


The following is a transcript of the portion of Meyer’s press conference in which the head coach discussed the rumors surrounding five-star freshmen defensive end Ronald Powell and defensive tackle Dominique Easley. Special thanks to the Palm Beach Post‘s Jason Lieser for the quotes:

Q: There’s talk about your two freshmen. Can you clarify what happened?
UM: “I’m not sure what talk. It’s all good. They’re doing great. Our freshman class is doing great. I keep hearing this and I keep hearing that and everything’s in good shape.”

Q: Did Powell and Easley miss practice Tuesday?
UM: “Part of practice. They’re all good.”

Q: Why did they miss practice?
UM: “They’re all good. They’re doing real good.”

Q: Do they want to transfer?
UM: “No. No, no, no, no, no.”

Q: Did you have to sit them down for a talk?
UM: “Never. The transfer word never came out of their mouths. They’re good.”

Q: Is it a big deal that they missed practice?
UM: “They’re good.”

Q: Were the absences excused?
UM: “They’re. Good. Real good.”


Though senior center Mike Pouncey mentioned that he may be forced to move to tackle for the first few games of the season due to injuries to starting left tackles sophomore Xavier Nixon and redshirt sophomore Matt Patchan, Meyer said Thursday he is against such a decision. “I was opposed to that because the first game I want the ball to hit the quarterback in the hands and not look like Bad News Bears out there,” Meyer said. “I don’t think we’re going to move Mike.” Meyer also noted that Nixon (knee) and Patchan (wrist) would indeed miss the first game of the season against Miami (OH) on Sept. 4; Nixon has “something” in his knee, and Patchan had a pin placed in his wrist.

If Pouncey does indeed stay at center, expect redshirt senior left guard Carl Johnson to move over a slot (he’s started at LT before) or either redshirt freshmen Kyle Koehne or Nick Alajajian to see some time with the first team.


Redshirt freshman tight end Jordan Reed has been out of action recently with a knee injury that the coaching staff feared was season-ending; instead, it is simply a deep knee bruise and he will probably sit for the opener. “We thought we lost him,” Meyer said. Though the team wanted to enhance the hybrid TE position anyway, Reed’s injury is likely one of the reasons why sophomore wide receiver Omarius Hines and freshman quarterback Trey Burton have gotten extra time there. Of course, freshman TE Gerald Christian is also an option, especially as he grows.


Asked who the team’s three starting linebackers would be for the first game, Meyer went on to name all five players who are currently fighting for the roles – redshirt senior A.J. Jones, seniors Brandon Hicks and Lorenzo Edwards, sophomore Jon Bostic and redshirt freshman Jelani Jenkins. Expect for the veterans to get the nod at the home opener with Jenkins seeing plenty of time. Hicks sprained his thumb during practice and is being extra careful, and freshman Neiron Ball may even see the field, too.


Though he did not exactly say that redshirt sophomore cornerback Jeremy Brown has won the second starting job, Meyer did specify that Brown will be seeing major action on Sept. 4. “Jeremy is doing really good. He’s healthy,” Meyer said. “He’s full speed. We watched him during two-a-days, but he’s full tilt. It makes you feel good to see that guy go like that. He’ll be the starter at nickel, or probably corner.” He also touched on the fact that both Brown and senior CB Moses Jenkins are finally going to be able to play after coming back from injuries, saying both will start. “They paid their dues, man. Imagine their families coming up here and watching them start at the University of Florida. It’s going to be really cool for them next week.”


Redshirt senior wide receiver Carl Moore (emergency root canal) missed practice Thursday. Sophomore LB Dee Finley (stinger) has recovered but will likely miss the first game for precautionary reasons.


Meyer on being asked about Powell and Easley: “I really wish, as a coach — you know what coaches want to do? Move away and go coach a team and go play the game. That’s changed in the last 15 years. You don’t do that. Certainly not at a place like this. You’ve got to go get asked a bunch of things. Everybody’s just doing their job. It’s more not for us because who cares? It’s these young people – some high school coach got 50 calls because some guy put a blog on this. I was like, ‘My gosh. Everything’s good.’”

Meyer on freshmen playing in the home opener: “I was going to give you names, but when I do that I leave one or two out. “There are going to be a bunch that are going to play, because they’re good, and two-thirds of our team are freshmen and sophomores.”

Meyer on the 2010 offense: “It’s going to look different. There will be some things that we have not done, including even when Chris Leak was here. So, there will be some interesting things to look at and we kind of got an idea of the playmakers on offense.”

Meyer on a second conference call with other coaches RE: agents: “What you find out is it’s not like running a team; it takes forever. But there’s a lot of good minds on there, a lot of good people that want to do it right. […] [We want to] to stop the nonsense. It’s evaluate the rules, enforce the rules and then try to stop what’s going on. That sounds real easy, it does to a coach, until you get everybody on the phone and you’re like, ‘Wow, I never thought of that.’ You get legal issues and everything else. I was just a listener. It was unbelievable.”

Meyer on the Maurkice Pouncey situation: “We’re waiting to see what comes out of this. We wear them out around here about that stuff. Everything’s coming back positive about the investigation. I’m not sure if it’s finished or not. But I think we do everything by the book, and I’d be disappointed if I found something that we don’t because we educate them and we meet with the families and we do everything we can.”

Special thanks to the Palm Beach Post, The Gainesville Sun (video) and Miami Herald for the above quotations.


  1. Gatorbuc15 says:

    Urban’s primary response: “They’er good”. Hah! I love it!

    You go Urban!

    On another note, I’m very glad to hear that Reed will be able to play this year! That’s very good news!

    Great post Adam! Keep’em coming!

  2. Drew 4 Orange & Blue says:

    The O-line situation is concerning….I sure hope they are all back when we head up to Knoxville in 3 weeks

  3. cline says:

    Cliffhanger tweets last night are a real anxiety builder. Twitter is kind of evil in my opinion.

  4. Evil? Yes. Necessary? Yes.

  5. cline says:

    I don’t really agree that Twitter is necessary. No real policing of what is posted so people can throw out any lambasting or accusatory tweet and all of a sudden people are taking the comments as facts.

  6. Drew 4 Orange & Blue says:

    8 days and then we can start talking about what is actually happening on the field and some of this drama can just go away!!!

  7. cline says:


  8. brlgator says:

    Whats our starting Dline at this point. Which IMO is the position that determines our season

  9. Trattou – Sanders – Howard – Lemmens

  10. Drew 4 Orange & Blue says:

    I thought Hunter was starting?

  11. Well Marsh and Hunter are both going to be playing a ton too. I’m not sure who exactly the second guy in the middle will be personally – could be Hunter.

  12. Drew 4 Orange & Blue says:

    I think it was about a week ago Gatorsports had an article saying Hunter starting spot was his to lose because he had played so well…..and I wonder is Bostic being a Captain will affect whether he starts?

  13. brlgator says:

    that unit (and the o line) are the most important unit on the team and shakiest…

  14. Drew 4 Orange & Blue says:

    I think the O-line is the shakiest because of the lack of depth…I think most feel Powell, Easley & Floyd will all contribute heavily and may even have a few starts at some point and we already have 5 quality upper classmen….I feel good about our D-Line

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