Decision time: Waisome picks UF, Wilder to FSU

By Adam Silverstein
August 18, 2010

Two of the country’s top high school seniors announced their respective college choices on Wednesday, both deciding to attend a respective university that will put them in direct competition with each other. Four-star cornerback Nick Waisome (Groveland, FL) committed to the Florida Gators, while five-star running back James Wilder, Jr. (Tampa, FL) has decided to play for the Florida State Seminoles.

Waisome, who greatly impressed coaches and those in attendance with his combination of speed and technical proficiency at Florida’s Friday Night Lights camp on July 23, is one of the top 10 players at his position in the nation and noted that the school’s graduation rate and coaching philosophy were big motivators in his decision.

“It was the relationship with the coaches, some of the players, I like the atmosphere,” Waisome said on ESPNU. “The school is a fun place. And I just liked it overall. Great school. [They] win championships. [I’m] ready to play.”

He also discussed meeting with new defensive coordinator Teryl Austin during his last visit to the University of Florida. “It was a good experience, I got to talk to him one-on-one about some of the coaching factors he uses individually – what kind of schemes they run and stuff like that. I got a feel of how he coaches, and I feel I can be coached the same way.”

Also one of the top 25 recruits in the state of Florida, Waisome becomes the Gators’ 14th commitment for the 2011 recruiting cycle and is only the second CB to sign after four-star Louchiez Purifoy (Pensacola, FL) decided to join the team just before FNL.

Unlike Waisome, Wilder did not attend Florida’s camp and instead decided to visit Florida State in the later part of July. Though he was a strong Gators lean for quite some time, in the end Wilder felt that he has a greater chance to succeed as a RB – his position of choice – playing with the Seminoles.

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  1. Jaymz15Gator says:

    James Wilder Jr. will be gatorbait. Glad we got Waisome.

  2. Tampa Tom says:

    Welcome to the big show Nick

  3. Tampa Tom says:

    say hello to the girl school wilder

  4. El Meester says:

    And a note on Purifoy: He’s been absolutely wowing the scouts over the past few weeks, and actually was moved way up on Rivals top 250. He’s now a 4-star CB (#116 national).

  5. tenn todd says:

    I cant wait til Wilder comes out the backfield and Waisome lays him out!!! LOL!!

  6. Gio Showtime says:

    Rivals moved Purifoy to 4 star status and has him ranked above Waisome now. Shazier almost cracked the top 100

  7. dp says:

    Great choice Nick…you obviously have a better head on your shoulders than some of your counterparts…speaking of heads on shoulders, I know a running back from the upper left hand side of our beautiful state that better make sure his head is on straight when he meets a few of my friends…their names are Omar, Ronald, Dominique, and Shariff to name a few. I know Adam, I know…don’t be so bitter, they’re just kids…but I can’t fathom how such a highly touted prospect can go from playing in the best conference with a chance at multiple
    national championships and choose that shit-ass team that will be lucky to win the ACC. I’m baffled…I guess once again lack of patience coupled with the need to immediately be “the man” on campus outweighs playing for a far superior and classy university.

  8. Mr2Bits says:

    Posted this on the other thread but does anyone know the story of why/how he went from crappy Chamberlin to the top football program in the State/Country? I’d like to see or hear how that transpired and if Wilder lives at an empty plot with a mailbox that zoned within Plant’s school district.

  9. GatorDyNASTY says:

    Dp, i totally agree, but always remember, not official until he inks his name.

    I’ve come to learn that if people don’t commit because they see no near playing time in the future, that’s good for your program especially someone of his caliber. And let the ones who don’t wanna compete for a spot go, we all here know how desperate Florida State is. They probably are giving him extra benefits to come to their university, don’t worry, if Wilder does stay with the SEMInoles, he’ll just be hearing the following.

    If you ain’t a Gator, then you’re Gatorbait, and he’s gonna realize a 4.7 40 ain’t gonna get him no where in the SEC(that’s why he went ACC)

    Hey Wilder, good luck making it to a BCS enjoy watchin that Orange and Blue takin home the ring while you’re at home watchin us win it all in January! You ain’t ever gonna get a tasste of what the governers cup is. Cuz when you go to Gainesville or we come to Tallahassee it’s gonna be orange and blue. And we gonna be laughin at you when we rackin up the points.


    and Nick Waisome, you are an intelligent kid. GOOD LUCK in the Orange and Blue!

  10. Gatorbuc15 says:

    Screw you Wilder! Apparently, you don’t want to be on a team that actually has a chance to win a championship. So have fun at FSU, while losing to us every year!

    As for you Waisome, Welcome aboard! You made a much smarter decision than that other dumbass did! I’ll look forward to watching you kill people on Saturdays!

  11. John Shanks says:

    We’re a long way from February. We’ll see how FSU performs this year and how it affects their verbal commits. From what I understand the OL is a wreck due to injury and I bet Wilder will be in Tallahassee on 11/27. Until signing day I’m not going to criticize anyone who still has a shot at being a Gator.

    Welcome Waisome, we’re glad to have you.

  12. npgator says:

    Great to have Waisome – we knew yesterday early that Wilder was not coming so I personally am very happy with the news today that Nick Waisome is a Gator!

  13. GatorDyNASTY says:

    Sad thing is;

    Scout’s called him a beast and he went out of the most “beast” conference in Football, to go play for the ACC

  14. Timmy T says:

    Easy fellas, easy. Wilder made the decision that best suits him at this particular time. No need to bash the kid just yet. He isn’t a Seminole until he signs his name on the dotted line, and its a lonnng time until February. He could very well flip-flop 5 times from now until then. I assure you, Meyer and Co. are not going to just quit recruiting the kid. Now, if come February he signs with TSUN, I will join the bashing fest with extreme gusto, but let’s relax for now. I have a feeling this isn’t over yet.

  15. brlgator says:

    Awesome to have waisome, you can never have too many corners.

    And to be honest if I were a RB, I would be heistant to come to UF too. We run a form of a hybrid spread offense. I cant remember the last time we had a 1,000 yard rusher. These kids base their decisions on what is best for them in their individual situation not what is best for gator nation.

    And like every else said NSD is very far away and I am sure we have “commits” that wont sign and I am sure we will sign kids that are “commited” elsewhere.

  16. Reimlaw says:

    EASY you guys, especially you Gatorbuc15. These are teenage KIDS making what is, most likely, the biggest decision of their lives up to this point. I went through the recruiting process for baseball and know, first hand, how stressful it can be. There’s a lot to consider and information, conditions and circumstances change during the process. I can see a kid thinking a situation is perfect for them and then realizing it’s not later down the road. You only hope for the player and the prospective school that they realize it before they sign.

    I’m all for rooting for the Gators and against everyone else but it doesn’t give anyone the right to bash the kid or get nasty with them. That’s just my opinion. You have to remember, fans aren’t the only ones who read these comments. I would love to see him in orange & blue but negativity from the fan base can’t help. Not to mention, NSD is months away. We’ll see what happens between now and then. The coaching staff has worked magic before and will again. I’m sure it’s going to be just a matter of when.

  17. gatorzone says:

    I think Meyer and Co. will stop recruiting Wilder as a RB. They will focus on Bellamy and Blakely. At this point I see them recruiting Wilder as a defensive player only which could effectively terminate his recruiting.

    Our class is really coming together nicely. 4-5 great players and a bunch of “ham and eggers” aren’t going to give FSU the depth to be on top consistantly. We are recruiting now like Bobby B. did in his heydey, except our coach isn’t going to be satisfied in just out talenting the other team.

  18. Drew 4 Orange & Blue says:

    I agree we all need to calm down…remember Elam and how a few were spewing the hate only to have him come back to the fold….one reason why I like this site so much is most on here don’t overreact…I agree with Mr Shanks that F$U is really at a pivotal year….expectations are rising and if they don’t meet the expectations it could very well affect recruiting or they could have a great year and gain momentum and might become our toughest rival over the next few years

  19. G8rgr8 says:

    Wilder is a “Drama Queen” and he needs to talk to Matt Elam and switch on signing day or……….. He is “Gator Bait”

  20. dls says:

    The question is – will Timmy Teblow show up at UF when they start losing so Urbie can have a shoulder to cry on!!!!!

  21. Tampa Tom says:

    Looks like we got us a little Tailasissy boy on our site. hey dls I give Bimbo 3 years max then the semenholes will bring back booby

  22. FSUgrad says:

    It’s funny how you Gator Fans have reacted to the decision by Wilder, so typical….someone earlier in this post said that UF is a “classier” university, really?? Would a classy group of people attack a high school senior for picking a school to play football?? NO!! Lay off the kid, even if he flip flops and ends up signing at UF in Feb. I would not personally attack him….Now that is class. Take notes UF’ers!
    Love always,
    A classy and successful FSU grad

  23. Drew 4 Orange & Blue says:

    After seeing clips of this kid it’s obvious why teams want him on the defensive side of the ball….he has the physical tools to be an All-American on that side but he is too tall and runs to high to be a great RB….maybe he’s looking at Brandon Jacobs as the one current example but that guy will be lucky if he is still playing in 3-4 years with the punishment he is taking

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