Twitter reacts to Tebow signing with New England

By Adam Silverstein
June 10, 2013

Florida Gators quarterback Tim Tebow, released by the New York Jets one month ago and supposedly on his way out of the NFL, is prepared to sign a contract with the New England Patriots on Monday. As usually happens with Tebow, the latest news about the signal caller led to an insane number of tweets on Twitter including many from Gators, famous athletes and celebrities. Below are just a few of those tweets. If an athlete or celebrity you follow did not make this list, please tweet or e-mail us.

Check out the 14 tweets…after the break!

Doug Flutie (@DougFlutie): Welcome to New England @TimTebow

Leon Washington (@Leon_Washington): Yes Sir @TimTebow Lets Put that Work In Bro #Blessed

Tiki Barber (@TikiBarber): I don’t think anyone in America trends as fast as Tebow! #Seriously!

Jamal Anderson (@jamthedirtybird): Tebow, Brady & Gronk on the same team. They just need to sign Justin Bieber as a place kicker. #NewEnglandBeatles

Kent Taylor (@kenttaylor18): Happy for Tim Tebow, going to the patriots!

Dorian Munroe (@D_Munroe): 3rd Down and 3 or less has just become an automatic 1st Down for the New England Patriots. #Tebow

Donte’ Stallworth (@DonteStallworth): For anyone who thinks there will be a circus in New England with the Tebow signing, I have a bridge in #Brooklyn for sale…

Teddy Dupay (@TeddyDupay): i keep on saying…Some one that likes to WIN games and SELL seats will sign Tim Tebow.

Jose Canseco (@JoseCanseco): tebow will start against the jets and win and belicheck will become the master troll

Colin Thompson (@ColinThompsonUF): Tebow time in New England! #Winner

Reidel Anthony (@ReidelAnthony15): The Pats love gator players.. Good Luck Tebow

Donnie Wahlberg (@DonnieWahlberg): Tim Tebow to the @patriots is awesome! A real coach & QB, like Belichick & Brady, know the one way to make Tebow a weapon… #ThePatriotWay!

Paul Azinger (@PaulAzinger): (1) Im pumped that @TimTebow is going to the Pats! Get ready to see Bill Belichick coach him up! #Winner (2) Rex ain’t no Bill Belichick! Just sayin. #Tebowing

Jesse Levine (@jesselevine7): Tebow to the pats? Am I jumping on the patriots bandwagon?

One Comment

  1. Oldflyer says:

    Thrilled. I thought that was the dream situation for him from the beginning.

    Good organization, good coaching, staff that believes in him.

    Tim will get a fair shake. The Pats will need to replace Brady in 3-5 years, IMO. In the meantime Tim can learn from the best.

    I expect he will actually have a package to run in the meantime.

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