Florida Gators react on Twitter to the murder conviction of former tight end Aaron Hernandez

By Adam Silverstein
April 15, 2015

Aaron Hernandez, a former tight end with the Florida Gators, was convicted of first-degree murder on Wednesday by a jury of his peers in Fall River, Massachusetts.

Reaction was immediate from Hernandez’s former teammates with the Gators, who expressed their shock and concern for Hernandez on social media.

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  1. Mr2Bits says:

    Not really certain why so many former players are surprised. The evidence (although circumstantial) was overwhelming and from everything that surfaced, this likely wasn’t the only person he has killed.

  2. g8ter27 says:

    Yes Janoris I can explain it, he killed a guy, he is going to prison for life. This guy is not a reflection on who the Gators were then or are now.

  3. Jheri Curl says:

    Did these guys take many classes at UF or just go through the motions? Don’t see any remarks (tweets) that would lead one to believe that any of these guys ever took a law class…

  4. Ken (CA) says:

    I don’t know how Mr.Pix6 is, but he certainly seems to live in a fictional reality, listening too much to the media exploitation and not to the statistics.

    Just about the only tweet there that really seems rational were David Nelson’s. Most of the rest were pretty shameful.

    The interesting thing about this was that as late as last night, since they had been deliberating for 6 days, the legal experts were leaning toward a possible aquittal as the longer it takes the more often it is an aquittal and all of the evidence was circumstantial rather than physical. Apparently after going through it all as it was pretty convoluted to follow, they were able to make a clear decision.

  5. Michael scott says:

    Urban got the best of the best thugs and criminals .It taints the national championships just like when Miami won with a bunch of thugs .He won’t be a ” tight end ” for long as sone as he gets with his new friends .

  6. Michael scott says:

    What’s confusing Spikes ( you kill people you go to jail ) pretty simple .

    • Gatoralum88 says:

      No kidding! As a Gators fan, the reaction from so many Gator players is disgraceful & disappointing. So many claim “it’s not the guy I knew”. Clearly, THEY DIDN’T KNOW HIM well enough. The prosecution did a methodical job & thank goodness the jury made what was an easy & right decision IMO.

      What do his former teammates need as proof?…video of the murder?…the prosecutor tried to provide perhaps the next best thing (Lloyd’s texts before his murder that he was with”NFL”) which the judge wouldn’t allow. A motive?…the prosecutor had a completely plausible one (that Lloyd knew too much about AH’s other alleged murders & was afraid he’d be snitched on) which the judge also wouldn’t allow.

      Even without a motive or the murder weapon, frankly, the other evidence SCREAMS GUILTY!!! His defense team HAD TO admit AH was there because they had no choice!…the prosecutor did a masterful job of putting him there!…with cell phone pings…& his footprint next to a shell casing next to bubble gum with his DNA next to Lloyd’s dead body!…Hello!…& this “23 year old kid who witnessed a shocking crime & didn’t know what to do” nonsense that his defense team tried to feed the jury in closing was also ridiculous!

      The prosecution put Robert Kraft on the stand just to have him say AH looked him in the eye & told he was in a bar & didn’t do it…clearly a lie. Thank goodness the jury didn’t believe his lying girlfriend who says she couldn’t remember what dumpster she disposed a box which police believe had the murder weapon. I read that it’s now sophisticated where a dump truck disposes in a landfill because of situations like this &, since they knew when, had they just known which dumpster they would have likely been able to pinpoint where that box was.

      Oh, also, it’s certainly NOT Urban Meyer’s fault nor the New England Patriots. They to did not know the depth of AH’s ability to be a psychopath. Hernandez has no one to blame but himself & is getting what he deserves. Good riddance & good luck remaining a tight end with your new team(cell)mates…not!

  7. SW FL Joe says:

    Top 1% of 1%

  8. G2 says:

    The guys was a bad ass psychopath who thought he was above the law. Most likely killed others as well. I’d be shocked if he wasn’t convicted.

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