FOUR BITS: Tebow on Deonte; Haden; Newton

By Adam Silverstein
March 25, 2010

1 » Former Florida Gators quarterback Tim Tebow is in South Florida speaking at an event for the Boy Scouts of America Thursday. Greg Stoda of the Palm Beach Post caught up with him to ask his opinion of redshirt junior wide receiver Deonte Thompson’s recent comments. “I don’t think Deonte meant anything by that,” Tebow said. “He was just stating facts. [John] Brantley is a guy who throws on timing. You know when the ball is coming and when it’s not.”

For details on Joe Haden and the Cleveland Browns, the Carolina Panthers’ interest in Tebow and Cameron Newton claiming his innocence…keep reading…

2 » The Cleveland Browns continue to have strong interest in former Gators cornerback Joe Haden, and those feelings only intensified at the private meeting the two parties had Monday. The Browns worked Haden out in Maryland and plan to bring him to Cleveland, OH, for a visit in April, his agent Malik Shareef told the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “Joe responded very well to [defensive backs coach Jerome] Henderson and had a good rapport with him,” Shareef said. “Joe and I were very pleased with how everything went. The Browns have shown a lot of interest in Joe and he’s very, very excited about the possibility of playing in Cleveland. He likes coach Eric Mangini and [team president] Mike Holmgren. He’d love to be part of Mike Holmgren’s legacy of turning that franchise around.”

In a separate conversation with the National Football Post, Shareef expanded on his comments. “I feel like Joe is the next great corner in the NFL along the lines of a Nnamdi Asomugha and a Darrelle Revis,” he said. “Joe is the real deal. He started as a true freshman playing in the SEC against grown men and he excelled. All the teams have to do is check the tape. We don’t have many shutdown corners in this league and Joe has that potential to be one.”

3 » Speaking of Tebow, count Carolina Panthers head coach John Fox as one of his fans. The following are excerpts from a conversation Fox had with the Charlotte Observer about Tebow: “I think you’ll get 32 different opinions [of him] and it’ll be interesting,” Fox said. “But I think he’s proven he’s had great success at the college level. That probably counts for something. That’s how we evaluate these guys. None of them have played a down for us yet. Where that fits and trying to predict where he goes, I can’t honestly tell you and I’m not going to give you my exact evaluation, but I think he’ll get a shot to play quarterback in this league. […] He has a lot of respect among his peers. They won a lot of games at Florida. He kind of had a similar background in high school, where he took a team to a state championship. In Florida, that’s a pretty big deal.You look at those types of things and he’s shown the ability to lead men, albeit young men, but they’re still men. In fact, that might be harder. […] I think he’s different in a good way.”

4 » Former Florida quarterback Cameron Newton is back in the Southeastern Conference after a short stop (and National Championship) at Blinn College. Now on scholarship with the Auburn Tigers, Newton claims that he was never kicked off of the Gators. “A lot of people think I got kicked out of Florida,” Newton told the Mobile Press-Register. “I did not get kicked out of Florida. I transferred from Florida. I had a legal issue, a slip-up with the computer issue that I had bought from a person, which was stolen. That issue was taken care of way before I even left Florida.”

“(Through) my determination and strong will to get better as a player and a person, God gave me a second chance to be recruited. […] I’m a man. And if I did wrong, I’m going to say I did wrong. Knowing what I know now, would I have bought the computer? No. But being a man, you have to take full responsibility of the actions that you do. And I did.”


  1. Mr2Bits says:

    Glad to see Cam is a great liar. If I recall, didn’t he get busted for breaking into a building and stealing the top? Unless he left a 300 spot on the dudes desk, I don’t think he bought it. After that, we never saw him dressed again. I’d say that was kicked off.

  2. JOEGATOR says:

    Cam did not break into a building to steal a laptop. The story all along was that he bought a stolen laptop. Whether or not he knew it was hot… But, he was never accused or charged with breaking into and stealing something.

  3. brlgator says:

    I do remember something about him being accused of trying to alter the computer so it wouldnt appear to be the same one or maybe it was something about him hiding it when the cops came out (throwing it out a window) my memory sucks anyone remember i could be WAY off base

  4. Mr2Bits says:

    JoeGator : Thats exactly what he did and was charged with

    “Newton allegedly stole a Dell laptop from a UF student’s dorm room and then threw it out of the window when University Police Department officers visited Newton’s dorm today”

    “University of Florida police arrested sophomore quarterback Cameron Newton on Friday afternoon for felony charges of buglary, larceny and obstruction of justice, according to Alachua County jail records”

    Either way, doesn’t sound like he picked it up from Craigslist

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