FOUR BITS: …on Gators set to enter the NFL Draft

By Adam Silverstein
March 21, 2010

1 » Numerous NFL analysts are questioning former Florida Gators defensive end Carlos Dunlap – not his athleticism or talent, simply his desire and leadership. “Bottom line is if you can get him to play hard every snap,” Mike Mayock of NFL Network told The Gainesville Sun. “You compound that by giving him a lot of money if you take him in the first round, which makes it even harder to get a kid to play every snap. I still think a team will take him in the first round, but trust me, there are a bunch of teams right now saying that they just don’t feel confident enough that his motor runs strong enough.”

ESPN’s Todd McShay, on the other hand, questions Dunlap’s leadership. “There’s a perception in the league right now that he’s more of a follower than a leader,” McShay said. “Ultimately, I still think he goes in the first round because he’s too athletic and too gifted physically. I hope he realizes what he has and that the light comes on and he surrounds himself with the right people, because he has a chance to be special. He can be a super player in the NFL if he dedicates himself to it.”

2 » Explaining why the league invited quarterback Tim Tebow to the 2010 NFL Draft is ESPN’s Adam Schefter, who calls the league “smart and shrewd.” “It’s inviting Tebow on the merits of what he has done and the merits of what he can do – for TV ratings,” Schefter explained. “The NFL has a ratings magnet built in for the second night of the draft, during Friday night prime time. Fans will be tuning in all Thursday night, all Friday night and even Saturday if he is still on the board, just to see where Tebow is going to go. Where Tebow will go, and when he will go, will be one of the biggest stories.”

More from Chad Henne on Tim Tebow and press conference videos of Joe Haden and Carlos Dunlap from Pro Day after the break!

3 » Speaking of Tebow, OGGOA reported late last week that Miami Dolphins QB Chad Henne had some critical comments about the Heisman Trophy winner’s future in the NFL. Speaking at the Athletes in Action charity golf tournament on Friday, Henne proved he knows how to backtrack. “I didn’t really say he wasn’t able to be one,” Henne clarified. “We’re all in this process, learning how to be an NFL quarterback. Obviously, he’s taken the right steps to improve his game. His throwing motion actually looks a lot better with his release and everything. I think his Pro Day went really well and he was happy with it. […] He’s obviously learned from a lot of good people. And with Urban Meyer up there, he’s learned from the best. Those [comments] were way out of proportion. […] Wherever he goes, he’s going to make that team better because he’s such a competitor and great person. […] He really is a wonderful person, and I only wish him the best.”

4 » Cornerback Joe Haden and defensive end Carlos Dunlap speak at Florida’s Pro Day. Videos courtesy of Andrea Adelson of the Orlando Sentinel.


  1. brlgator says:


    1. If I were tebow I wouldnt go ot the draft. There’s probably a 25% or more chance he doesnt go thursday or more likely friday night in the draft. Its gonna be like Aaron Rodgers all over again, flash to tebow sitting alone in the green room waiting to get drafted. Only this time the night will end with him still sitting there.

    2. Good article on josh shaw and his prospects of starting next year in the sunday sun-sentinel.

  2. Daniel M. says:

    Isn’t that Brady Quinn you’re referring to Brigator?

    • I’ll say it again. The difference between Tebow and those guys is very simple:

      They were part of 9 invitees and were expected to go early in the first round.

      Tebow is NOT expected to go early or maybe at all in the first and he would be one of 18 invitees.

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