Former Florida walk-on Danny Krysalka dead at 19

By Adam Silverstein
March 8, 2015

Former Florida Gators kicker Danny Krysalka, a preferred walk-on who joined the program ahead of the 2013 season, was shot and killed in an Ocala, Florida, residence early Sunday morning. He was 19.

According to the Ocala Star-Banner, which reported Sunday that an arrest has now been made in Krysalka’s shooting death, “officers responded … after a 12:41 a.m. call. They found Krysalka deceased, although ‘lifesaving attempts were made.’”

Per the paper’s report, Krysalka’s death appears – from the periphery, at least – to have been accidental.

Krysalka and two other men were “showing each other the guns they carried” in a bedroom on Saturday night after the trio discussed how one of the men, named Jefferson Davis Guinn IV in the report, pointed an unloaded gun at a partygoer on Friday evening and was chastised by others in attendance for doing so.

The three men then discussed how Guinn did not regularly clean his gun, leading him to take it apart and “show them how dirty it was.” With the help of a YouTube video, the trio reassembled the weapon. The gun was then reloaded, and after putting a round in the chamber, Gunn allegedly “pointed [the gun] at the face of Krysalka” while making a joke about the incident at the party on Friday. The gun then fired, seemingly by accident.

Guinn, 20, was “visibly distraught” and “crying” when arrested and has been charged with manslaughter. He was released on a $30,000 bond.

Krysalka was a member of the Florida football team from 2013-14 but never appeared in a game and was not on the Gators’ 2015 spring roster as of Sunday.

He is the second former Florida player to die by gunshot wound in the last 10 days.

Safety Chris Johnson, 22, committed suicide on Feb. 27 in Pittsburgh. Johnson, who played for the Gators from 2011-12, shot himself in the chest while in his car. sends our condolences to Krysalka’s family and friends.


  1. Ryan D. says:

    That is so sad! How do “accidents” like this happen? Seriously they are so young, why do they own them in the first place. Condolences to his family and friends.

  2. Sharon Milner says:

    Don’t gun owners know NEVER to point a loaded gun at anyone. This is not just an accident. It shows immaturity and kids 19 do not need guns unless they are legally hunting! This is sad but also stupid!

  3. corey says:

    Owning a gun is serious matter. When people are hurt or killed by negligence or recklessness, the offenders need to be prosecuted. The half-wit yahoos in this country need to learn. If we took this as seriously as drunk driving or pot smoking, a lot of tragedy would be avoided, and troglodytes could still go to the gun range and get horny at the popping sounds and smell of burning vapor– they could make themselves feel needlessly powerful with fewer “accidents.”

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