FOUR BITS: Meyer, Kiffin, Powell, basketball

By Adam Silverstein
January 13, 2010

1 » If you were watching the basketball game Tuesday night between the Florida Gators and No. 2 Kentucky Wildcats, you may have seen this clip of head coach Urban Meyer and his wife Shelley smirking while checking their respective phones:

2 » The Tennessean points out that former Tennessee Volunteers head coach Lane Kiffin “decided it was included in his job description […] to annoy Urban Meyer.” Unfortunately, as the article puts it, “a good feud was just ruined.” Similarly, the Orlando Sentinel recounts Kiffin’s top 10 most memorable moments as coach of the Volunteers.

3 » The brand new 2010 ESPNU 150 and 2010 Rivals100 both list Gators five-star defensive end commitment Ronald Powell (Moreno Valley, CA) as their respective No. 1 prospect in the country. Other top Florida recruits ranking high on both lists include five-star defensive tackle Dominique Easley (3/7) five-star safety Matt Elam (9/25), five-star defensive tackle Sharrif Floyd (25/4), four-star cornerback Joshua Shaw (28/28), four-star tight end Gerald Christian (35/81), four-star wide receiver Chris Dunkley (37/77), four-star offensive tackle Ian Silberman (41/71), four-star CB Jaylen Watkins (50/47) and four-star DT Leon Orr (81/95). Others who made the ESPNU list but not Rivals’ include: S Jonathan Dowling (10/NR), S Demar Dorsey (12/NR), RB Mack Brown (34/NR), CB Cody Riggs (79/NR), WR Solomon Patton (106/NR). ESPNU ranks four Gators in its top 10.

4 » “If Florida is to be an NCAA tournament team again — if it’s to snap a two-year hiatus after consecutive NCAA titles — the Gators must start a roll Saturday against LSU,” writes ESPN senior college basketball writer Andy Katz. Read his entire blog entry on the Gators and their hopes to earn a spot in March Madness this season.


  1. O-town Gator says:

    Lane Kiffin is an ASS. No more, no less.

    As far as Gator men’s basketball goes, all I have to say is this: Patience is a virtue. I’m not expecting great things from this years’ team, but we have a much stronger recruiting class coming in next season and should be on the eventual road back to the Big Dance.

  2. ReptilesRule says:

    I like the relaxed look Urban has on his face…

  3. brlgator says:

    How in the world can dorsey dowling and brown get ranked so high by espn but not even make rivals top 150. I know the world of CF recruiting is shady but seriously….. I ve heard that if UF or other big schools get a two star guy to commit its common for him to get bumped up to a three star. I ve also heard rivals and scouts have some type financial arrangment where certain schools pay for their expertise. does this effect how a kid could be ranked. please help adam

  4. I really wish I could tell you – but I have no idea.

  5. Daniel M. says:

    I’ve noticed the disparity in the rankings of these kids from service to service. I would only say that it’s probably a good thing as it suggests they are doing their own homework and making their own decisions. It would look more suspicious to me if the were all in lockstep with each other. But it does make one wonder how they arrive at this stuff. Also makes me wonder how these all-star games go about selecting their rosters?

  6. Drew 4 Orange and Blue says:

    It seemed to me ESPN had recruits from the state of Florida and the South slightly more prominent in their rankings than Rivals….I am sure they have to use input from top programs to help rank these kids….just like if a kid has offers from every top program in the country you can bet the house the kid is legit….and I am sure politics and what game they chose to play in makes a difference as well…that being said if rivals still thinks Dorsey is the 18 best safety they are nuts!!!

  7. O-town Gator says:

    I’m glad the L.A. sports media refused ot let Kiffykins off the hook, based on how he was evading having to give reporters the answers they were looking for to their questions. It wasn’t hard to tell that he was doing the “pee-pee dance” up there due to his lack of confidence. As always, he was full of crap.

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