Former Florida Gators in the NFL: Wild Card

By Adam Silverstein
January 9, 2011

With the 2010-11 NFL regular season having come to a close, a number of Florida Gators participated in Wild Card Weekend action during the NFL Playoffs. OGGOA has checked and re-checked the box scores to bring you a summary of what these Gators accomplished during the first week of the playoffs.

DE ALEX BROWN, New Orleans Saints: Six tackles (five solo, two for loss), pass def.
RB DeSHAWN WYNN, New Orleans Saints: Played but did not record statistics.
WR RILEY COOPER, Philadelphia Eagles: Two receptions for 18 yards (targets: 4)
DE BOBBY MCCRAY, Philadelphia Eagles: Played but did not record statistics.

– Wynn was released by San Francisco and signed with New Orleans on Monday.
– McCray, a free agent this season, was signed by Philadelphia on Dec. 30.
– Both teams featuring former Gators lost this weekend in the wild card round.

Linebacker Mike Peterson (Atlanta Falcons); safety Major Wright (Chicago Bears); LB Jermaine Cunningham, tight end Aaron Hernandez, LB Brandon Spikes, running back Fred Taylor, defensive tackle Gerard Warren (New England Patriots); center Maurkice Pouncey (Pittsburgh Steelers)

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  1. g8ter27 says:

    Adam, I hear Jenkins has decided to come back for his senior year. Heard anything about this?

  2. Drew 4 Orange & Blue says:

    I think Wynn had a carry in the game but I think it was for a loss or no gain

  3. g8ter27 says:

    Help me Adam, I have had a couple of times your articles get delayed, (Jenkins is a good example). i am out on the west coast, I can;t see how it would make a difference but is there something that would possibly delay your article oout here (or should I contact my internet provider to see why my service sucks?) 🙂

    And what is this I hear about Meyer resigning? ha ha

    • I honestly have no clue why articles are delayed – they shouldn’t be. How are you accessing the site? If you’re checking via RSS reader, sometimes those take a little while to update. But if you are just visiting via bookmark, it should be up immediately.

      “Like” us on Facebook – and you can get our stories in your feed. You may want to clear your cache and delete your internet files…could have a bad cookie in there.

      If you still have issues after doing that, send me an email to adam@ detailing the issue and I’ll send it off to our hosts.

  4. g8ter27 says:

    ok thanks I will. I have noticed it twice over the past 2
    weeks but I do log on to the website. Oh well, it was still great

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