Florida Gators 2010 Sugar Bowl DVD information

By Adam Silverstein
January 9, 2010

A source close to OGGOA has spoken with us exclusively about the content that will be included on the upcoming 2010 Sugar Bowl DVD featuring the No. 3 Florida Gators 51-24 victory over the No. 8/9 Cincinnati Bearcats.

Featuring the commercial-free FOX broadcast of the game as well as the entire post-game ceremony and interviews, the DVD will also include two additional packages. The first special attribute is a set of highlights entitled “In the Trenches.” But the bonus content fans most want to see in the disc will also be included. FOX’s unique Tim Tebow Cam, which was focused on senior quarterback Tim Tebow throughout the entire game (even when he was off the field), is also going to be featured on the DVD. The only unknown at this point is how long the Tebow Cam feature will be. As the disc is still in production, it has yet to be decided if the Tebow Cam segment will be a raw, unedited cut or an edited version to allow easier viewing.

Pre-order the 2010 Sugar Bowl DVD through OGGOA’s Store by clicking here.


  1. stephen says:

    a raw and a highlight edit of the tebow cam would be ideal. Either way, so glad it’s on there in some format

  2. Kaity says:

    Sounds like the perfect valentine’s day present…

  3. O-town Gator says:

    Will be a nice addition to my Gator DVD library!

  4. Brittany says:

    I need this DVD in my life. I will definitely go through this site when I order it.

  5. Laura says:

    I LOVED the Tebow Cam footage. If it’s the full Tebow Cam footage, I’ll be buying 2 of these. But if it’s just several mins of highlights & most of them are on-field stuff, instead of the sidelines shots of him, I’ll pass. If anyone knows who I can email to find out how much Tebow Cam footage they’ll be including, please post it here.

  6. Laura-

    That answer will not be known until they physically create the DVD. When that happens, I will be posting the answer on a new thread on OGGOA. You can buy your DVD copies through our store – it would be much appreciated. 🙂

  7. Laura says:

    Thank you for the answer. And I will buy it through your store. If it’s possible to email someone to request that the entire Tebow Cam footage be included, then I’d love to know that email. I’ve been wanting to buy that footage in it’s entirety since the minute the game ended. 🙂

  8. Laura- I doubt that is possible, but it cannot hurt to ask – so I will for you.

  9. Laura says:

    Thank you!:)

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