OGGOA Contest: AT&T’s On the Way to Saturday

By Adam Silverstein
October 17, 2012

ESPN‘s College GameDay will emanate from Gainesville, FL on Saturday for the first time since 2009! Gator Nation is already excited, but so are Will and Ravi, a pair of college football fanatics who have been challenged by AT&T to hit the road to each site by “relying only on their car, their mobile savvy and their unwavering fandom.”

Many Florida Gators fans have likely noticed Will and Ravi during College GameDay broadcasts on Saturday as they take on special tasks and challenges with hopes of continuing their journey across the country

Fans that follow Will and Ravi’s trek have the opportunity to win a trip for two to the 2013 Discover BCS National Championship Game. All you have to do is view a video of one of their challenges at Way2Saturday.com and find the “secret word” to allow you to enter the sweepstakes. AT&T will be choosing one winner from the pool of entries each week so you can visit every time Will and Ravi make a new stop.

You can also tweet them @Way2Saturday with the hashtag #Way2Saturday and include a suggestion of what tasks for the guys each week at their various stops.

Additionally, AT&T is offering OGGOA readers a fantastic prize – a $100 gift card to Fanatics.com – so you can buy a ton of Gators gear on the dime of the company with the nation’s largest 4G network. All you have to do is simply comment on this post with what you would (or will) post on a sign and bring to College GameDay in Gainesville. Comedy counts but keep it clean! Be sure to include your e-mail address in the proper commenting field and you could be the big winner!

This post and prizing is sponsored by AT&T.


  1. Avatar Frank says:

    Chomp the Chickens!!

  2. Avatar BEAT SCAR says:

    Nothing beats “My other sign tore its ACL”
    But I would put:

    Matt Elam put my other sign to sleep.

  3. Avatar Dean says:

    You can’t spell ‘U Suck, ‘Cocks!’ without USC! GO GATORS!!!

  4. Avatar Fernzpat says:

    ATT 4G


    4ever will regret leaving the

  5. Avatar Pete 716 (@Pete716) says:

    I would love to this but I’ve never been able to use AT&T on game days at the stadium.

  6. Avatar GregF says:

    Win Muschampionships!

  7. Avatar Orlando says:


  8. Avatar SaraGator says:

    A picture of Albert eating a Gamecock…. “Mmmm… Tastes like chicken.”

  9. Avatar Doug says:

    Welcome home Steve! Today you are the Gator bait

  10. Avatar MariettaGator says:

    Beware the Stare

  11. Avatar Sean says:

    Im thinking about a Corrine Brown big Head with a “Go Gata” speech bubble

  12. Avatar Brandon says:

    Revenge of the BOOM!!!

  13. Avatar Brad says:

    Beware bringing your Cocks into our Swamp…Chomp!!

  14. Avatar GatorBoy says:

    WARNING: Gamecocks will be chomped SURVIVORS will be chomped again

  15. Avatar Dan says:

    Nixon/Wilson/Harrison – the presidential pack is back

  16. Avatar Joshua Eldreth says:

    Corso please pick South Carolina
    Cause every time you pick against us this year
    The Gators prove you wrong

  17. Avatar GoGata says:

    Corso and Spurrier against the Gators again?…..Like father, like son

  18. Avatar David says:

    Samantha will you Tebow with me? #GoGators

    (Samantha and Tebow in orange and blue text, silhouette picture of Tim kneeling.)

    • Avatar David says:

      Scratch this one. As Tebowing is now Copyrighted and Ms. Steele is dating former FSU QB Christian Ponder, I don’t think this would work out.

  19. Avatar dp says:

    I’m torn between:

    Cock Block!


  20. Avatar Tim says:

    BOOM goes the New Ball Coach

  21. Avatar DeanN says:

    Hey Steve, bench Quarles! The Gators don’t do ‘cock’ fights just smash-mouth football!!!

  22. Avatar Fernzpat says:

    Gamecocks have “binders full of women”!

  23. Avatar Ben Spicer says:

    Connor Shaw wears Crocs.

  24. Avatar David says:

    Can I submit two?

    A picture of Albert holding a platter with a roast chicken on it while he is talking on an AT&T cell phone. At the top a speech bubble that says “What’s for Dinner?” Albert Speech bubble: “Gamecock!” #GoGators

  25. Avatar GatorQB15 says:

    Crush the Old Balls Coach!! GO GATORS

  26. Avatar Big Al says:

    The Gamecocks Ain’t Got Game!!!!


    They call them the Cocks cause they lack Game!!!!

  27. Avatar SC_Gator says:


    1. Picture of Confused Muschamp with “Cock fighting? Son, we don’t allow that here”


    2. “Feed Gilly!”

    • Avatar SC_Gator says:

      Last night I wanted to tie in AT&T somehow but was tired and less than creative. This morning I pretty much woke up knowing what to do.

      Gators love
      Gilly & JD

      With the AT&T logo on one side under the text and the 4G logo on the other to read “AT&T and Florida, powered by 4G

      Did a paint mockup here: http://www.sphinxslibrary.net/uf_gameday_sign.jpg

  28. Avatar John says:

    So there are no winners for this contest?