University of Florida sweeps SEC All-Sports title

By Adam Silverstein
May 24, 2010

Any doubt that the University of Florida had the dominant athletics program in the Southeastern Conference during the 2009-10 school year was put to rest Monday as the university was named the SEC All-Sports champion by the New York Times Regional Media Group. Sweeping all three titles – overall, men’s and women’s – the Florida Gators won by staggering numbers in two of the three categories, literally dominating the competition.

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Florida is the only school to sweep all three titles in a single season, accomplishing the feat for the 10th time this year and third in the last four (2006-07, 2008-09). All 16 of UF’s sports (nine women’s, seven men’s) were counted with cross country, indoor and outdoor track & field combined into one unit per gender.

The Gators won seven SEC titles over this period: baseball, gymnastics, soccer, men’s outdoor track & field, women’s tennis, women’s cross country and women’s track & field. It is the fourth time Florida has won seven or more conference titles in a single season.

UF’s has been victorious in 20 of the last 23 All-Sports awards with the men’s program winning its 14th and women’s program winning its 17th respective individual title.

The Gators lead the SEC with 193 all-time team titles including 47 in the last decade.


  1. Avatar SaraGator says:

    Total domination! Awesome…

  2. Avatar Denver Gator says:

    Great to have the best AD in the nation! Pretty impressive stats for both the men and women.

  3. Avatar Wingtee says:

    I don’t agree that it is the AD that played the part . He hired the coaches and that s it . The kids are the ones responsible for performing. Let’s give credit where it’s do.. Go Gators

  4. Avatar ReptilesRule says:

    Two words…Jeremy Foley! Don’t kid yourself, he is the common denominator here. Plus we have been fortunate to have great Presidents at UF recently (example: Lombardi, Matchen) that understand the visibilty and good will that successful sports programs bring to a university and embrace them instead of being adverse to them.

  5. Avatar Gatorlax9 says:

    Gator’s Mens Lacrosse won their SEC title as well. Too bad its not also counted in this list…

  6. Avatar SaraGator says:

    The women’s sailing team (club) is trying to qualify for Nationals in Madison, WI. The day doesn’t look good though. A storm is coming in…

  7. Avatar Wingtee says:

    I hear the mens bowling team is on a roll for the title in Denver