Tim Tebow’s “girlfriend” exposed by Playboy

By Adam Silverstein
November 19, 2009

If you input “Tim Tebow” in Google without pressing “Enter,” the first suggestion that appears is “Tim Tebow’s girlfriend.” And for good reason. The woman who has been mistakenly referred to as Tebow’s girlfriend after this picture (right) was posted to the Internet last year is beautiful and often mistaken for one of the most popular women in the world, British glamor model Lucy Pinder.

The super sleuths over at Playboy took it upon themselves to uncover Superwoman’s true identity, determining after coming across some pictures that she is Erin an Drewes, simply an acquaintance of the Florida Gators senior quarterback. In fact, Drewes has cashed in on her 15 minutes (or is it 262,800 minutes) of fame by posing in a body paint version of Tebow’s jersey for photographer John Neyrot (click picture to enlarge). Not that we’re complaining.

In the wide-ranging albeit relatively boring interview, Drewes opens up about her relationship with Tebow, how the fame has affected her and much more. “[Tebow and I] are acquaintances through mutual friends and we would see each other here and there,” she said. “We were standing together talking at a party at UF and that’s when the now-infamous picture was taken. The whole thing was and is still pretty crazy. It amuses me how many different stories people can make up just over one picture. When it’s all said and done, it was just a harmless photo, and there’s nothing to be embarrassed about. All of this over one single photo!”

Photo Credit: John Neyrot via Playboy. See more of Neyrot’s work at his official sites, Neyrot.com and NeyrotBodypaint.com.


  1. O-town Gator says:

    Guys may not complain, but the UAA may have an issue with it – and they could send a cease-and-desist to Playboy just as they had to others.

  2. Darn straight, though it would probably go to both them and Neyrot. Could have done the jersey color and number and had the same effect without the name.

  3. Daniel M. says:

    The rack in the playboy shots seems about four cups smaller than the “girlfriend” pic. Just sayin.

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  5. freelemur says:

    O-town gator and Adam Silverstein…. who cares?

  6. Aligator says:

    this is not the same chick …

  7. Pjagator says:

    I just went from six to midnight!

  8. That’s what I thought at first…but that girl is going through a lot of trouble to lie about it if that is the case (see the interview). If that does end up being true, I think the story is even better!

  9. Mr2Bits says:

    I have a friend who went on a date with Tebow. Despite her attempts to sack up with him, he resorted in a little “Can you give me a deep tissue massage”? Rest of the night was spent rubbing him down and hitting the hay.

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