FOUR BITS: Beal, Tebow, Tymrak, Easley

By Adam Silverstein
November 11, 2013

1 » Washington Wizards guard Bradley Beal scored a career-high 34 points on 13-of-23 shooting on Sunday night during a 106-105 overtime loss to Oklahoma City. Beal played a team-high 42 minutes in the contest, draining 6-of-8 threes and grabbing six rebounds to boot. Beal has scored 63 points in his last two games after posting 29 against Brooklyn on Friday including two while posterizing Paul Pierce.

2 » It was reported over the weekend by SportsBusiness Journal that former Florida Gators quarterback Tim Tebow had dumped William Morris Agency, which was handling his entertainment industry interests, and turned over all of his representation responsibilities to Creative Arts Agency. He was already being represented by CAA’s Jimmy Sexton for his football playing career but has now also hired CAA’s broadcast agent Nick Khan, according to’s Ian Rapoport. Khan has a long client list and represents a number of well-known ESPN personalities. Tebow is reportedly interested in contributing to college football broadcasts, likely as an in-studio analyst. ESPN, which has been in the Tebow business for years, sounds like the obvious choice, especially considering it will be running the SEC Network, which launches in August 2014.

3 » Earning her second cap for the U.S. Women’s National Team on Sunday afternoon, former Gators forward Erika Tymrak scored her first career goal (see below). Tymrak was called up to the senior team on Aug. 22 and earned her first cap on Sept. 3. She scored Sunday against Brazil while on the pitch at the same time as fellow former Florida star Abby Wambach (who scored on a penalty during the match).

4 » Now-former Gators defensive tackle Dominique Easley spoke Sunday for the first time since leaving school to concentrate on rehabilitation ahead of the 2014 NFL Draft. Easley told that it was “just my time to go” and noted that he will be training in Boca Raton, FL, with Tony Villani, who also worked with Matt Elam and Josh Evans ahead of the 2013 draft. It was announced last week that Easley signed with agent Tom Santanello, also of Boca Raton.


  1. Michael Jones says:

    Many of these athletes treat college as a minor league farm system for the NFL or NBA. Just listen to some of the interviews of NFL and NBA players and you tell me if they sound college educated (not all, but too many). Easley made the right move from a career and money standpoint. No point in going through the charade of continuing to go to class.

    As for Tebow, I’m stunned that he’s giving up football! No Arena? No Canadian? I thought he loved the game? Not willing to humble himself enough to continue to play in a lesser league while he improves his craft and proves all the naysayers wrong? Good enough for Kurt Warner but not good enough for Tim Tebow? Hhhmmmm. . . . . . . I had heard that some of his former NFL teammates–while they liked him–also thought that he was a bit of a prima donna. I wonder if they’re right.

    • He lost his confidence. Don’t necessarily blame him with what he’s gone through.

      • Michael Jones says:

        I love Tim Tebow, Adam. My whole family loves him. His stuff is everywhere around our homes and he’s like a family member to us. And I know he’s been through hell and it sure wasn’t his fault. It’s been crushing watching the injustice of the media assault that he was subjectED to by guys like Merrill Hoge.

        But I’m still really disappointed that he’s throwing in the towel. Call me selfish, because it probably is, but I’m bummed. I think he still had a lot left to give as an athlete, football player, and QUARTERBACK.

      • Michael Jones says:

        And I definitely agree about the confidence part. I watched him get beat down psychologically (starting with John Fox . . . a highly over-rated coach) to the point that he actually started going backward in his development.

  2. TST says:

    I am sincerely going to miss Tim playing ball . He may not light it up all the tie but, when he does it’s great to be a part of it !!
    As for Beal . He shorted us Gators out of a year i feel . UF puts lots of bucks into these ‘Student Athletes’ and the NBA ranks it in .

  3. Crock says:

    Has Muschamp been fired yet

  4. Oldflyer says:

    In addition to having his confidence beat down, I think TT had too much input from too many sources. I think they just confused him, and he actually regressed. Sorry, he can’t follow his dream. On the other hand, unlike so many others he is equipped to make a life outside of sports. He gave us lots of thrills. Thanks Tim Tebow.

    Crock; don’t hold your breath. Or then again, why not?

  5. Ken (CA) says:

    I don’t see anything there that says TT is giving up football or the dream of playing, but while he keeps working on getting in, there is no reason not to be gainfully employed doing something and being part of the game you still love

  6. Sharon M. says:

    It was so much fun to watch Tebow at quarterback at Florida.

    I agree he should play in the other leagues and make a name for himself there.

    Of course it is his life.

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